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Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

27-Jun-2016 Uncategorized

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

In this ever-changing scenario of dynamic business landscape, organizations are strained to concentrate on multiple facets of an industry. One such vital ingredient, greatly contributing to the successful formula of every business is its marketing strategy. Marketing is considered to be an invisible force which turbo charges the presence of every organization. Though many companies ignore this viral propellant, it is undeniable that Marketing adds value in boosting the revenue generated.


Based on a survey, it has been observed that

  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute valuable content
  • B2B companies with active blogs generate 67% more leads, on an average
  • Blogs deliver an average of 434% more indexed webpages

Striking the balance between technology and marketing

The best fit answer is-outsourcing marketing responsibilities.

Better focus on core competencies:

Outsourced marketing relieves the organization from a huge amount of workload. They can rest assured that an important factor of their organization is being taken care of very well. The organization can be better inclined towards building up their core competencies.

Specialists by your side:

When you outsource marketing, you hand over the complete charge to a third party, specialists in this field. They are equipped with leading edge technology which would definitely contribute towards scaling up productivity, revenue and efficiency.

Reduced overhead:

When a particular department is outsourced, it saves the cost involved in infrastructure and maintenance.

Extended talent pool at your service:

An outsourced marketing division supplies you with high-level talented employee pool who is extensively involved. This brings innovative ideas that play a significant role specifically in times of crisis.

Difference of inside and outside perspective:

There is no doubt that an in-house team naturally gels well with the organization and its culture. However a new perspective always help to analyze current trends, company’s performance and come up with marketing tactics to meet future demands. Thats why we think that an outsourced division look at the organization with an “outside perspective”. They are able to comprehensively analyze from the client’s perspective and feed the organization with critical inputs whenever required.

Use case:

W2S won appreciation from a leading Cloud solution provider for having greatly transformed their web page visibility and compatibility. The client was not able to focus on online visibility and branding activities. After an exhaustive analysis, W2S came up with a comprehensive and user-friendly website for the client. W2S won accolades from the client and was announced as the official branding partner. The website was 100% as proposed in design and met stakeholder’s expectation. W2S Solutions developers were successful in bringing out the expected outcome as promised, without any issues. Keeping in mind the target audience, almost 170 web pages were rebranded, revised by W2S and delivered in Word press. This website was modular by nature and accommodated trendy changes.

All set to transform your marketing strategy? Reach out to W2S Solutions for an expert advice and further details.

Gear up to make the impossible happen!

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