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Tips to Boost Your Web App Speed by 10x

With web apps getting more and more interactive, it is imperative that you create a faster web app to succeed!

In the race among businesses to promote their products and services through their own exclusive web apps, it has become essential to improve the overall web app performance. Offering the best possible user experience depends on certain factors, among which speed of the web app is critical. With the modern world going the always-on, web-enabled manner, no business can afford to lose the charms of the web apps. Here’s where the role of a reliable and efficient Web App Development Company is strongly felt.

Faster web apps- the sure shot route to enhance user experience! Partnering with the right Web App Development Company is another!

Need for Speed in Web Apps

Entrepreneurs who are thinking of creating new web apps or those who are maintaining their existing ones have to understand the importance of the speed of their app. It has been seen from usage statistics that the speed of a web app is one of the vital factors that impact its overall success. The following are a few of the points that drive this fact home strongly:

  • Quick loading of pages is considered as the way of measuring brand loyalty by over 50% of users
  • A major portion of the users abandon web applications taking more than 4 seconds for loading
  • Every 1 second delay causes drop in customer satisfaction by around 14%
  • More than 80% of dissatisfied customers are unlikely to visit the app again

Not just the design and content – speed of your web app is one of the driving factors toward business success

Ways of Improving Your Web App’s Speed

Instrumental in SEO, user experience, and conversion rate, web app’s speed plays a crucial role in promoting brands in the contemporary business scenario. Verifying the speed of your web app and taking the necessary steps to increase it to match with consumer needs is important. The following checklist helps ensure that your web app achieves the expected speed:

  • Images must be optimized – use PNGs only when required; stick to JPEGs
  • Caching strategies : defining caching strategies for the users’ browsers helps boost the app’s performance
  • Use of non-blocking assets : render-blocking CSS and JavaScript need to be minimized – this improves user experience
  • Server-side rendering : selecting mature JavaScript solutions such as Angular2 or React enhances server-side rendering
  • Employing CDNs: Response times to assets by users can be improved by employing content delivery network
  • Non-bloated and Mobile-first CSS: Minimizing the amount of code that is parsed by the browser, non-bloated style sheets align well with older devices
  • Compressed Data: data compression ensures accelerated performance
  • HTTP/2 or SPDY: Enabling HTTP/2 is likely to improve site performance considerably

Speed of the web app – the make or break factor in the modern cyber world!

Mobile apps are taking over the cyber space. The very success of the web app is greatly influenced by its speed. The capability to run apps with lightning speed assures a niche for your business amid the sea of competition!


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