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Tools to increase your Team’s Productivity.

Small and Medium Enterprise owners and CEO’s are always looking for the best tools available in market, which promote their team’s engagement and help them to run their businesses successfully. Some of my friends ask me about what we use in W2S Solutions. We work with few tools and here is our #Top5 that we love.


#Slack – This makes our job easy in terms of Internal communication. It helps to send private messages and also you can create project-based groups. Messages are archived and best part is the Search. You can easily search and find what’s discussed earlier and navigate to the chat history. It’s FREE and no limitation in number of users.

#Asana – An Innovative tool that almost stopped our Internal email threads. Very easy to create tasks, assign to a developer or team and get notified easily when the job is done. Tasks won’t be missed if you use Asana. However, 15 users are only allowed in FREE package, but still it lets you to create new users when you switch the workspace! Cool.

#Moqups – We are a web and mobile apps development company and we create wireframes for our customers. We tried with other tools before, but nothing is user friendly as Moqups. Anyone can create a design in a few seconds. Super easy!

#Beanstalk – Saves time in code versioning, deploying and reviewing. It was a tough life before to setup a local GIT environment, maintain the code version and run deployment script. Beanstalk reduces this process and everything happens in just a single click. Though there is no free version, if you would like to maintain a clean code, Subscription is recommended.

#ZohoCRM – One of the best CRM available in the market. It helps to keep track of your sales leads, convert into accounts, potentials and also contacts. There is a restriction in the number of custom reports you can generate in FREE package, but it’s manageable.

There are other tools we use sometimes, but as I mentioned, these are our #Top 5 that is used extensively.

Madhu Kesavan receives App Idol of Middle East award for Card2Contact

Card2Contact is a new mobile app that is going to fundamentally change the way you engage with your life’s network. The company announced today that it has been awarded App Idol of the Middle East at the Global App Summit in Dubai on June 4th, 2013.

The new app has been developed around two key areas of life that we all experience in today’s world: 1. People are pressed for time more than ever before, and 2. People are becoming increasingly integrated with social media/networking. Card2Contact’s winning app has an impressive line-up of 7 new features to support its value proposition as a complete contact and information/communication management system. The company has developed an app that integrates your calendar, address book, reminders, and your contact info changes in a more efficient way, with an extremely intuitive user interface.

Card2contact Madhu Kesavan receives App Idol of Middle East award for Card2Contact

Madhu Kesavan, the Founder of Card2Contact, talked about the App Idol win, “It was amazing to see the talent that showed up in Dubai. We are very excited that people are really seeing the value in our newest release.” He also described Card2Contact’s ease of use for business professionals, “The next time you receive a business card, just take a picture with the app and we’ll take care of the rest.  Within minutes you will get your new contact automatically added and also integrated with your current calendar event, so you’ll always know when and where you met your new connection. The great thing about Card2Contact profiles versus traditional address books is they automatically show you all the personal and professional details for your contacts right at the tip of your fingers. Our follow-up feature then lets you easily schedule reminders about important dates, meetings, and follow-up notes. Business users will never miss a sales opportunity again.”

Chris McCleave, Director of Card2Contact added “We’ve been focused on making sure that our app looks great and is as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We really wanted to set ourselves apart with the design and usability, and it’s been great to have the positive response we were looking for from both business and non-business users. One of our goals is to get Card2Contact on every smartphone, and when people use it, we think they will agree that it is a better way to manage information and communicate.”

Card2Contact’s goal is to help you make meaningful connections with your life’s network. Their website ( states they have found a way to make your smartphone even smarter, and the users at the Global App Summit overwhelmingly agreed. The Card2Contact team is encouraging people to sign-up for their Beta version and be the first to try it before their official launch in a few weeks.

Blackberry Beta sign up App:

Android Beta sign up App:

Card2Contact was designed and developed by W2S Solutions ( ), an innovative Mobile and Web Application development company located in Canada and India. W2S Solutions is an enterprise mobile and web Development Company that provides customized solutions for any of their clients’ needs. By designing and deploying enterprise systems in a customized way, W2S turns IT constraints into opportunities for growth. W2S builds enterprise apps that scale with growth and adapt to new opportunities. Contact:

TiECON is BACK! Join us in TiECON on October 31st and November 1st ‘14!

W2S Solutions is recognized in the industry for its creative ideas and innovation, and the ability to leverage the same with unique and memorable Enterprise Mobility and Web Solutions that stand-out above other brand chatter.

By appointing creative developers from the outset, we are able to provide you with a consistent service that ensures every angle is covered. From unique developments to budding opportunities to innovative solutions and more, we’ll have it covered when you’re ready to enter the market.

 Designing, planning and deploying customized solutions that provide values requires a skilful combination of careful planning, focused strategy and seamless creative execution.

Established a solid foundation, we make it our priority to immerse ourselves in business world, allowing us to clearly identify each of client’s objectives and subsequently chart an approach that will see them fulfilled.

We encapsulate the skills and expertise to deliver ground breaking mobile and web solutions that create brand presence and establish a solid platform from which to extend the initial buzz into long-term recognition and brand exposure.

For more information, Contact us at <>

Block your calendars for October 31 and November 1! We hope to see you there!


How to Approach Industry Influencers to Promote Your App



Once an app is ready for market, We will need to proactively engage Industry Influencers to market the app. Whenever there has been a press release or an app is mentioned in an app blog or site, downloads will be spiked by a minimum of 600% to a high of 1000%.

Android Application Development promotion team engages with app review writers/bloggers on main app review websites for increased exposure. We will come up with an email “pitch” about your app to catch the writer’s attention and provide a promotional code to ensure the writer has full access to the entire app. These are reputable and top sites for app reviews based on platform.

Another avenue to carry out is to submit the app for review to PC magazines through their websites. While the focus of these sites may not be apps, they do frequent app review articles and their sites will have links to apps they have reviewed by platform. The submission for review is the same as app sites.

It is recommended to submit your app for review to only the top and most reputable sites. While it may be tempting to submit to any and all sites that do reviews, the site itself also adds intrinsic credibility and brand value to your app.

Way2Smile Solutions Card2Contact App brings back business card in a big new way!


Card2Contact is a patent pending mobile app that shows everything about your contacts right inside your smartphone. Whenever you receive a business card or meet a new contact, all you have to do is to take a picture of the business card. Card2Contact app converts business card into address book contact, integrates your contact with your calendar to remember when and where you met the contact, lets you add notes, view rich contact profiles and follow-up with contacts to convert into Sales.

The Powerful Features:

1. Camera Capture :

Take a picture of a new business card and our human transcription team will convert into a contact and send back to your device.

2. Rich contact profiles :

Card2Contact app shows rich contact profiles of your contact including their personal details, business informations, previous meetings you had with them along with your personalized notes.It easily integrates your favourite social media accounts and share what makes you unique.

3. Complete Calendar Integration :

Card2Contact app automatically integrates with your current calendar event whenever you take a picture of any business card and upload it. This helps to keep track and remember when the contact was made.

4. Followup:

Card2Contact allows you to setup a followup reminder easily. Once the business card is converted into a contact, you can just click the followup reminder and setup a following meeting / call / discussion. It makes sure that you will never lose a sales opportunity.

5. Cloud Backup:

All your datas are stored securely in cloud server. It ensures your contacts and calendar are always safe. This enables easy data transfer to new Android devices and make sure that you will never lose a contact in your old smartphone.

Contact us to know more our projects and capabilities!.

Offshore .NET Development Services -Way2Smile Solutions

Way2Smile Solutions -Our  Microsoft .Net Development team provides the following services :

 Mobile App
·         Provides on-going administration and Tier1/Tier2 support of Windows Server systems
·         Resolve storage environment problems (connectivity, performance, capacity)
·         Implement community-supported and custom modules in Windows environment according to                         requirements
·         Interact with cross-functional third party to ensure complete delivery of web applications
·         Provide accurate level of effort time estimates for project estimates
·         Assist in release/deployment planning and execution activities
·         Experienced with multi-tier architecture, best practices, and coding standards
·         Strong experience in administration and management of .Net environment and scripting language                                 HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript, Jquery) web server as well as various web-based applications
·         Excellent skills in high traffic web site operations, administration, pro-active maintenance and problem                       solving skills to ensure optimal working and performance of the websites
·         Experience with third-party applications/tools and integration
·         Experience working with third-party vendors and ability to support/troubleshoot different layers of the stack             is  very critical.
·         Knowledge of web application security considerations
·         Experience with source/version control systems (e.g., Git, Subversion, etc.)
·        Excellent verbal/written/training communication skills and strong time management and analytical/problem             solving abilities.

Way2Smile Solutions releases a whole new Billing Software Web application focusing on Retail and wholesale Industries

Way2Smile Solutions announced today launch of their Beta Retail Management System built wholly with Microsoft .Net Framework. With extensive usage of MVC framework, the whole Web application is built covering all modules related to Retail Industries. It allows retailers to create products, suppliers, manage purchase, Invoices, Stock management and sales billing. Reporting and analytics tools are provided administrators to monitor their daily / weekly sales and easily find out their best selling products. Also the web application allows admin to generate Barcode and attach with their own products.Banner image


Madhu Kesavan, Way2Smile’s CEO, had this to say about their Retail Management Solution launch: “We identified a market need for having a Tablet based Retail Sales solution especially for Indian market and this is our first step. Our client is really happy by replacing their existing Windows based solution and provides lots of unique features that would not possible with Windows application. Now they can view their sales activities anywhere since it’s a web based solution and we are excited to get to next level of integrating with Android and iOS Tablets.”

To learn more about Way2Smile’s product offerings and get high-res images of Card2Contact, visit:

About Way2Smile:

Way2Smile Solutions is an information technology services, management consulting and outsourcing company serving clients in more than 3 continents worldwide. They provide innovative web and mobile products and customized applications that help business and communities to create prosperity for all.