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free vs paid apps 14Nov
Mobile Application Development

Know how to select between a Free and Paid Apps that may Influence your Business

It certainly would not be necessary to remind that this is the twenty-first…

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Smart Agriculture Platform- BI Tools – Use Case

We provide Business Intelligence solutions for Agriculture Industry with Data driven transparency, which…

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hybrid cloud 2020 8Nov

Strategies with Hybrid cloud in 2020

Hybrid cloud scenario in 2019 According to 451 research, approximately 69% of companies…

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smart agriculture platform 5Nov

Smart Agriculture Platform – BI Tools

Project Description: Business Intelligence in the field of Agriculture empowers the stakeholders with…

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scale agile development 4Nov
Software Development

How to scale agile in an enterprise environment?

What is an agile methodology? Agile methodology is a system of project management…

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Agri Data Collection Tool – Use Case

Agri data collection tool is a free, easy to use online market place…

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digital transformation mistakes 31Oct
Digital Transformation

Six critical mistakes that are pushing digital transformation far from reality

Digital transformation stats in 2019 Approximately 85% of business leaders think that they…

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10 Things That Will Screw Your Business

Whether you have a start-up or an established business; your organization is always…

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Digital Transformation 18Oct

A Guide to Digital Transformation and Cloud Migration

As long as businesses exist, the question of how they can be more…

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Web Development

Front End, Back End, Full Stack—What Does it All Mean?

With every passing year, the internet is getting more complex, forcing developers to…

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