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How to identify and harness the potential of your employees

Talented employees are assets for any organization. Every employee is chosen after an evaluation / elimination process to fuel the growth of an organization. Although employees tend to be highly efficient during the beginning of their careers, every one of them, irrespective of their roles, is susceptible to career blues. Employees start withholding their full potential in course of time. According to researchers, performance depends upon the level of motivation they receive. Often the conventional method of review and reward or provide feedback works, when it comes to keep up the momentum of employees in an organization. Organizations can do the following in order to elevate the spirit of their employees include promotions, monetary benefits, tours, team dinners, and stress reduction programs among others.

high potential employee development best practices

Identifying the two types of employees:

The review-reward-feedback strategy is certainly required to elevate the spirit of team members and keep up the momentum. While these efforts are capable of escalating attributes like communication, coordination, energy, and effort, they have little impact on attitude and aspiration of the employees. In spite of various efforts of organizations, many of the talented employees lie low. The solution lies in identifying the characteristics of the employees. The growth of any organization in the fast changing business environment depends on innovation. The conservative type and the entrepreneurial type are the two types of employees you can find in any organization.

Harnessing the potentials of the conservative employee

A conservative employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization should not be underestimated. It is true that these employees are reluctant to adapt themselves to the fast changing business environment. However, they are most efficient when they face serious challenges. Hence, the right way to tap their potential is to provide them with serious challenges. They will quickly respond to solve problems and stabilize the situation. They should have their freedom in building solutions but needs to be managed to keep track.

Harnessing the potentials of the entrepreneurial employee

An entrepreneurial employee is generally viewed as the powerhouse of an organization. These type of employees, pursue innovation aggressively. Often they are lauded and rewarded for their successful ventures. It is true that encouraging their efforts would certainly fuel the growth of the organization in multi-folds. By unleashing their thought process, businesses can prosper immensely. However, the word of caution is that entrepreneurial employees are also the Achilles’ heel of the organization. As it is their character to innovate and venture in to new arenas, they could also become a serious threat to the business if left unchecked.

In order to achieve a steady business growth, it is important to identify and harness the potential of each and every one in an organization. A successful organization not only focuses on its products and business strategies, but also effectively identifies and harnesses its workforce for the best outcome.

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Why SSL certificate is important for an enterprise Web app?

“on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”  It’s a cartoon captioned by Peter Steiner and published on 1993. But the fact is, Its still true in 2016.  We can not trust anyone on the Internet. We need to ensure that everything is secured. We need to see that our information, data and assets are well protected while doing any transaction in internet. Cyber-crime has become a common thing. If anyone knows how to bend the technology to their will, they can make anything happen. Its IT Delivery head our responsibility to block them and protect ourselves from the risks.

Here comes the SSL certificate, a boon to modern technology. SSL stands for Secure Sockets layer is a computer networking protocol essential for providing encryption and authentication services in web applications. It ensures the protection we seek in Internet. SSL works like an encrypted key of details between two parties. SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, legitimate documents transactions and log-ins. SSL certificate gives web application a personalized online environment in which business can be done with minimizing threats from a third party. SSL certificate prevents risks of large data loses and intercepting communications. SSL certificate offers protection from direct attacks for any particular data sets in our organization and helps to spot data abuse if any. SSL certificate has multi-tier architecture which renders layers of protection that no one can receive or process confidential information. It will determine which applications and servers need more protection and prioritize accordingly.

There are several types of SSL certificates which helps securing sites based on their usage. It scans for any vulnerabilities and provides automatic remedies for such attacks. SSL certificate hardens the defense of web application by improving auditing and monitoring procedures of on-going business. These SSL certificates can be created quickly and at a low cost. They can be customized for specific needs, user-friendly and low maintenance. Using SSL certificate in your web application not only prevents application from threats but also increases trust of the customers and paves to a better relationship.

Configuring SSL certificate in a cloud environment based on your business need requires knowledge and skill set. It can be configured in IIS If its Windows or on a Linux machine.  We are happy to help if you are looking for SSL configuration in your SaaS based solution .  Please check out website ( ) to know more about our service offerings.

Our Journey with an Enterprise Customer:

SMEs use IT for different purposes. A few IT apps are core for business and some others are supportive to business operations. We have recently worked with an Enterprise customer to build their Web and Mobile app. They already have a traditional application built with Open Source technologies – PHP, MySQL in Linux environment. However Customer’s priority is rapid growth in Health care Industry and wanted to expand into new market. Their traditional software was not capable to scale their business and W2S Solutions helped them to design, develop and deploy new software with migrated datas from old system.

Enterprise Application Development

Understanding business functionalities:  

W2S Solutions client relationship team had various discussions with business to understand their business model, regular operations and how their existing software is extensively used. Since Its Health Insurance domain and there are legislative process to be followed, our domain experts spent time in evaluating their requirements, operational process, calculations involved for various Insurance plans, procedure to transfer funds through ACH. Once we have a solid understanding of what’s expected to be built, our technology team took a deep dive in design and development.

W2S Solutions chose to build this in Microsoft .Net platform with C#, MVC platform and Sql Server as backend. We are aware that building an enterprise application is different than Migrating a traditional application to new Technology solution as migration has additional responsibilities such as data capture and reload, production scripts execution, user Intuitive front end to satisfy stakeholders. Customer’s traditional application had 10,000+ active users and average users demographic are 50+ and our technical team understood that new application should be user friendly for this demographic and had to redesign existing functionalities with intuitive and process simplified approach. We had divided the project team into small subsets such as Data Migration, UX designers, new web app development team, mobile app developers’ team and Quality analysts. It could be a one Member team or a group of Full Stack developers, but everyone had their own goals and targets to achieve. Our daily and weekly reviews helped to collaborate, share their expertise to build a dynamic, Innovative web and mobile app.  At W2S Solutions, we are always pride that being responsible and focused on our assignments is in our DNA and it’s clearly visible in this project execution.

Our Client relationship team had weekly calls to discuss status and reviewed the project. We listened to our client’s feedback in every stage, discussed and implemented the core features as requested. Once the application is staging ready, we started working on migration scripts to read datas from traditional MySQL to load into Microsoft Sql Server.  Data extraction scripts were written from MySQL using Python, Django and extracted datas were uploaded into Microsoft Sql Server with MS Sql Server 2013 Administrator. It’s evident that handshake between these teams are synchronized and worked well when we looked at the final datas after production push.

We rely on our best partners when it comes to hosting and this application is hosted in Amazon Web Services Cloud. Our AWS Engineers are capable of hosting production application in Linux or Windows environment and this is successfully hosted in IIS.  We followed Industry Best Practices from gathering requirements till completion and our speedy approach brought this project to live in short span of development cycle comparing with other app development firms. Project is successfully launched and in maintenance phase now that brings excitement to our customer and of course to our team!

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

In this ever-changing scenario of dynamic business landscape, organizations are strained to concentrate on multiple facets of an industry. One such vital ingredient, greatly contributing to the successful formula of every business is its marketing strategy. Marketing is considered to be an invisible force which turbo charges the presence of every organization. Though many companies ignore this viral propellant, it is undeniable that Marketing adds value in boosting the revenue generated.


Based on a survey, it has been observed that

  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute valuable content
  • B2B companies with active blogs generate 67% more leads, on an average
  • Blogs deliver an average of 434% more indexed webpages

Striking the balance between technology and marketing

The best fit answer is-outsourcing marketing responsibilities.

Better focus on core competencies:

Outsourced marketing relieves the organization from a huge amount of workload. They can rest assured that an important factor of their organization is being taken care of very well. The organization can be better inclined towards building up their core competencies.

Specialists by your side:

When you outsource marketing, you hand over the complete charge to a third party, specialists in this field. They are equipped with leading edge technology which would definitely contribute towards scaling up productivity, revenue and efficiency.

Reduced overhead:

When a particular department is outsourced, it saves the cost involved in infrastructure and maintenance.

Extended talent pool at your service:

An outsourced marketing division supplies you with high-level talented employee pool who is extensively involved. This brings innovative ideas that play a significant role specifically in times of crisis.

Difference of inside and outside perspective:

There is no doubt that an in-house team naturally gels well with the organization and its culture. However a new perspective always help to analyze current trends, company’s performance and come up with marketing tactics to meet future demands. Thats why we think that an outsourced division look at the organization with an “outside perspective”. They are able to comprehensively analyze from the client’s perspective and feed the organization with critical inputs whenever required.

Use case:

W2S won appreciation from a leading Cloud solution provider for having greatly transformed their web page visibility and compatibility. The client was not able to focus on online visibility and branding activities. After an exhaustive analysis, W2S came up with a comprehensive and user-friendly website for the client. W2S won accolades from the client and was announced as the official branding partner. The website was 100% as proposed in design and met stakeholder’s expectation. W2S Solutions developers were successful in bringing out the expected outcome as promised, without any issues. Keeping in mind the target audience, almost 170 web pages were rebranded, revised by W2S and delivered in Word press. This website was modular by nature and accommodated trendy changes.

All set to transform your marketing strategy? Reach out to W2S Solutions for an expert advice and further details.

Gear up to make the impossible happen!

I’m a techie and have time : Let’s build something


Technopreneur – It’s not a new term. A person who is highly skilled with Technology and has the courage to be an Entrepreneur. I have worked with many developers / architects and they usually say “LET’S DO SOMETHING”. However In my opinion, they are either stuck up in initiating the first step or while transitioning from Tech lead to Technopreneur, they face challenges and drop their ideas. Here are the few things you can consider if you would like to be a Technopreneur:

Networking : Technical people prefers to code rather explaining what’s the idea or thought process. They are actually doers but not interested in networking. They will have to go out, attend local meetings, conferences and Introduce themselves to leaders, entrepreneurs. A self target of gathering x business cards a month or growing their linkedIN connections by N numbers would be the best thing to do.

Don’t wait for a Killer Idea : Tech resources will analyse their Idea and want to make sure it’s perfect. Once they ‘get’ it; with no further evaluation, they will start setting up the project workspace and dev environment. Its their preference of initiating an easy task rather evaluating. But, It does not help them in long run. It’s a best practice to approach local incubators, Market Analysis and Research team or discuss with business leaders about their ideas. If you don’t have an idea, no worries. You will always find something when you go out and talk.

Trustworthy Consultant : When I worked as a Technical Consultant for many firms, we knew whether the project would be successful or it will face a downhill. An experienced techy guy with a bit of business skills can easily visualize by placing him in customer’s shoes and find whether the product is worthy enough to build. Instead of hyping your ideas financial figure, Just act as a Trustworthy consultant for your Idea, You will realize whether to go or halt it. Make sure you are trying to build a Billion Dollar business, so your outcome will be in Millions.

Funds will flow if all is good : Once you evaluate your Idea, It’s time to build a prototype. Don’t bother about success stories such as X raise $$$$ in 6 months and Y raises Serial A $$$.  Its better not to be a victim of these stories. All you have to do is focus on building the prototype and acquiring your first customer. Set a target of getting X reasonable customers in first year and listen to them. If you raise funds, you would be diluting more and eventually becoming a Tech Resource for your company. So think twice before getting into a fund raise.

Do I have time to do all this ? If this is your statement, Just stay as a highly skilled Technical person and get a paycheck twice a month! That’s better for you and your family!

I am sure everyone will have their own opinion, but the purpose here is to encourage Entrepreneurship, so that we shall build a wealthy and peaceful community together!

5 Irrefutable Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing That You Can’t Ignore

Now that your business is up and running, need you worry about what will happen next year? Of course, most folks don’t think of tomorrow, but as a smart business entrepreneur you have to strategize about the future. This is where you have to capitalize on emerging business practices and offshore outsourcing is at the top of the list.

The business world is very fluid meaning new ideas and technologies emerge only to be discarded within no time. Nevertheless, you must capitalize on such innovations at the opportune time before the next great idea comes in. The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) indicates that over 34% of new businesses fail due to lack of proper strategies. As such, with the right plan of work you can pull it off in your niche.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing


Outsourcing companies help you leverage skills and resources you can use to compete at the same level with bigger players in your niche. Though outsourcing is not your favorite option, you can learn the benefits of Outsourcing here


Assume that you have a design shop in Miami and you want a website. You can either go for free services or even your friend who has some IT skills. The result could be a non-functional website that becomes the joke of the town and this is not what you want. When you outsource, you have experts working on your site’s architecture and design, which gives you a professional online platform. Why then would you ignore such credible services

2.Cost Effective

Managing any kind of business today is a herculean task especially when it comes to finances. Fortunately, you can outsource your project and save lots of money. If you have an IT project management task, for instance, the best idea is to outsource. When you consider lower office operating costs, and reduced administrative costs, outsourcing becomes a more viable alternative in modern business. At the end of the day, you will be saving lots of money, which is what every business owner wants.

3.Freeing Up Internal Resources

In every business, resources have to be allocated as part of future strategies. However, if there is no current project running it means such resources are not being utilized. Think of personnel in IT who have no current project and are only involved in your website’s administration.

4.Peace of Mind

Offshore outsourcing is an irrefutably effective technique and it is no wonder most top brands are applying it. As a small business entrepreneur, you don’t have to worry about attaining IT skills while you can use a remote webmaster. This enables you to focus on the core business to enable your business grow.


Are you feeling the pressure of employer labor laws? Well, there is a way out of this through offshore employment. You don’t have to worry about whom to work with because these companies provide all the services.

Well, you can now focus on your core business as an expert handles other pertinent issues. Whether it is marketing or customer service, you have it all covered.

5 Irrefutable Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing That You Can’t Ignore – Infopgraphics


Key considerations for finding out qualified mobile partners to work with:

In this digital world one cannot deny the usage of mobile app to increase customer acquisition and productivity. As technology change accelerates faster, it’s difficult to acquire skilled staffs, and training existing staffs may also end up redundant as technologies evolve further.  So many organizations decide that the best way is to find a development partner to build their apps.

Then the question arises for businesses as how to identify a trusted development partner to meet their app needs? A partner can make or break the success of your project, so you will have to spend time in choosing a right partner to avoid any bitter experience.

Key considerations for finding out qualified mobile partners

Before starting the process of finding a mobile partner, your organization needs to decide upon certain things like :

  • What’s the scope of the project?
  • What’s the road map of the product?
  • Are you looking for a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to market first or does your app inherits complex features in the first version?
  • How much vision is to come from the partner and how much is internal? Or you will provide the business requirements and the partner must come up with the finished product?
  • How much you can spend for the product development?

Once you are ready, next step is to search for the partner to accomplish your vision. Here are the list of questions to ask the potential company to assist you in selecting them from the rest.

  • How many projects has the prospective partner delivered during the past three months?
  • Does it have the necessary skills in-house?
  • What are the list of apps deployed?
  • What development tools and frameworks they recommend?
  • How quickly are new devices or new OS releases supported? And how quickly are new features supported?
  • What support options, SLAs and warranties will it provide?
  • Do they offer knowledge transfer if we decide to bring the project in-house?

W2S Solutions has the right set of skillsets to help you define your business processes and accelerate growth by designing efficient mobility solutions. We analyze business requirements and identify technology, tools and follow Agile methodology to create flawless mobility solutions. We have a very good record of developing mobile apps with greater user experience and delivering it on-time and most importantly within the budget. Reach us if you need any assistance in choosing your mobile partner.

Team lunch at Absolute Barbeque

Team lunch at Absolute  Barbeque

We always produce top notch quality deliverables with effective team collaborativeness. Our Team skills are second to none and we focus building, designing and deploying perfect apps. However whenever there is an occasion to celebrate team outing, we never miss it.

Last Month, we had a good team outing on Nov 6th 2015 to Absolute BarBeque in T-nagar, Chennai. Boys were in perfect outfit to enjoy team bonding and enjoyed every moment. At W2S, we never believe in Hiearrachial team structure as it interrupts team communication and its very normal for Juniors to just walk in and talk with Seniors.  That’s the learning curve and knowledge they usually get while wokring at W2S. These occassions will break the ice for new comers and let them to talk, interact and feel them part of W2S. It did happen exactly as explained.

Once we are done with Lunch, Our CEO Madhu Kesavan, gave a small talk about our productivity, happy customers testimonials, upcoming projects and honored awards for Star Players.  There is no better situation to accloade your team members and that’s our second core thing to do on that day! Ofcourse firt one was team building!

Oh yeah, Did we say that boys got a pretty T-shirts which is printed with our logo ?


About W2S Solutions :  We are a custom mobile application and web development company that thinks outside the box to build award-winning apps for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) around the globe. Our team understands what it takes to be successful in business. We pair this knowledge with our advanced planning, design and deployment execution skills to deliver industry-leading concepts across all mobile platforms.

Tools to increase your Team’s Productivity.

Small and Medium Enterprise owners and CEO’s are always looking for the best tools available in market, which promote their team’s engagement and help them to run their businesses successfully. Some of my friends ask me about what we use in W2S Solutions. We work with few tools and here is our #Top5 that we love.


#Slack – This makes our job easy in terms of Internal communication. It helps to send private messages and also you can create project-based groups. Messages are archived and best part is the Search. You can easily search and find what’s discussed earlier and navigate to the chat history. It’s FREE and no limitation in number of users.

#Asana – An Innovative tool that almost stopped our Internal email threads. Very easy to create tasks, assign to a developer or team and get notified easily when the job is done. Tasks won’t be missed if you use Asana. However, 15 users are only allowed in FREE package, but still it lets you to create new users when you switch the workspace! Cool.

#Moqups – We are a web and mobile apps development company and we create wireframes for our customers. We tried with other tools before, but nothing is user friendly as Moqups. Anyone can create a design in a few seconds. Super easy!

#Beanstalk – Saves time in code versioning, deploying and reviewing. It was a tough life before to setup a local GIT environment, maintain the code version and run deployment script. Beanstalk reduces this process and everything happens in just a single click. Though there is no free version, if you would like to maintain a clean code, Subscription is recommended.

#ZohoCRM – One of the best CRM available in the market. It helps to keep track of your sales leads, convert into accounts, potentials and also contacts. There is a restriction in the number of custom reports you can generate in FREE package, but it’s manageable.

There are other tools we use sometimes, but as I mentioned, these are our #Top 5 that is used extensively.