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    Our iPhone apps are designed to the quality standards our customers demand. Our development team can convert an idea into a live app to meet the most demanding development timelines. Being first to market or on the App Store can have significant impact on sustainability and long-term success and we’re here to help make your idea a success.

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    Android App

    W2S Solutions has built numerous business apps for Android, increasing productivity on the factory floor, in the field, and everywhere else. Our development team has honed a well-rounded and thorough process to create exceptional Android apps. Our success revolves around a simple idea, which is to create apps that are innovative, engaging, and intuitive.

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    iPad App

    We are an iPad design and development company that hand crafts apps to clients and their needs. With offices in India and Canada, we’re always on the cutting edge of mobility. It’s our passion to build the best iPad apps, no matter if the idea is big or smallss.

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  • PhoneGap Application Development Company

    Cross Platform

    Simplicity of development using familiar technologies such as HTML5, CSS,Angular JS, and JavaScript within a choice of frameworks can lead to a quick start for simple applications. W2S cross platform developers have the expertise to build superior cross-device and cross-platform apps versus employing multiple,native app development kits. We can access native features of the respective platforms, such as push notifications to update and cross-sell to customers, and access the device's camera to take photos. Most pages in the app are simply rendered from the corresponding page of the website in an embedded browser within the app.



iPhone App


Some find it challenging to effectively translate an idea into a vision – and we get that. At W2S we do a complete business analysis for every project and have our development team involved from the start. We utilize design tools and wireframes to help Customers see their idea turning into reality as development starts to take place.


Adopt Agility

We use Agile Development on all projects to quickly make adjustments as the development begins to mature. In most cases, we can identify ways to improve behaviour and performance along the way, which is a win for our team and yours. We are constantly looking for ways to streamline functionality and UI and usually identify these on the fly. The Agile Development also leaves great flexibility for new version releases down the road which is a natural progression for any project.

Responsive Site Design

Integrate Testing

Testing achieves the best results when it is done proactively as part of a development plan. We test all our development on devices with data integration to replicate a real-life scenario. The goal of testing is to ensure that any launch is as smooth as possible. We like to use secure Beta testers to validate development progress and results.

During all testing we monitor analytics and track requirements to ensure the project is running as efficiently and accurately as possible. Testing always continues after deployment and data will be continually shared with the product owner.

Browser Responsive Design

Evaluate & Analytics

As a Mobility Center of Excellence (MCoE), we work with our Clients to help educate the importance of analyzing performance data. Once a product is live it is important to understand how your Customers are using it, and what that means for you. Our analytics help identify product likes and dislikes, and when paired with our Agile Development approach, allow you to replace/refresh underutilized features with more valuable ones.

Case Studies :

Airsheets App Logo


Application development and maintenance from W2S Solutions offered the full scope of services for Airsheets and improved its return on IT spend.

When it comes to developing new applications or maintaining existing ones, SMEs need to know how soon an application will deliver value, how stable it will be, and that its maintenance costs will be minimized while changes are made quickly. At W2S Solutions, we offered application development and maintenance services that provided the full scope of services — development, implementation and ongoing management. Our execution model offered Airsheets a robust approach and increases development productivity by up to 30 percent, while reducing costs by as much as 65 percent. We achieved fast turnaround and greatly improved the client’s return on IT spend.

Expenz App Logo


This USA-based SME faced the challenge of designing, developing, and implementing a new mobility solution to enhance its competitiveness but was having difficulty achieving the desired solution. Over the course of a few weeks, we worked with them to create a prototype design followed up with agile development and integrated testing. The result was an advanced and flexible mobile solution that actually protected their investment by layering on top of their existing platform.

SpareTime App Logo


For this Toronto-based client W2S Solutions built an iOS app that lets the company add new customers easily and reduce IT expenses. The SpareTime app reduces CMMS on-boarding and implementation time from weeks or months to hours or days. It is an example of how, over the past two years, W2S Solutions has studied and developed enterprise mobility solutions and used this insight in solving one of the biggest problems in the app development industry. Specifically, we have developed a unique approach to handling smartphone images and transferring the data into a cloud server securely.



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