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Tools to increase your Team’s Productivity.

Tools to increase your Team’s Productivity.

Small and Medium Enterprise owners and CEO’s are always looking for the best tools available in market, which promote their team’s engagement and help them to run their businesses successfully. Some of my friends ask me about what we use in W2S Solutions. We work with few tools and here is our #Top5 that we love.


#Slack – This makes our job easy in terms of Internal communication. It helps to send private messages and also you can create project-based groups. Messages are archived and best part is the Search. You can easily search and find what’s discussed earlier and navigate to the chat history. It’s FREE and no limitation in number of users.

#Asana – An Innovative tool that almost stopped our Internal email threads. Very easy to create tasks, assign to a developer or team and get notified easily when the job is done. Tasks won’t be missed if you use Asana. However, 15 users are only allowed in FREE package, but still it lets you to create new users when you switch the workspace! Cool.

#Moqups – We are a web and mobile apps development company and we create wireframes for our customers. We tried with other tools before, but nothing is user friendly as Moqups. Anyone can create a design in a few seconds. Super easy!

#Beanstalk – Saves time in code versioning, deploying and reviewing. It was a tough life before to setup a local GIT environment, maintain the code version and run deployment script. Beanstalk reduces this process and everything happens in just a single click. Though there is no free version, if you would like to maintain a clean code, Subscription is recommended.

#ZohoCRM – One of the best CRM available in the market. It helps to keep track of your sales leads, convert into accounts, potentials and also contacts. There is a restriction in the number of custom reports you can generate in FREE package, but it’s manageable.

There are other tools we use sometimes, but as I mentioned, these are our #Top 5 that is used extensively.

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