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How is Virtual Reality(VR) going to change the modern world in 2020?

Virtual Reality(VR) in 2020

Virtual reality is undoubtedly seeping into the lives of smartphone users, digital buyers, and completely improvising the digital space holistically. With the continually expanding trends, VR market is expected to raise and evaluate around $160 billion by 2023. There are potential signs of numerous other businesses promptly adapting the technology for more significant applications of VR. The companies are presently taking time to build mature, long-lasting, and highly impactful digital solutions that involve usage of multimedia related technologies like virtual reality.

Taking out the company from the smokescreen created by new technologies is something important at this point of time. Which every Founders and CTOs can do at the moment. Building the right solutions that may increase profitability should also help your business look more realistic. It gives a picture of a better prepared landscape at the moment. Creating the proper roadmap and crafting digital solutions that are a perfect blend of human experience and virtual reality, should be on target. It helps in immense value creation as VR is expected to change the technology business world; while we march past 2020.

Difference between virtual reality and augmented reality

The core difference between VR and AR is the inclusion of real tech landscape in 2019. Virtual reality is all about creating completely digital, near-to-real experiences using graphics, image processing, and various other sensory networks. Whereas, augmented reality is about building an interface between real-life objects that interact with virtual reality components, to make new concepts that drive business agendas and improve customer experience. The Apple measuring app ‘Measure’ lets you measure objects in various dimensions and face recognized emoticons are some of the examples of AR. Whereas, intensified graphics and lifelike 3-D experience in gaming are complete applications of virtual reality.

Best examples of how VR is going to change the modern world in 2020

Touch screen projections

touch screen

Virtual reality is expected to team up with IOT-based solutions that are capable of bringing a humanistic edge to digitally enhanced interiors. We can expect digital projections of mobile app controls, smart home, and all other types of controlling and maneuvering in our day to day lives. Imagine, years from now, you will be capable of using your hand as a touchpad, with the complete mobile dashboard flexibility for adjusting all the features and controlling mobile apps.

Apart from this, we can expect touch screen projections of home center controlling various smart home appliances. They will all be operated with projections on walls, sofa surfaces, and tables with the added convenience to users.

VR in e-commerce, V-commerce

VR in e-commerce

It is one of the most talked-about applications of virtual reality. E-commerce is soon going to change forever with the help of virtual reality. Companies are reported to be working on virtual reality-based e-commerce stores that will allow you to gain lifelike shopping experiences even before you buy their products online. It will enable users to perform all other buys and check out related tasks through digital systems.

It has been truly inspiring for big brands to carry out such initiatives for consistent innovation, MasterCard and Swarovski have recently collaborated to build a virtual e-store. The store allows users to gain real realistic lifelike shopping experience while buying crystal and crystal-made products offered by Swarovski. The payments can be made through the newly devised digital payment service by MasterCard.

Hyper immersive gaming

hyper immensive gaming

The gaming industry is extensively adopting virtual reality, and it doesn’t seem to slow down any soon. The breathtaking success of mobile app games like Pokémon Go are motivating the industry to explore better possibilities, with the help of virtual reality. Recently developers are succeeding exceptionally well in experimenting with new games, that deployed mixed reality technology and brings out an addictive gaming experience.

It is a hyper immersive gaming experience because of the high degree of interaction between game characters and players. It is contributed by specific activities that can be performed while interacting with those characters through all sensory options. For instance, there are certain games where the main characters can interact through sensory touch, fed also talked for directing them further.

Holographic computing with VR


Holographic computing is leaving the architecture designing industry stand with the help of virtual reality. Designers are now empowered to use holographic computing for a more targeted approach that might allow them to build a virtually real model with the help of VR technology. It is a highly convincing application of VR, helping people develop more excellent products. It helps them enable possibilities of greater mobility in the real architecture designs and also visualize more realistically, through virtual reality for extensive detailing of architectural designs.

Digital disruption in travel and tourism

travel & tourism

Virtual reality technology is quickly entering human lives and also establishing itself in homes. People are extensively browsing VR powered websites that are offering localized travel and tourism experiences. It is a great turn around before buying their packages and other products, services independently. Virtual reality is well capable of giving a very real lifelike experience of travel. It also helps you establish recipes of traveling to specific destinations and then drive their business agenda. The strategies are superimposed upon highly interactive, intriguing, and captivating solutions.

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Word of caution about VR

Virtual reality is a part of the subject, but businesses and digital solution makers should be cautious about rigorous using and accessing the usage of AR, VR, and MR. These technologies are highly capable, and their ability stands beyond the questionable mark. At the same time, it is crucial not to lose the touch of a human approach. The product developers should now undervalue the importance of emotional engagement while customers use digital experience a lot for helping your businesses be more sustainable.

Final word

Innovative mobile app development companies realize the quantum of sincerity that lay behind extensive applications of virtual reality. Now it is up to the new age entrepreneurs and experienced founders to solve highly critical problems of social and commercial value, that can occur through the problem-solving ability of the overall digital solution. Making and improvising an existing real solution should help us mature the interface of virtual reality and digital solutions.

Finding new problems and solving them with the virtual reality will help us dig deeper for realizing the core potential of the technology. It all depends on the problem-solving ability of the overall digital solution. Making and improvising existing real solution will certainly help us mature the interface of virtual reality and digital solutions. Ultimately, finding new problems and solving them with the help of virtual reality will help us dig deeper for realizing the core potential of the technology itself.

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UI/UX Design Errors You Should Avoid For Conversion Rate Growth

Importance of UI in 2019

Here is all you need to know to get hold of a critical proposition of immaculate user experience in all the digital solutions. Digital solutions are making businesses compete at a throat-cutting level. It is one of the main reasons why it is becoming an altogether distinct dimension of competition. When there is a competition of a great UX, the product development team is bound to focus on UI. UI needs to be taken very seriously because often, people fail to justify the kind of importance and targeted effort it requires.

According to Forbes, a strategic effort to improve the UI/UX has the potential to increase the conversion rates up to 400%.  It is said that the margin of error for UI design is very less. There is a considerable number of people who are not giving the due desired attention to UI designs (only 55% of companies perform any user testing).

UI design errors that can affect the conversion rate badly

Website loading time

Website loading time is one of the critical factors that decide whether if you will be able to engage the customers or not. If it is taking too long to load, it has developed SEO penalties on your website and lowers rankings. Robust loading website is an added advantage and thus helps you increase your most probable customers with a clean UI, imparting an excellent user experience consistently. According to research, people are more expected to lose their customers, up to 40% if the website doesn’t load within the first three seconds.

website loading time

Sight loading time is critical, and it can be easily achieved by:

  • Reducing data-intensive API calls upfront
  • Building lightweight graphics
  • Optimizing requirement of bandwidth
  • Securing the website against those attacks and unnecessary request
  • Optimizing the performance of server link up with CDNs
  • Taking a mobile-first approach


Responsiveness has a significant effect on the overall user experience. Users are increasingly taking up solutions that are interoperable and allow handoff capabilities. By handoff capability, we mean that digital solutions which let the users carry on the same task while interchanging devices like PCs, laptops, mobile phones, and tablets. It is essential to ensure that your digital solution is offering a pleasant user experience. It should be up to the mark with the top user expectations, which can be created by using the distributor to approach any device.

website responsiveness

If the product fails to create a similar or better user experience compared to one device from the other, the user creates a better perception of the solution. It can be misleading that this is precisely how customer psychology works at large. You should try ensuring a great user experience with a completely responsive UI design, not just at all types of devices, but with all resolutions corresponding to each devices. You can provide the web design responsiveness by:

  • Manually testing your digital solution on various devices
  • Consciously making efforts to ensure that the UI works the best in different resolutions during UI testing
  • Keeping a point of UI design testing in the test suite

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What to Avoid?

Badly curated CTA

A poorly curated call to action is lethal, and it increases the risk of you failing towards the objective of creating a particular webpage. It is essential to position your request to work in the right place. It is an indication for why the page has been built on the website. A poorly curated call to action is also a negative point on your UI design. It leaves an impression that the site owner is perplexed about the primary offering and curate ultimate objective of making a webpage.badly curated CTA

A poorly curated CTA causes:

  • Scattered UI design
  • A lower level of UX
  • Low lead generation capabilities
  • Critically flat conversion rate
  • Low sales potential

Complex navigation

complex website navigation

It is impossible to have a complexly navigated website and still have a greater UI design. The sophisticated UI navigation directly means that there are high chances of content layout mess at all screens. A lot of shipping within pages and several sections of a website makes you disobey the laws of human-computer interaction and a much-required recall-ability during the UX. Users often have unpleasant UX having a tough time navigating through a complexly-structured site. They might even lose out interest before they eventually reach a service page or a product offering that they were initially looking for.

Too much content

Too much content is a huge NO. Content is required for SEO capabilities and enriching brands visibility across the Internet. It also helps to convey the right vision and establish your brand Persona with utmost clarity. But, it is essential to stay within the fine line of excessive content posted on the website and the required material. Having rightly designed content layout with well-structured text boxes is one of the core tricks that you need to learn. It is essential for understanding the combination of art and science behind UI design.

too much content in website

Having too much content on the website can lead to going:

  • Lost constant more interest
  • Bad user experience (UX)
  • An unimpressive first appearance
  • Difficulty in engagement

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Stock images

Stock images cause a dent on a brand image. Using open-source photos that don’t look real and have a lousy pixel quality eventually ruins the conversion of experienced audiences from having exposure all around the web. You should refrain from using stock images on the UI design, headers, and photos and also should focus on self copyrighted researched visual content for the website.

stock image

NOT hiring a design expert

The greatest mistake that you can commit while designing a website is to think that your visualization and technical skills are more than enough for a top-notch UX for your superlative brand. The complete UI design expiration can go for a quick toss the moment when you decide not to hire anyone. UI designing is a combination of art and technical skills. It is one of the more prominent professions in the world and it has a never-ending demand. You should mutually respect the core requirements of your website of a great UI design and hire the best UI/UX designers.

not hiring an expert

Hiring a UI/UX designer helps you in:

  • UI testing
  • Lightweight graphics for UI
  • Adhering to UI design rules
  • Picking up the right pattern

An important point to note!

There are various aspects which you may find worthy of being implemented while designing the UI, but a typical bookish approach can also mislead you to a ruined UI, which ultimately hurts the overall conversion rate. UI/UX designers have to closely work in tandem with higher sales and technical channels. These inputs are significant for new-age products, e-commerce websites, and newcomers of all digital business sections. It helps them in creating a credible reputation of the brand for long-term sales growth.

Final word

The exceptional UI design is something that all digital nomad and entrepreneurs aspire. It is an evergreen requirement in the digital business. It is essential to follow systematized design thinking that eventually leads you to question yourself and making out a thoughtful UI design. Every element must be having a distinct contribution to the UX. There should be nothing excessive or tacky. A minimal UI design is the foremost requirement of your brand to succeed in creating a tremendous digital expression through the UX. UI/UX designing is evolving with changing customer expectations as Millennials are looking for something more each and every time they look for new user experience. UI/UX design is expected to be capable of powerfully impacting your business at a large scale in coming years.

UIUX Design Company

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Top 5 Ways to Utilize Automation in Your Business

In order to determine whether or not you should introduce levels of automation into your business, you first need to understand the efficiencies it would create. As time goes on, many organizations are starting to see the value automation can bring. And more and more often, companies are choosing to adopt automation software that can do countless back-end tasks to save time, money, and the hassle that often comes with large-scale projects.

Some worry automating a business could lead to fewer jobs and subsequently hurt the economy. Most automation practices, however, are meant to be supplemental in nature and not meant to replace employees. For most industries, utilizing this type of technology can help to complete redundant tasks, allowing employees to focus on more critical matters of the business. Here are some great ways in which automation can benefit your business, whether it be financially or strategically.

1. Reduce Repetitive Task Work

One of the biggest benefits of utilizing process automation software is to save time on repeatable project tasks. From jobs as simple as inputting data into spreadsheets, configuring applications, and simplifying order processing, automating your business can have countless benefits. Think of the hours that will be saved and manpower that can be allocated to more important tasks if routine procedures are taken care of with virtually no error.

The average time it takes to process an order manually is around 5 minutes. If this procedure was automated, it would take a quarter of the time and would mean more workers allocated to fill orders, resulting in a higher level of output. This same scenario can be applied to almost any department of a business, and work effectively regardless of the volume of data, the number of orders or any other inputs that companies encounter regularly.

2. Better Visibility and Continuity Across Departments

Overseeing multiple projects, accounts or departments can make it extremely difficult to focus your efforts for an extended period of time. This can make it difficult to see how the company is performing outside of your prerogative. Similarly, measuring your employee’s level of output as well as their delivery speed in order to set department standards could take months and extensive resources to collect the necessary data. Automation tools can handle all of this and provide feedback in real-time to give you all the information you need to be a successful manager.

Visibility both within a single department and across multiple divisions of a business can help day-to-day operations run smoothly and efficiently. Employees who are not meeting quotas and process inefficiencies will be apparent and easy to monitor. Not having to worry about micromanaging a staff takes a significant strain off of your shoulders and should, in most cases, improve the overarching perception of the “business hierarchy.” Automation will dramatically reduce the unknown elements of inefficiency many businesses struggle to locate within their processes and fix.

3. Increased Accountability of Employees

The rate of productivity of employees will now be under dramatically more scrutiny by management due to the fact that visibility is improved when automated task monitoring is implemented. Accountability will, therefore, become a prominent aspect of day-to-day business operations. And not only does accountability take place on a personal level, but it will balloon to incorporate the “team” mindset that is built into most business models.

Employees who are falling behind in their workload compared to their counterparts will stand out. Similarly, the data collected makes discerning high-performing individuals just as apparent to management. With this in mind, employees across all disciplines will be more productive and efficient, knowing their performance is being logged for evaluation purposes. No one will want to be the one who falls to the back of the pack, making each project or task a priority for those looking to succeed and thrive within the company.

4. Improve Dollar Retention Rate

Did you know that it is 7 times less expensive to keep current customers than it is to find and convert new customers for your business? With the improved turnover time and efficiency that comes with automating business practices, you will ensure that your customers continue to be satisfied with your performance and as a result, should continue to work with your company in the future. As you sign new clientele who see the impressive work you are doing for them, your revenue will increase while fewer clients will be lost to under-performance or competing businesses. Although the initial investment and setup of automating tasks may be steep, the benefits can be seen almost immediately, followed by a huge increase in the bottom line.

4. Eliminate Excess Waste

Completely eliminating lag and waste during production is almost impossible, but with automated services to control the rate at which projects are completed, the total amount of material and money that is lost during manufacturing can be dramatically reduced. Pair automation with other money-saving techniques such as more affordable materials, closed-loop manufacturing processes, and volume reduction to ensure your waste is minimized. This is a perfect example of how automation is used only as a supplement to a workforce. Although machines can create products and complete certain services, the human element is an integral part of almost all business practices.

The cost of unused and waste material is incredibly high and is almost always reported as a loss each quarter or by year’s end. The savings you earn from using automated production plans could be allocated elsewhere, improving other departments or upgrading current technologies used within the business to even further boost efficiency.

The act of automating your business is a fast, easy, and financially beneficial way to increase the efficiency and overall production of virtually any business. Evaluate what areas of the company would benefit from this switch, calculate the potential return on investment of automating, and research what the best option is in regard to your budget. It won’t take several years or even several quarters to see the benefits of automated processes. You will be netting a profit from the investment before you know it.

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All that you need to know about Siri shortcuts

Siri and other voice-based assistance in 2019

The voice-based assistant marketing expanding at a respectable pace, but there seem to be various hurdles and but holds on to the road to popularity. According to statistics, approximately 98% of users belonging to the US user base of Apple have already tried using Siri at least once. The critical part lies in the fact that they have not been using it regularly because of various reasons. It clearly leaves an impression that the concept of Voice-based assistant certainly attracts users but is not able to retain them in the long run. It is majorly because of high expectations and the lack of knowledge for efficiently using voice-based assistants to get a very productive and convenient user experiences out of the device.

What is this Voice-based assistant that are constantly growing and conquering the user side of tech world. But there is a dire need of a giant stride of maturity and more persuasive reasons for customers to believe in, the ability of what cisterns while security of content and data privacy remain an issue for informed text heavy users.

How does Siri work?

Earlier tell 2000 1516, Siri used to be a chat but that was limiting its scope, of its ability to whatever use cases were preprogrammed. Later Apple dedicatedly started working on adding artificial intelligence abilities to the premium voice better assistant on Apple devices. Till then, all the voice-based queries were Tran scripted into text using natural language processing and further tested and compared to the most relevant questions and abilities that could be performed by Siri.

Once Siri got its level of an artificial intelligent agent, now it is slowly improving technically on how it can impact the lives of users and help people automate their usual mobile tasks. Siri shortcuts are perfect examples of hey Siri is becoming artificially intelligent and helping people automate there usual routines on iPhone.

Comparison of siri with other contemporary voice based assistants

voice assistants

It is in the recently reports that approximately 7.3 million users have dropped off the idea of using Siri as their go to voice messages stand. Now they are primarily using Google assistant in majority basis. The intensified competition of market share by Google assistant is mainly because of its highly efficient searching capabilities powered with Google. It was sometime back in April 2017, Siri used Bing to make the desired Internet searches for the voice based commands. It certainly left users in leisure and satisfied because of their high visual nature of using Google and due to inherent perceptions about the company. Then Apple had joined hands to offer Google searches in Siri which was a significant improvement in performance.

On a similar note, the voice was assistant called Bixby by Samsung and Cortana by Microsoft are the other major market share holders at present. All these are certainly improving in one way or the other and getting mature to impact user lives with a deeper impact.

How do Siri shortcuts work?

siri shortcuts

Imagine yourself typing and sending a good morning message to your best friend every day. Slowly your iPhone is learnt that you frequently perform this routine. In the meantime, Apple has acute care Siri with the ability to automate general routine with which users perform frequently on their handheld Apple device.

Your iPhone is expected to show Siri shortcut suggestions in the notification centre for whatever you may have been doing for a while and you would now be able to do it very frequently. It may show your suggestion text good morning to my best friend. If you said that Siri shortcut on, all you need to do is tapped. The button for making Siri listen your command and say the same. It will automatically open the messaging app, get into the text field and then type your message and send.

What devices can use Siri shortcuts?

All Apple devices with iOS 12 or later are completely compatible with shortcut enable Siri. It is clearly applicable to all flagship and existing series of iPhones. It includes all iPhones that were built before inception of iOS 12 and in our offered iOS upgrades under usual or iOS beta program.

ios app development companySome of the most useful Siri shortcuts

  • Suppose you drive to your office daily, you open maps and put your phone to no disturbance mode for gaining concentration on the road and navigate yourself to office. You go to office daily and you happen to do the same to your phone. You can set Siri shortcut that I am heading to the office. The moment you said to Siri, it will open your maps and put your phone to no disturbance mode and further help you navigate through.
  • Imagine you are a football fan and aware of what die-hard followers do to the particular team. You can set Siri shortcuts to open the sports news app and request to update you with the ongoing football match score. Whenever you say the same shortcut to Siri it is going to open their respective app, bringing updates of the relayed matches.
  • If you are using Apple Home Pod and have a smart home, you can also set the Siri shortcut to help you grab a cup of coffee freshly prepared in the coffee maker as you drive back home from your office.
  • Whether you want to direct weather update or need to decide, if You need to carry an umbrella while going to your Nani’s house, Siri shortcut can be said for opening the app and telling you everything if there is a need to carry an umbrella or it will be clear sky on the basis of weather forecast.
  • If you are fond of ordering food with doorstep delivery from various apps, Siri will suggest you a shortcut of the frequented app that you use the most for ordering food. For instance, if you use Zomato for ordering food very frequently, you can set a convenient Siri shortcut like what is my order status? And Siri will open Zomato and speak up the whereabouts of your food order.
  • People generally sort Great song playlist depending to a certain mood. If you are one of them, frequently using certain playlist would certainly help Siri know which playlist you use for a certain mood. Further you can set convenient Siri shortcut to play a particular playlist whenever you are happy, sad or angry.

Benefits of using Siri shortcuts

A collective benefit of using Siri shortcut is learnt by the massive upgrade in the overall user experience of Apple devices. As mobile phones are gripping our lives firmly, automating routine task has become a need of the hour. In the times when an average US citizen checks their smartphone every 12 minutes, automating tasks is a great proposition for companies to sell their products and build better USP that is around them.

Point to pay attention while using Siri shortcuts

points to remember while using siri

If you can understand how Siri shortcuts work, it will be an easy one. While you are setting Siri shortcuts involving certain features of a particular app, you are allowing Siri and the automated complete access to that app, and its data that is sensitive and completely private to you. It is a great threat posed to your smartphone experience and a lot of other critical information like your bank details, critical password and complete data and digital security, that is much required in today’s time.

Another important aspect you should understand is the vulnerability of voice-based assistants, in half an accurate they can be. For instance, if you have saved a particular shortcut that performs a specific task in any third-party app, maybe a food delivery app or a news update, one fine day you may blindly direct Siri to perform the task that is assigned The same shortcut, but on the contrary it may perform the same task in any other very similar app which it might not be able to differentiate at a particular instance.

Bottom line

Building quality applications is a critical task and one that involving with realistic features of Newest technologies like natural language processing and voice-based assistants thus requires a lot of procession. While the industry is maturing, the users need to be at their best in finding about everything that happens in the smartphone and the data that might be at stake, while the experience offer something new or attractive. For founders and see tears with ultimate business ideas should always opt for the best iOS development companies sticking around the technology landscape. They generally take best possible care of data compliance and App Store guidelines while utilizing the lesser understood, newly arrived technologies and concepts, which you may wish to add into your new iOS app. The combination of Great iOS app ideas and diligent consistent efforts to improve development practices by leading mobile app development companies are sure to bring about a great deal of betterment in the upcoming years.

app development company

How ‘Hey Siri’ Has Changed Your Life For The Better?


Google Shoelace: The New Facebook Killer Explained

Story of social media & millennials

In a universe of social media, there are two significant galaxies of hyper-local social networking and global social networks. Social media and social networking are real catalysts for Shoelace App. They are driving significant operations for improving the digital space. Increasing the utilization of digital means by businesses and the growing importance of digital transformation, are closely affecting how an individual lives life.

The story of social media started from where the vision behind Facebook and Orkut sowed the seeds of hyper global social media networks. They have outgrown some of the largest businesses in the world and are fuelling various other opportunities of the market, and more luxurious digital experience across handheld devices.

The current digital population is over 4.3 billion. 2.7 billion of them for smartphone users. The changing mindsets towards work and personal life are driving millennials towards increased usage of social media.

Concept of Shoelace by Google

The main idea behind the hyper-local social networking app, Shoelace is to connect people with common interests. The mobile app idea aligns with the human tendency of different individuals establish bonding over shared interests. They can connect over Shoelace. They can meet and go offline for interest-based indulgence. These activities can be an adventure, sport, indoor activity, meditation, or anything else, under the sun which those two or group of individuals to pursue you for recreational, procreational purpose. It is an improvised attempt to give hyper-local social networking an altogether different face.

Shoelace: the second attempt

It is reported that shoelaces the second attempt by Google at building a substantial Internet resaws, revolving around hyper-local social networking concept. The company has earlier tried to roll out a mobile app called Google schemer, which couldn’t leverage, materialize and hit the lanes of fame and popularity. Further, the application was dropped due to market constraints and changing trends. Now, they have come up with a refurbished concept. Now they have come up with a refurbished idea that possibly underlines and counters the shortcomings of the previously tried theory.

Future possibilities

The business proposition of g is exceptionally fruitful because of various reasons. It is a genuinely good concept because it eventually pulls people out of their digital life. It makes them indulge in outdoor, creative, and pro-creative activities of their interest. Furthermore, we can expect business propositions like an augmented market place of new and refurbished products, just like social media, has slowly evolved further into a social media and marketing hub.

The more abundant avenues of traffic and popularity might expect to see the concept teaming up with artificial intelligence capabilities. It will improve personalized customer experiences by suggesting activities, location-relevant tasks, interest-driven notifications, friend suggestions and much more.

Other similar apps

MeetUp is the very same concept that already exists in the digital space. The upcoming hyper-local social networking app by Google is expected to face fierce competition. The increasing popularity and great opportunities for anonymous engagement and collaborations are helping the pre-existing mobile apps increase its market rapidly. Building new applications is a matter of great concern that is by allowing developers and mobile app carve out similar, new, improved concepts. They help you get better at customer experience and higher usability at lower costs.

Final word

Leading web & Mobile App Development Companies are taking consistent strides of innovation into various fields and problems. There are active attempts involving digital transformation, mobile apps, and digitization of business. Today is the time when mobile apps and social media is governing the daily lives of common people. Soon, they are expected to dictate how people bring enjoyment to their lives. It will help people indulge in the much-needed outdoor activities that are catalyzed and well-motivated by people with similar interests and available in nearby locations.

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How ‘Hey Siri’ Has Changed Your Life For The Better?

Voice-based assistants in 2019

Voice-based assistants are extremely powerful as we approach 2020. They have made an absolute statement of arrival and have risen to importance in no time.

Smartphone users are continuously increasing and about 58% of consumers have used all sorts of voice-based assistants to get their hands over all kinds of local business information in last year. The numbers are huge, a large portion of customer engagement is at stake and voice-based analytics is predicted to be the next big revolution in the technology world.

First it was unbelievable to have mobile phones seeped into our lives for an added dimension of convenience on fingertips. Now, voice-based assistants are helping humans be highly productive and sometimes lazy as well. Amidst huge expectations and clouds of uncertainty, the Apple-developed voice-based assistant Siri is put under the scanner.

Here is how ‘Hey Siri’ has improved our digital experience

Personal social media management

Social media has been a huge part of our lives and Siri is slowly becoming more and more capable of handling it for you. The newer versions of iOS are allowing Siri to tweet, post on Facebook and open Instagram on behalf of users just with a voice-based command. It is a matter of great convenience and helps smartphone users edit to save time by just dictating the tweets they want to post or status updates for their Facebook timeline. Siri is capable of understanding and intervening in all your social media related activities just like a truly humane assistant.

All you have to do is simply call out hey Siri, dictate your tweet or Facebook status and then ask Siri to post from the relevant account. It is important to note that all this happens only if you have allowed Siri to control certain apps through the Apple device settings.

Easier basic tasks


The Apple-developed voice-based assistant Siri is highly capable of helping you when you need it. Imagine yourself driving a car in traffic. You suddenly wish to grab the best coffee available nearby; all you need to do is call out hey Siri and ask it out. Siri has seamless integration across all native Apple apps and the degree of integration is consistently increasing with time; in third-party apps. Then Siri will make an intelligent search across the Internet and find you the best coffee places depending upon your real-time location and also suggest the fastest route.

A Lesser known fact

siri voice assistant

The wireless earphones by Apple called Apple AirPods do not have direct volume control but hey Siri is capable of helping. You just have to call it out and ask it to change the volume with a tab or direct hey Siri feature. Further, you have to ask Siri by how much percentage of volume you wish to increase or decrease it.

Killing keyboards

siri dictation

You might be amazed but it is 100% true that Siri is capable of diligently taking your dictations for long hours and helping your fingers rest at ease. It is one of the USPs of the Hey Siri feature and you can dictate whatever you want. Siri will type it down for you in the email app, apple notes or wherever you would have done it with a keyboard. All you need to do is call out hey Siri and ask it out for taking down the dictation. Another easier way of doing it is by turning on a curser wherever you wish to type or pen it down. Then look for a button on the left of the spacebar with a mic sign on it. Just press and Siri is listening to your dictation.

While the Siri dictation looks extremely simple and helpful, you should know that it stops listening to you after a certain set duration of time and you have to again press the mike button or call out Siri for dictation. It is not a big issue but surely hassles if you have a lot on mind that has to be dictated.

Your Know it all assistant

Undoubtedly, hey Siri is a super helpful feature that helps Apple users be more productive and even flaunt its capacity to control the native functions of an iPhone or an iPad. Before iOS 11, it only used to make searches through Bing but now it is capable of using third-party search facilities like Google. That makes it even more efficient in terms of information gain and access. Whether you wish to know your whereabouts or even seek suggestions on what you can buy online, look for a great restaurant to visit or maybe the nearest weekend getaway, it can make all sorts of searches across the Internet on your behalf. Not just the searches, it also feeds you with the information very easily by sophisticatedly speaking it with your permission.

Challenges & Issues

The increasing importance of voice-based features in electronic gadgets and competition to offer better, enriched customer experience is pushing leading iPhone development companies to build leaner, meaner and more productive apps for iPhone. The focus remains to build apps that are highly integrated with Siri and offers convenience features. In any app, every feature looped through hey Siri requires APIs to be integrated and hey Siri to detect your voice commands for certain functions that are preset.

Apart from the hurdles of development and deployment, integrating hey Siri with your apps is extremely critical. It is mainly because of direct access of third-party apps to the core features and functionalities of your device. It is one of the on-going debates over data management forums. Alongside, in search of a marvelous product, one may end up, building apps which might make your iPhone or any other Apple device highly vulnerable.

Bottom line:

Apple is capable of bringing and building many more features for hey Siri but the company has kept its stance very clear over certain public platforms from time to time. The company highly prioritizes customer information security and access to their highly critical behavioral data. It is a bottleneck that is yet to be completely countered by Apple; right since the inception of the iPhone. Voice-based assistant like Siri are extremely capable and increase the level of customer interaction but it all comes at great risk of bad data exposure and direct access to critical functionalities of highly personalized Apple devices. The future years are yet to see how Apple manages this trade-off of increasing features with Siri and maintaining the privacy of their customers. For sure, it is an all-time high expectation of future expansion from Apple fanatics.

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Flask Vs Django: Choose the Best Python Framework For Your Project

While making use of Python as the server-side programming language, web developers have the desire choice of a wide range of web frameworks. The most popular and extensively used web frameworks in Python is Django that has a lot of useful, intelligent defaults and the Flask micro framework that offers complete freedom in module selection.

Developers may take the full-stack Python framework advantage for accelerating the development of complex and large web applications. This way, it becomes possible to avail a lot of robust tools and features. Otherwise, they may choose the micro and lightweight Python web framework for creating simpler web applications and save the extra effort and time.

The question of whether to go in for Django web development or the Flask framework can only be answered with an in-depth study and comparison between the two.

Django and Flask – the Fundamentals

Both Django as well as Flask happen to be very popular among global Python programmers. Django proves to be a full-stack web framework for Python, while the lightweight Flask is usually an extensible web framework of Python.

Having been developed on the basis of batteries-included approach, Django allows programmers to perform the common web development process with no real need for third-party libraries and tools. A few of the robust Python features are not available in Django.

Younger to Django by a few years, Flask is equipped with a smaller, but active community. Unlike Django that is all-inclusive, Flask has been designed as a minimal micro framework that offers an extensible and do-it-yourself solutions. There are not many options here for implementing a system.

How do the Django and Flask Frameworks Perform Comparatively?

The basic variable between the two frameworks is the scale – Django’s full-stack web framework versus Flask’s micro and lightweight framework. Choosing the one that best suits your project requires a deep comparative analysis between the two frameworks.

What Does the Django Framework Offer?

  • A full stack package with ORM, database interface, admin panel, and directory structure for applications
  • No need for third-party libraries or tools
  • Clean code and reliable security features
  • A bigger community gained by more years existence in the market
  • Built-in template engine that saves time
  • Fully functional admin framework makes it easy to manage administrative processes of common projects
  • Developers may build apps without the need for external input
  • Built-in bootstrapping tool is available
  • Developers can work with databases – ORM facilitates this

What are the Exclusive Flask Features?

  • Simple, flexible, and light framework
  • Gives beginners an learning opportunity and space to developers
  • Perfectly suits smaller projects that have to be completed quickly
  • Jinja2 template engine-based: easy environment for accelerating dynamic web app development
  • Extensible framework and has customizable structure
  • Beginner-friendly framework

Django Vs Flask: Feature-wise Comparison

  1. Functional Admin Interface

An admin system is provided in Django that enables quickly creating an effective internal tool for handling the data from data models. Django runs efficiently on the Object Relational Mapper (ORM) database system as well as directory structure. As different projects are having the same directory structure in Django, developers get an all-inclusive experience.

You can create applications with just a few lines of code in Django. The admin’s look and feel is totally customizable.

Flask on the other hand is not packaged with any admin interface. Custom modules need to be installed for using ORM or, if an admin system is required.

  1. Flexibility in Development

Django includes built-in features and modules. This hampers to the freedom of experimenting and control. Batteries are included here, that let developers build a variety of applications without the actual need for third-party libraries and tools. With limited flexibility developers are required to create web applications using only the built-in features of Django.

Flask facilitates simplicity and minimalism to work. There are no restrictions; it allows developers to build applications with the liberty of using anything they wish, with a vast built-in range of add-ons and libraries. Choosing what is to be used and what not are entirely up to the developers here.

  1. Community Support

Django, first released in 2005, has a huge community of active developers. There are a variety of extensions, plugins, and third-party applications that cater to the different web development requirements. Having evolved into a mature platform, Django enables leveraging the advantages of a knowledgeable and experienced community.

Flask has been released just a decade ago, during 2010. Although it is relatively young, it also has got a large community. Getting support in any case of need is of course possible.

  1. Learning Curve

For developers, who are not familiar with Python or web frameworks, Django will have a steeper learning curve when compared with Flask. In the event the development team needs to be changed in the middle, or if scaling the application is required with a newer team after completion of the project, Django is beneficial.

Flask does not offer the ease and comfort to developers to understand the architecture and conventions of a project as does Django Framework.

  1. Request handling

Both Django and Flask allow handling requests by defining views, as either a class or a function, and later on, mapping the routes (URL paths) to such views.

Django, by default, arranges routing definition separately for request handling. URL patterns are required to be defined for each app in a single file which will map each pattern to the viewed, to handle requests, which matches the specific URL pattern.

Flask, while allowing this, is found to allow routes to be declared in the same place as view, either using a decorator or, by registering explicitly the route on the application object.

  1. Template Engines

Django has got its own built-in templating engine that allows developers to define an application’s user-side layer with least efforts and under a short time.

Flask makes use of Jinja2 template engine. Rich in features, this enables developers to reliably build a huge portion of the static HTML parts of a website, while avoiding repetitious work.


Both Django and Flask frameworks are powerful tools with their own advantages. While choosing between these, it must be borne in mind to give precedence to project-specific needs. Factors such as the application’s type and size, plans for its future growth, and the level of customization needed are to be strongly considered, and the best fit has to be chosen.

According to the 2018 Python Developers Survey, Flask and Django are, by far, the most popular web frameworks for Python developers.


How is BlockChain Useful for the Mobile App Developers?

Mobile app development has been evolving in a regular manner. Several unprecedented advances have been made in mobility solutions, thanks to the progressive and innovative technologies that keep’s coming up. With the advent of blockchain technology—the latest trend in the technological world—especially business transactions via mobile apps have reached unforeseen levels.

With several varied industries attempting to harness the power of blockchain technology for enhancing their processes, mobile application developers are certainly not left behind. Blockchain development is seen to be the next big leap in tech-driven mobility solutions.

This distributed technology has touched the various modern industries ranging from healthcare to banking to mobile app developments, and many others. Offering complete transparency to all processes, this technology, as it does with several other industries and their stakeholders, is about to impact mobile application developers in a big way.

What are the Key Benefits that Make Blockchain Technology so Special for the Mobile App Development Industry?

  1. Blockchain Enables Digital Wallets

Digital wallet applications have gained enormous popularity with the advancement of cryptocurrency. Demand for digital wallet has been found to increase regularly. Not just the tremendous rise in cryptocurrency-based digital wallets, the need for a safer and reliable technology to ensure wallet security also makes blockchain to play a vital role.

2. Digital Identity Applications Will Reach Several Industries

All participants of blockchain have specific identities. This can be achieved by getting the personal information registered on private blockchain, or public network. Blockchain-based identity is strong and reliable. It can be used for personal identification in several organizations such as banks, hospitals, government offices, and others.

Building digital identification management apps has become always possible for industries such as education, insurance, banks, and several others.

  1. Blockchain Helps in Improving the Advertisement Model

Another area that is about to be revamped completely under the blockchain regime is advertising model by developers. Contemporary advertising campaigns involve cost-per-installment model that all developers are obliged to invest in. This is required for reaching the broadest audience possible. Being strewn with factors such as middlemen and policies, the amount realized by developers is comparatively very low.

In future, thanks to blockchain technology, this approach will be replaced by the strategy of cost-per-attention. In this model, users are rewarded by app coins for the specific time that they spend on using the app. This helps eliminate middlemen and thus rewarding users with coins that proves useful for making in-app purchases smoothly and efficiently.

  1. In-app Purchase issues can be Resolved Using Blockchain

Despite the fact that most of the world’s population today owns smartphones, a major portion of them are unable to make in-app purchases due to the lack of necessary payment methods such as credit cards. There is the potential threat of fraud even if users do have credit cards. Moreover, there are deterring factors such as app store fee, bank transfer fee, card processing fee, and gateway fee. These factors continue to eat up a portion of the proceedings involved with the purchases.

The decentralized model of blockchain, when used in purchase transactions, facilitates using app coins for paying the app store. This way, developers stand to get a bigger share. Users will also find making in-app purchases pretty much easier, as they can use app coins as a payment method. This also eliminates the need for including all processes related to credit card payment.

  1. App Approval Will be Streamlined and Made Transparent by Blockchain

Currently, it is the app stores—mainly the two players, namely, Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store—that make their own decision about approving apps for sale in their respective stores, or otherwise. Presently, this app approval process is not found to be fair; it proves to be cumbersome and frequently arbitrary.

By using the blockchain model, the app approval process would become better, as it would be performed through a transparent developer reputation system. A separate user ranking method and decentralized public ledger will be used for specific developers individually. This makes the process all the more transparent and fair.

  1. The Environment Gets More Secure

A great magnitude of transparency is achieved while using blockchain technology in mobile app development. With everything recorded, it becomes possible to easily track information for every users. They may view all factors related to the process. Mobile app developers will be better positioned for resolving unique challenges associated with data security and privacy such as HIPAA.

  1. Blockchain Enables Smart Contract System

Blocks in the blockchain have the capability of recording ownership, values, and timestamp. It is also possible to use these blocks on the basis of smart contract systems. The peer-to-peer architecture in the blockchain network ensures that there’s eventually no possibility of data manipulation.

By way of implementing smart contracts in all business deals, customers and businesses will tend to develop better trust and understanding. Smart contracts will be playing a key role in mobile app development related to facilitating transaction authentication among parties. The twin advantages of providing secure and cost-effective way in app development may be achieved by using this system.

  1. Remote Area Penetration Will be High With Blockchain

People living in certain under-developed regions of the world, may be having digital devices such as smartphones, but may be unable to access financial systems such as bank accounts, or other personal credit system. Blockchain will ensure that users having Internet access would be able to establish online mobile wallet in which tokens or coins may be stored and used.

This will enable people living in even remote locations to actively participate in online transactions such as E-Commerce activities, money transfer, and securing loans, without having to bear hefty charges toward services by banks or financial institutions.

What Will be the Positive Impacts of Blockchain on Mobile App Development?

Integration of blockchain into mobility solutions will be the driving factor for boosting productivity and improving efficiency, in several sectors in future. Establishing and authenticating interactions on a peer-to-peer level by app developers using blockchain will become common.

Creation of high-performing, efficient M-Commerce applications that enable smooth online trading between buyers and sellers, across the globe will be achieved. This will eliminate the need for individuals and institutions posing as middlemen, thus savings hefty charges and fees.

The transparency of data and openness of transactions made possible in the mobile applications of the future will help greatly to improve the processes of purchases and sales.

There are 11 million bitcoin wallets set up – BitInfoCharts, 2018

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How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Location Tracking App?

With digital solutions available for almost all conceivable business activities today, there’s no wonder that global business organizations seek mobility solutions for keeping tabs on their assets and resources. Mobile applications are the modern digital way of fulfilling specific business needs. The innovative Location tracking mobile app helps enterprises to track in real-time, their personnel, vehicles, and fleet.

Location Tracking App Development helps delivery-based businesses to comprehensively monitor, control, and manage their employees as well as other assets deployed in the field. Capable of working with web and mobile applications, this technology-based telemetry system empowers entrepreneurs and managers to manage their business resources in the most optimal way.

Real-time information provided by the location tracking mobile app enables enterprises to enhance their services and sales, while bringing down on the costs effectively. When developed with unique features catering to the specific business needs, this application proves to be the cost-effective system, that provides global business organizations the ability of keeping continuous watch and vigil over their valuable resources.

According to the, 61.2% of the global mobile phone population accessed the internet from their mobile phone in 2018.  In 2020, the number of smartphone users worldwide is projected to reach 2.87 billion.

What are the Key Purposes of Building a Location Tracking Mobile App?

The basic purpose of developing a mobile app for location tracking is to collect information about the current location / position of the user. This functionality and the resulting information’s can be put to use in a multitude of ways by different businesses from varied industries. The following are a few of such ideas and purposes:

  1. Fleet management optimization: By providing vehicle drivers with routing and mapping functionality, you can get reports generated instantly by the app. Getting alerts in the eventuality of unexpected changes or emergencies is also possible. Location tracking mobile app eliminates the need for buying and installing GPS devices, as the app can be installed in the drivers’ Smartphones.
    fleet management
  2. Monitoring remote staff performance and productivity: By pairing location tracking with time tracking, businesses can identify the productivity of their remote staff. Incorporating this on existing systems enables generating automatic reports about the total number of hours worked. This leads to powerful employee management. Geofence function helps record employees’ entry and exit timing.monitor people performance
  3. Doorstep delivery-based businesses: Online food ordering and delivery businesses may use the tracking app for keeping tabs on their delivery personnel’s. This ensures timely delivery and thus improves customer relationship and sales.doorstep-delivery
  4. Outdoor activists and sports fans: Apps enable people, inclined toward outdoor and adventure activities, to plan their routes and get information about distance and time. Tracking app ensures that they do not get lost.trail tracking

What are the Common Features Available in Location Tracking Apps?

Although the features and functionalities in a location tracking apps depend on the specific needs of your business, there are certain inherent features that are commonly available. A few have been listed below:

  • Employee attendance: Maintaining the attendance data of field force is possible
  • Admin panel: This easy and quick interface enables adding, modifying, or removing agents
  • Report generation: Reports about location, delivery, and other details help expedite all the business activity
  • Alerts & notifications: Enterprises may circulate information about new products, discounts, etc to customers
  • Offline tracking: This helps to track and maintain your staff’s location, distance travelled, route, and call logs

location based app development

Development Cost of Location Tracking Apps

Factors such as the specific features and the project completion timeframe would normally impact the app development cost. Developing a location tracking app similar to Uber will require approximately 750 hours on Android and 700 hours on iOS. Website creation will take about 450 hours. By multiplying the number of hours with the tariff hourly rate of mobile application development company, you may arrive at the cost of creating an app.

Moreover, you need to consider the timeline to create detailed project needs as well as mockups design.

What are the Major Benefits offered by Location Tracking Apps?

  1. Staying connected: Business owners and managers may stay ever connected to their personnel, vehicles, and customers all the time.
  2. Transparency is achieved: Real-time status of delivery / location being highly discernible, there is complete transparency of information.
  3. Improved communication: Better communication facilitated by the app leads to increased trust among all of the stakeholders in the business.
  4. Effective monitoring: Enterprises are in control of their personnel’s whereabouts; there’s no real need to be concerned about their activities.
  5. Adherence to process: Whenever there is any deviation from the pre-determined route, it would be promptly conveyed through a message.

What are the Major Categories of Location Tracking Apps?

  1. Route tracking app: This type of app is useful for navigating through unknown locations. GPS navigation facility will guide you all through.

Features: Prompts for turns and directions, tracking exact distances to intended location, and convenient navigations.

  1. Map tracker app: Following Google Maps facility, other companies have started developing these apps with the tracking capability to easily map locations.

Features: Location monitoring, turn-by-turn navigation, public traffic info, and GPS localization.

  1. Car Tracker app: Private vehicles are precious to owners. These apps help them track their vehicle during the drive as well as other times.

Features: Real-time GPS tracking, MIS reports, and options for last location saving.

  1. Indoor/outdoor positioning app: This app lets you know of the path and environment of the intended outdoor destination in detail. Moreover, it provides in-house locations.

Features: Searching objects indoor, journey and residing location interpretation, and zone detection.

  1. Bus monitoring app: Ensures safe transportation by providing easy and real-time tracking facility.

Features: Traffic and emergency alerts, route change information, and information about pickup and drop.

location based application development

The modern location tracking app can be customized to suit the unique needs of varied industries such as the ones listed below:

  • Food industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Construction
  • Banking & Insurance
  • Logistics
  • Staffing
  • Travel
  • Distributors


Location tracking application development helps enterprises to have full control over their moving assets. By being able to monitor the location of staff and vehicles, business owners are well enabled to streamline their business processes. With the help of this innovative app, new businesses and products are about to emerge in the near future.

ManageTeamz is a modern technology company that assists business organizations in tracking their fleet, delivery agents, and employees, thus increasing their overall productivity and efficiency.

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Lead Management: What is it and Why do you Need it?

Sales is undoubtedly the most crucial component of any business. It is that part of a business which attempts at getting customers into buying more, so that more revenue can be generated. The more the sales, more will be the revenue, and this translates to better profitability.

Now, having realized the paramount importance of sales in any industry, it is to be borne in mind that lead generation is the foundation upon which sales prospects can be constructed. Sales leads—the data identifying potential buyers—happens to be the lifeline of any modern business today. As is to the common practice among modern businesses today, technology plays a key role in managing this critical element. The innovative lead management technology is being extensively used by many global enterprises.

What is Lead Management Software and How Does it Help Businesses?

Lead Management Software Helps Enterprises to Efficiently Manage Leads

In the simplest form, leads are your potential customers who show interest on your product or service, but have not yet made a single purchase. With business growth comes an increased load of leads that needs to be managed efficiently, in order to channelize the flow and convert as much leads as possible among existing customers.

The process of capturing leads and tracking their behavior to qualify and engage with them, until they prove to be ready for moving to the next phase of making a sales transaction, is called lead management. It is through automating the lead qualification process to the maximum possible extent that enterprises can handle their leads, come in from varied sources efficiently. Here’s where Lead Management Applications play a key role in assisting the sales teams of modern business organizations.

How Does a Lead Management System Work?

A Lead Management Software Development Company helps enterprises by providing business-specific features that assist handling of the various stages present in the lead management process. The key features are discussed below:

  1. Capturing leads from multiple sources is enabled

An effective lead management software must help users easily capture leads that’s originating from various sources in real-time, securely. Lead capture automation ensures feeding each lead into the system and thus prevents lead leakage.

By capturing the source as well, it helps identify which marketing campaigns deliver and which ones don’t. It is capable of assessing automatically the sources that generates the most number of leads and revenues for the organization. Leads from different sources such as emails, chats, and web forms are captured and delivered securely for consideration.

  1. Lead enrichment & tracking helps the sales team

When a lead enters the lead management tool, its profile gets automatically enriched with commonly available information such as the company name, job title, social media profile, etc. This relieves the sales team from having to take the extra effort and spend time on researching and manually entering data.

lead tracking

Tracking website visitors helps businesses to obtain an idea about what leads are predominantly looking at the site, their position in the buying process, and the likelihood of their purchasing the product or service. Better understanding and communication with leads is enabled mainly due to the ability of identifying their buying intentions.

Factors such as links clicked, pages visited, downloads made – the lead’s general activities on the website, in addition to email and product engagement are tracked together efficiently. With these valuable insights, the sales team personnel’s will be able to understand leads’ interests and then customize the sales efforts accordingly.

lead management app

  1. Lead scoring feature for qualifying the leads

Leads get checked for identifying their worth – to assess whether they can be pursued or not. Those qualified leads alone are considered sales-ready. Lead scoring, the methodology for ranking the leads, for determining the sales-readiness of a potential buyer, is simply employed for effectively qualifying leads.

According to the rating of their interest on the product or service, their position filled in the purchase cycle, and how they match to a specific business, leads can be scored.

lead scoring

Scoring is done by assigning points to leads through rankings such as A, B, and C or by making use of terms such as ‘cold’, ‘warm’, or ‘hot’. Assigning score to leads in accordance with their location, job title, their behavior on the website, and email engagement, the sales team can now quickly distinguish between qualified and unqualified leads. Making use of scoring method for qualifying the leads facilitates sales personnel to pinpoint the right sales leads and tends to invest their time optimally.

  1. Secure distribution of leads

When a business is small, it may be possible to manually assign leads to individual sales representatives pretty easily. With increasing number of leads and a growing sales team, this might cause delay in the lead response process or may altogether make it impossible. A reliable lead management tool has the capability of automating lead assignment to appropriate sales representatives on the basis of a few set criteria’s.

secure distribution

Efficient distribution of leads to the right sales personnel and territories facilitates prioritizing the leads in a better way, by the sales team themselves. Capturing leads needs to be followed by effectively passing them on to the relevant persons in the sales team. This empowers the leads to have a consistent experience, when they are required to make queries.

  1. Ongoing nurturing of leads and monetizing them

Although it is the expectation of every sales team, the possibility of each and every lead being converted into a paying customer is getting remote. Not all leads can be converted sales-ready. Quite a few leads may be present in the awareness or research phase, trying to figure out the suitability of your product or service. It is the responsibility of the Lead Management Apps to facilitate sending nurture campaigns to such generated leads.

lead nurture

With an efficient Lead Management Software in place, enterprises may educate them through demonstrating the value of their services or products. This may be performed by sending relevant contents and promotional offers to leads. They may be nudged forward in making a decision about buying.

Why is Lead Management Considered Crucial?

In order to manage the flowing leads and qualify them according to their worth quickly, an automated lead management system becomes essential. Manual processes will not suffice in the modern business settings. Furthermore, lead management software helps optimizing an organization’s sales strategy to be efficient. It also enables analyzing how a potential customer gets converted from being a prospect to a lead to a customer.

“Managing leads is one of the most important things any business needs to learn, because that’s how you help interested parties find the products they need from you.”  – Brad Hodson

What are the Exclusive Benefits of Lead Management Software?

  • It enables sales reps to identify and focus on only sales-ready leads. This maximizes sales opportunities
  • Engaging with the right leads is enabled; sales reps are backed by essential contexts. This results in improved conversations.
  • Eliminating unwanted data while providing necessary information, the lead management system improves response time exceptionally well.
  • Automated tools for lead management facilitates assigning leads to the right persons and prioritizing – this helps to enhance productivity while increasing ROI.


Lead generation is the crucial part in every business that keeps your pipeline active and filled with a flow of new prospects. In the contemporary business arena, it is evident that having effective Lead Management Applications in place would definitely offer unlimited opportunities to enterprises. It helps avoid pitfalls such as lack of insight and lack of nurturing, while reducing waste and increasing conversion rates.

lead management app development company