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iPhone App Development Can Launch Entrepreneurial Success

iphone app for business

W2S Solutions iPhone applications are designed to the quality that an enterprise user demands and expects. Our expertise iPhone Apps development team shortens the development process and we know how to get an iPhone app approved in App Store.We are confident that our iPhone developers produce top notch quality apps resulting in pixel perfect award winning iPhone applications.We develop Innovative, engaging and effective mobile apps and supportive web admin panel.Enterprise AppCompanies running their businesses with Mobility solutions gain competitive advantage and top-line growth.It provides our enterprise customers the following benefits:

1.Increase product reviews by more effectively reaching and engaging with users.

2.Mobile app must be dynamic and highly engaging anchor or ‘hub’ for users.

3.Capitalizes on interactive, customer-centric Web 3.0 tools and mobile technologies.

4.Dramatically increases usage of an App by allowing clients to list milestones and let users access and achieve milestones in an exchange of a reward.

5.Fuels significant operational efficiency via robust and easy?to?use web platforms that lets admin / client to access better reporting, communicate easily with users and facilitate reward programs.

We adopt this practice in order to maintain and enhance enterprise web applications in a short span of delivery time. This helps us to be extreme responsiveness to our enterprise customers.


Why we believe Technology partner should be a team rather than an Individual?

mobile app

Successful mobile app project execution requires a clear leadership and vision. Agile development team with empowered product owner can deliver a successful mobile app easily. However if Business decides to follow traditional app development strategy, It will fail. At W2S Solutions, we have a Mobility Centre of Excellence (McoE) team that contains talented Individuals who work closely with a product owner by following agile methodology.  This team delivers an app successfully that meets our customer requirements.

UX Designers and developers are often praised for delivering a top notch mobile app. There is no doubt that they had spent enormous time and effort in building a niche user experience design along with easy navigational flow. However they need guidance from a visionary leader who understands business requirements and smartphone restrictions.  This responsible leader is called as Product Owner.

At W2S Solutions, our app Product owner assembles business users and development team while initiating the project. After observing the work flow from business users, product owner uses a wireframe tool to sketch the design. Regular reviews and feedback among product owner and a customer will be called as “review calls” and helps to identify two core elements.

  • Business needs and purpose of the mobile app
  • Features and road map that keeps up the momentum and increase downloads.

Once the wireframe and design flow is finalized, Product owner sits with development team to adopt agility and segregate each feature as an independent development cycle. He / She also makes sure testing is being done properly with live devices to eliminate deployment issues later. Typically the mobile product owner is accountable for the following responsibilities:

  1. Listen and debate with customer not to deviate while framing features and be an empowered product owner that adds value to their business.
  2. Come up with the version one features set and sign off requirements for a Minimal Viable Product.
  3. Use Agile methodology to balance time, budget and schedule.
  4. Clear backlogs with customer by having regular review calls and adopt agility.
  5. Integrate In app analytics to identify features being used most by beta customers and put more effort in optimizing it.
  6. Able to multi task, being business and technology acumen and a motivator to execute an app successfully.

W2S Solutions’ McoE team helps our enterprise customers launch their mobility strategy easily. This team contains Individuals with unique skillsets in graphic design, user experience design, app development, production deployment and a visionary leader.  Our team is also capable of advising executive leadership board, centralizing mobility standards and developing future mobility policies for your enterprise.  Reach us if you are interested in working with us at sales@w2ssolutions.com


How the Mobile App Business can be Profitable for the App Developer-Way2Smile Solutions

Every Project requires a Focused Plan and it’s easy to lose direction along the way. Would you like to work with a team that believes in a Strategic Planning that provides a Sense of Vision for your desired software development outcome? We know the positive impact that Clear Milestones, Realistic Timeframes, Unique Action Plans and Faster Processess can have on IT projects and your company.

profit in mobile app business

We are W2S Solutions, a Premier IT Company located in Canada and India. With our well-structured methodologies, highly qualified delivery model, and well defined quality assurance systems, we deliver business-critical solutions on-time, within budget, and with an unmatched level of performance.

At W2S, we add value for our customers by providing a combination of Professional IT Solutions/Services and Consulting. We specialize in helping Organizations, Business Owners, and Entrepreneurs to integrate their business with the internet technologies to differentiate from competitors, increase sales performance, and become more efficient and effective.We provide Innovative and industry leading Web and Mobile solutions for all of your personal & business needs.


Innovative Children’s Entertainment platform

Storyfruit.com – Innovative Children’s Entertainment platform

learn through an app

Way2Smile Solutions created an Innovative online platform for parents and grandparents and allows them to use their webcam to record bedtime stories for their kids. It solves a major problem in connecting people with kids when they are in different time zone and technology is used effectively to fulfill the needs.


When Elvin Turner had the vision for the Storyfruit, he realized that he needs a best business
and technology solution provider to build such an intuitive application. After analyzing various
companies, Way2Smile Solutions were chosen to build the complex system for two major reasons.
Way2Smile solutions capability to understand the business requirements and also Way2Smile Solutions brought new innovative ideas that helped the client to achieve his vision. Way2Smile solution’s technology expertise and previous case studies showed it’s in depth knowledge in Web ecommerce application development and provided the confidence to client in building the app.


Way2Smile Solutions decided to build Storyfruit in Open source technologies including
MySQL, PHP, HTML and CSS. Way2Smile solutions offshore PHP development team took this project as a challenge and handled the complex architecture easily. However, Way2Smile Solutions did not focus on delivering a complete solution; rather way2smile solutions concentrated on building a pilot project that handles Flash Media Server interaction with LAMP architecture. Throughout the pilot project, Way2Smile solutions had a constant interaction with client to deliver the expected results on time and on budget.

Way2smile solutions offshore development center worked with international UX design team to get the layout and tied with PHP frontend. The team made sure that the database design and development is structured properly to withstand the load and performance of the ecommerce application. Way2Smile solutions Linux server administration team took care of setting up the LAMP server box and integrated with Adobe FMS Server. With a proper planning and execution, Way2Smile solutions were able to launch the application successfully and customers are using it intuitively with no hassle.


Elvin Turner’s video testimonial can be found here.

Don’t hesitate to send us a note at spark@way2smile.com

Challenges in Enterprise Mobility -Way2Smile Solutions

Enterprise Mobile Apps

Have an Idea to build a Mobile App for your business ?

mobile app for business


Way2smile Solutions develop Innovative, engaging and effective mobile apps for your business and also a Supportive Web App integrated with that. We provide the following benefits to our customers and actually more..!

1.       Increase product reviews by more effectively reaching and engaging with your users.

2.       Dramatically increases usage of your mobile app by allowing clients to list milestones and let users access and achieve milestones in an exchange of a reward.

3.       Fuels significant operational efficiency via robust and easy?to?use web platforms that lets admin /client to access better reporting, communicate easily with users.

4.       Mobile app will be dynamic and highly engaging anchor or ‘hub’ for users.

5.       Capitalizes on interactive, customer-centric Web 3.0 tools and mobile technologies.

There is no reason to wait. We will help you build an app with keeping your end user as the core focus. Reach us at Info@way2smile.com

Offshore .NET Development Services -Way2Smile Solutions

Way2Smile Solutions -Our  Microsoft .Net Development team provides the following services :

 Mobile App
·         Provides on-going administration and Tier1/Tier2 support of Windows Server systems
·         Resolve storage environment problems (connectivity, performance, capacity)
·         Implement Asp.net community-supported and custom modules in Windows environment according to                         requirements
·         Interact with cross-functional third party to ensure complete delivery of web applications
·         Provide accurate level of effort time estimates for project estimates
·         Assist in release/deployment planning and execution activities
·         Experienced with multi-tier architecture, best practices, and coding standards
·         Strong experience in administration and management of .Net environment and scripting language                                 HTML/CSS/AJAX/JavaScript, Jquery) web server as well as various web-based applications
·         Excellent skills in high traffic web site operations, administration, pro-active maintenance and problem                       solving skills to ensure optimal working and performance of the websites
·         Experience with third-party applications/tools and integration
·         Experience working with third-party vendors and ability to support/troubleshoot different layers of the stack             is  very critical.
·         Knowledge of web application security considerations
·         Experience with source/version control systems (e.g., Git, Subversion, etc.)
·        Excellent verbal/written/training communication skills and strong time management and analytical/problem             solving abilities.
 Contact To:info@way2smile.com

Way2Smile Solutions releases a whole new Billing Software Web application focusing on Retail and wholesale Industries

Way2Smile Solutions announced today launch of their Beta Retail Management System built wholly with Microsoft .Net Framework. With extensive usage of MVC framework, the whole Web application is built covering all modules related to Retail Industries. It allows retailers to create products, suppliers, manage purchase, Invoices, Stock management and sales billing. Reporting and analytics tools are provided administrators to monitor their daily / weekly sales and easily find out their best selling products. Also the web application allows admin to generate Barcode and attach with their own products.Banner image


Madhu Kesavan, Way2Smile’s CEO, had this to say about their Retail Management Solution launch: “We identified a market need for having a Tablet based Retail Sales solution especially for Indian market and this is our first step. Our client is really happy by replacing their existing Windows based solution and provides lots of unique features that would not possible with Windows application. Now they can view their sales activities anywhere since it’s a web based solution and we are excited to get to next level of integrating with Android and iOS Tablets.”

To learn more about Way2Smile’s product offerings and get high-res images of Card2Contact, visit:


About Way2Smile:

Way2Smile Solutions is an information technology services, management consulting and outsourcing company serving clients in more than 3 continents worldwide. They provide innovative web and mobile products and customized applications that help business and communities to create prosperity for all.

Enterprise mobility strategy & Services –Way2Smile Solutions

Way2Smile Solutions, specialize in helping organizations, business owners and entrepreneurs to integrate their business with the Internet to differentiate from competitors, increase sales and performance. Through our vast technology experience, outstanding exploration of global business market, we add value for our customers by providing professional IT solutions, services and consulting businesses.

Way2Smile Solutions, the process of creating mobile solutions for Enterprise depends on various decisive factors. Business leaders and Innovators are frustrated as they don’t see significant benefits from Offshore IT development Companies despite dollars of IT investments. They struggle to meet basic requirements for doing their businesses efficiently.

A Focused Plans will be developed for the clients business, that provides a sense of vision for the desired outcome, Clear milestones with an associated timeframe, a set of action plans for faster process, which leads to greater success. We often develop new processes that specifically enable us to make decisions, commit resources and achieve results quickly. We are committed to our clients and act as human catalysts in the project completion.

We deliver a comprehensive set of capabilities to revolutionize the way  e commerce market own, integrate and manage their business. It’s a Cloud based SaaS solution with integrated payment, logistics, customer retention and acquisition solutions.

Mobile Apps Development Methodology

This will be our approach to build or redesign your smartphone apps

Discuss your business requirements

– Create a transparent prioritization process

– Make a plan for addressing the major problem areas

Way2Smile Solutions team has sound experience and expertise in developing highly interactive mobile applications using the latest operating systems that are extremely user-friendly and functional. We create value-added mobile apps on various platforms as per your specific needs. Our Mobile Apps solutions help organizations to communicate with their customers through custom mobile devices. Leveraging our industry intelligence and technological background, we design and build mobile applications that are customer-friendly and facilitate easy and quick data processing.


Way2Smile Inc. releases long-awaited Card2Contact app to turn your Android smartphone into a mobile CRM

Popular Canadian mobile development firm Way2Smile Inc, announced today availability of their Card2Contact for Android app. Following the lead of their award-winning BlackBerry app of the same name, Way2Smile has rebuilt the networking solution from the ground up with 5 new features: an event-based contact management system, 100% accurate digital business card conversion, smart contact profile pages, modifiable contact follow-up reminders, and secure cloud synchronization of calendar and address book data.

Madhu Kesavan, Way2Smile’s CEO, had this to say about the Card2Contact for Android launch: “Today’s business professional lives off their mobile device. We identified a market-need for an integrated toolset that not only lets professionals quickly add new leads to their address book, but also turn those leads into new business. We’re excited to bring this integrated solution to Android so business professionals can manage their crucial contact information entirely from their Android smartphone.”

Card2Contact for Android will be offered at three price points: Free, Premium, and Platinum, which range in price from $2.99-$5.99. BlackBerry 10, iOS and desktop versions of the app are soon to follow.

To learn more about Way2Smile’s product offerings and get high-res images of Card2Contact, visit: card2contact.com

About Card2Contact:

Card2Contact is dedicated to helping its users forge meaningful connections within their network by maximizing personal and professional communication in a secure and streamlined way.

About Way2Smile:

Way2Smile Solutions is an information technology services, management consulting and outsourcing company serving clients in more than 3 continents worldwide. They provide innovative web and mobile products and customized applications that help business and communities to create prosperity for all.

Card2Contact Android download link:

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