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Voice is the Next Big Thing in Mobile Apps

There is a universal appeal for voice-based interfaces. It is not without reasons. Being in a position to talk to an app feels not only natural but also better than mere pressing of buttons. The modern mobile app development platforms and processes enable creating such lively apps.

Future Trends Clearly Show an Increased Inclination Toward Voice-Based Mobile Apps

Voice Recognition Technology Gets Better and Better

Robust and easy-to-use speech recognition technology has been changing the way people interact with devices. Gone are the days when one had access only through pressing buttons to implement their commands on their mobile apps. Inputting commands has been made easier and faster using voice.

There was a time when users faced frustrating moments trying to talk to digitized menu systems. The scenario has changed. With huge improvement in the speech recognition technology during the recent past, and its combination with artificial intelligence and context-based information, voice-based mobile apps are just about to take a giant leap forward.

Keeping up With Technology is Vital in Every Industry – It is More so for a Mobile App Development Company

Why is Voice Considered Crucial in Mobile Apps of the Future?

Voice recognition suits mobile computing ideally as mobile users are almost always on the move. Moreover, speech can take commands and it can read out messages as well. Voice-based mobile apps help in improving accessibility for people – especially for those with disability.

Voice commands have the unique capability of addressing UX concerns; they make things easier and smooth with simple mobile apps. Without eliminating the other formats of interaction, they prove to be the easiest solutions. For devices with smaller screen sizes, voice proves especially very crucial, as it allows mobile apps to interact without obscuring the screen.

Voice Recognition Takes Your Mobile Devices Ahead

Benefits of Voice-Based Mobile Apps

  • Voice Input Proves Easier and Faster: Delivering your command using keypad was once the only option. Now, with voice recognition, communicating with devices has become more natural and three times faster. Moreover, it is fluid and correction is also possible. Hands-free mode is another key benefit.
  • Increased accuracy: Expensive errors can be avoided and more focus is possible on core functions rather than on checking the screen of the device
  • Improved productivity: Streamlined operation allowed by voice-based applications enhances operational productivity; there is faster logging of activity.
  • Savings in cost: Apart from reduced errors, other factors such as reduction in paper and other resource use results in considerable saving.
  • Safety improvement: Voice-dictated processes are comparatively quicker and safer to interpret as well as follow. It requires less training.
  • Multiple Use: Voice-based orders through mobile devices make life easy for users in several ways. A number of tasks can be carried out on the move, when speech is a part of the mobile apps. For example, voice-based apps help people during driving.

Mobile App Developers! It’s Time to Consider Integrating Voice into Mobile Apps!

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