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Benefits of Using ASP .NET for Effective Web Application Development-Infographics

Microsoft ASP.NET Web Application Development is still preferable by various organizations. It could be any size such as Small, Medium and Large Enterprises, but their preferred technology for development is Microsoft.NET. It offers the variety of benefits that reduces development time and no need to worry about scalability and security.

As the Asp.NET Framework and MVC platform are evolved for decades, it has a rock solid foundation and building a new feature can be done in no time. If an enhancement should happen in production, It will be super easy to design, develop and deploy in Microsoft applications.

Microsoft has classified its components as View, Controller and Model files. If you wish to work on view files, it’s easy to change a view and upload the files in the live environment. It does not require a build and you don’t have to restart your IIS. Hot deployment is always good, as it does not impact any existing users.

There are major third party components available that simplify your UI Controls. Grid control, Pagination, Dashboard, Reports, Scroll view is offered by these plugins and it suits well with Microsoft framework.

Production deployment is really smart on Microsoft platform. Some Version control softwares are offering a single click deployment which eventually wraps up all your files from version control, make a build, move files to IIS Server, config files and Script files will be copied to appropriate folders and restart IIS if required. No need of manual Server admin as Its automated to take care of deployment. This is one of cool feature that removes the risk of missing a file in Production.

If your business has the potential opportunity to scale up, Microsoft.NET offers you the support and framework to develop.

Let us know your thoughts about any other technologies.

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

Compelling reasons to outsource your Marketing strategy

In this ever-changing scenario of dynamic business landscape, organizations are strained to concentrate on multiple facets of an industry. One such vital ingredient, greatly contributing to the successful formula of every business is its marketing strategy. Marketing is considered to be an invisible force which turbo charges the presence of every organization. Though many companies ignore this viral propellant, it is undeniable that Marketing adds value in boosting the revenue generated.


Based on a survey, it has been observed that

  • 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute valuable content
  • B2B companies with active blogs generate 67% more leads, on an average
  • Blogs deliver an average of 434% more indexed webpages

Striking the balance between technology and marketing

The best fit answer is-outsourcing marketing responsibilities.

Better focus on core competencies:

Outsourced marketing relieves the organization from a huge amount of workload. They can rest assured that an important factor of their organization is being taken care of very well. The organization can be better inclined towards building up their core competencies.

Specialists by your side:

When you outsource marketing, you hand over the complete charge to a third party, specialists in this field. They are equipped with leading edge technology which would definitely contribute towards scaling up productivity, revenue and efficiency.

Reduced overhead:

When a particular department is outsourced, it saves the cost involved in infrastructure and maintenance.

Extended talent pool at your service:

An outsourced marketing division supplies you with high-level talented employee pool who is extensively involved. This brings innovative ideas that play a significant role specifically in times of crisis.

Difference of inside and outside perspective:

There is no doubt that an in-house team naturally gels well with the organization and its culture. However a new perspective always help to analyze current trends, company’s performance and come up with marketing tactics to meet future demands. Thats why we think that an outsourced division look at the organization with an “outside perspective”. They are able to comprehensively analyze from the client’s perspective and feed the organization with critical inputs whenever required.

Use case:

W2S won appreciation from a leading Cloud solution provider for having greatly transformed their web page visibility and compatibility. The client was not able to focus on online visibility and branding activities. After an exhaustive analysis, W2S came up with a comprehensive and user-friendly website for the client. W2S won accolades from the client and was announced as the official branding partner. The website was 100% as proposed in design and met stakeholder’s expectation. W2S Solutions developers were successful in bringing out the expected outcome as promised, without any issues. Keeping in mind the target audience, almost 170 web pages were rebranded, revised by W2S and delivered in Word press. This website was modular by nature and accommodated trendy changes.

All set to transform your marketing strategy? Reach out to W2S Solutions for an expert advice and further details.

Gear up to make the impossible happen!

Madhu Kesavan receives App Idol of Middle East award for Card2Contact

Card2Contact is a new mobile app that is going to fundamentally change the way you engage with your life’s network. The company announced today that it has been awarded App Idol of the Middle East at the Global App Summit in Dubai on June 4th, 2013.

The new app has been developed around two key areas of life that we all experience in today’s world: 1. People are pressed for time more than ever before, and 2. People are becoming increasingly integrated with social media/networking. Card2Contact’s winning app has an impressive line-up of 7 new features to support its value proposition as a complete contact and information/communication management system. The company has developed an app that integrates your calendar, address book, reminders, and your contact info changes in a more efficient way, with an extremely intuitive user interface.

Card2contact Madhu Kesavan receives App Idol of Middle East award for Card2Contact

Madhu Kesavan, the Founder of Card2Contact, talked about the App Idol win, “It was amazing to see the talent that showed up in Dubai. We are very excited that people are really seeing the value in our newest release.” He also described Card2Contact’s ease of use for business professionals, “The next time you receive a business card, just take a picture with the app and we’ll take care of the rest.  Within minutes you will get your new contact automatically added and also integrated with your current calendar event, so you’ll always know when and where you met your new connection. The great thing about Card2Contact profiles versus traditional address books is they automatically show you all the personal and professional details for your contacts right at the tip of your fingers. Our follow-up feature then lets you easily schedule reminders about important dates, meetings, and follow-up notes. Business users will never miss a sales opportunity again.”

Chris McCleave, Director of Card2Contact added “We’ve been focused on making sure that our app looks great and is as intuitive and user friendly as possible. We really wanted to set ourselves apart with the design and usability, and it’s been great to have the positive response we were looking for from both business and non-business users. One of our goals is to get Card2Contact on every smartphone, and when people use it, we think they will agree that it is a better way to manage information and communicate.”

Card2Contact’s goal is to help you make meaningful connections with your life’s network. Their website (Card2Contact.com) states they have found a way to make your smartphone even smarter, and the users at the Global App Summit overwhelmingly agreed. The Card2Contact team is encouraging people to sign-up for their Beta version and be the first to try it before their official launch in a few weeks.

Blackberry Beta sign up App: http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/74819/

Android Beta sign up App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.card2contacts

Card2Contact was designed and developed by W2S Solutions (www.w2ssolutions.com ), an innovative Mobile and Web Application development company located in Canada and India. W2S Solutions is an enterprise mobile and web Development Company that provides customized solutions for any of their clients’ needs. By designing and deploying enterprise systems in a customized way, W2S turns IT constraints into opportunities for growth. W2S builds enterprise apps that scale with growth and adapt to new opportunities. Contact: sales@w2ssolutions.com

Born of necessity – Enterprise Mobile App


While apps have dominated  the consumer world in the last several years, they’ve actually failed to penetrate in Enterprise arena to the same extent. Though the development and use of a dynamic Information Technology platform resulted in Computerized Maintenance Management System, the real challenge, the enterprise faced in maintenance was in loading and accessing various type of data from wherever they were. An intense need arose from customers and employees has made the enterprise to think ‘mobile first’ and over a period of time, enterprise embraced and enabled the basics, like calendars, contacts and email for their customers. The time has changed and there is no need for anyone to tell the enterprise that mobility is critical for operational efficiency and to increase productivity, collaboration and profitability. Establishing a data-driven culture and enabling all decision-makers to take decisions based on the recent metrics will increase its productivity and continuous evolvement in it’s progress.The necessity to make “surgical decision” which eventually increases execution speed creates a concrete need in developing an Enterprise Mobility solution.
Once the Enterprise makes the decision that a custom app is required for its business, the most important decision is  how to build an app and there are two approaches; app can be built In-house or outsourced to a third party mobility expert.Building In-house app, Enterprise can have full control over their mobile app development, maintain a closer watch on progress, utilize the existing resources and make changes whenever since scope-creep is not a concern with internal resources. Though, In-house mobility have some potential advantages, there are a few complexities,
  • Resources should have mobile specific skill sets, such as UX design,development, implementation, analytics and performance testing.
  • Be aware of the quick changes in mobile industry, the fragmented devices and multiple platforms.
  • Developers, architects and user experience designers need to keep pace with the market changes.
  • In-house resources were more often pulled from other projects; hence the balancing act has to be maintained.
 According to a recent survey, 26% organizations developed their mobile applications In-house that contains Fortune 500 and established market leaders. This clearly shows that Small and Medium Enterprises depends fully on third party mobile development partner.
 Outsource Mobility :
With straining budgets, continuous investments and furiously changing smartphone landscape will be a constraint to keep an In-house mobile developers and it’s definitely worthwhile to outsource the development. It’s a valuable way of bringing in world-class expertise in this field.  Partnering with a true enterprise mobility expert provides quick turnaround, faster to market and cost effective solution.
Speaking of that, Are you running a SME business and looking to define your mobile strategy. This is how we helped one of our customer recently.
A leading manufacturing client faced a challenge in handling their product quality and increase productivity while assigning jobs to their employees. After in depth analysis, W2S Solutions is approached by them to identify a niche solution. By following a unique approach in understanding the concept and with the help of image processing techniques a user friendly mobile app is built; It brought employee efficiency, profit growth and customer retention.
Have you had a chance to check out our Enterprise Mobility solution ? It enables you to build enterprise mobile apps that showcases an outstanding user experience.


The Next Big Thing for small businesses- Mobile Apps

Advertising was evolved tremendously in the last few decades. Is there any advertising media in our Granny’s days? No, Mouth to mouth advertising helped businesses and  then came the era of Pa’s having a cup of coffee and reading magazines and gathering information about latest businesses and its promotions. From there, technology started to grow faster and travelled quickly. As the internet usage increased vigorously in early 2000’s even the small businesses wanted to have their customized and responsive websites. Not too long ago, “having an online presence “meant maintaining a website; now what’s the trend? Mobile has become a disruptive force in almost all aspects of our life. It`s growing rapidly and it is causing dramatic changes in how consumers interact with brands and how advertisers market to these consumers.   

 So what does it really mean to businesses? A small business can achieve its mobile presence in two ways. Either a Website optimized for mobile devices or a standalone mobile app. We will discuss in detail about which investment option is the best for a small business.

 We should not view mobile websites and mobile apps as competing platforms, but rather complementary ones. Whether you should build a mobile app or a mobile website really depends on what type of business you have and what’s your customer preference. You also need to consider what percentage of your customers and prospects are accessing your content from a mobile device.

If your vision is to attract more customers then you can start with a mobile website. Mobile websites are built with responsive design so that it can be displayed in all formats including phones, tablets, PCs and laptops across all platforms. The main advantage of responsive website is that you build one and view in different platforms, while you would have to build a separate app for each mobile operating system and keep up to date with new versions (i.e. iOS, Android, Windows mobile, BlackBerry  etc.).  

 If the goal is to build customer loyalty and increase retention, Your business, can be a spa, salon, a restaurant or a clothing store, It must be connected and engaged with your customer to  promote your brand. Nowadays, Mobile apps play a vital role in brand promotion and help your customer to talk about your brand with their friends and family. Did you expect a spa would build an App? yes,  of course!  Spa chain from Middle East and USA has a loyal customer base and now they want to concentrate on improving and growing their customer engagement level, hence engaged a custom  mobile app development company to build an APP which allows users to view all their services, view offers and book appointments. App developers provides a web panel to let them edit their  

Contents such as About their services, contact locations, menu and categories and customer can make an appointment right from their phone.  Above all of this, users get notifications and day to day offers which make users engaged!

 As social trends changes, a business is no longer being social enough by just being in social media. A mobile app can take advantage of device features included in mobile phones such as push notifications, GPS, contacts, camera phone, and integration with other apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, card2contact– just to name a few.

Contact us and let us know if we can help you find the right strategy for you. We develop customize mobile and Web Apps for start-ups and SME’s around the world.

TiECON is BACK! Join us in TiECON on October 31st and November 1st ‘14!

W2S Solutions is recognized in the industry for its creative ideas and innovation, and the ability to leverage the same with unique and memorable Enterprise Mobility and Web Solutions that stand-out above other brand chatter.

By appointing creative developers from the outset, we are able to provide you with a consistent service that ensures every angle is covered. From unique developments to budding opportunities to innovative solutions and more, we’ll have it covered when you’re ready to enter the market.

 Designing, planning and deploying customized solutions that provide values requires a skilful combination of careful planning, focused strategy and seamless creative execution.

Established a solid foundation, we make it our priority to immerse ourselves in business world, allowing us to clearly identify each of client’s objectives and subsequently chart an approach that will see them fulfilled.

We encapsulate the skills and expertise to deliver ground breaking mobile and web solutions that create brand presence and establish a solid platform from which to extend the initial buzz into long-term recognition and brand exposure.

For more information, Contact us at Info@way2smile.com <mailto:Info@way2smile.com>

Block your calendars for October 31 and November 1! We hope to see you there!


It’s the perfect time ! Meet W2S at TieCON Chennai

With only a day left to diwali and incessant rains over the weekend, It had clearly impacted the sale of businesses in chennai, However they are still working hard to pull customers with lucrative offers and promotions!

 We all know that Entrepreneurs usually receive best offers from corporates, but they have the hunger and passion to implement their ideas into a viable business plan. Our team understands what it takes to be successful in their business. We pair this knowledge with our advanced planning,design and deployment execution skills to deliver industry leading concepts.

W2S Solutions is a custom Mobile app and web development company that thinks outside the box to build award winning Apps for startups and SME`s around the world. Our team has 12+ years of Total IT Experience, 45+ satisfied clients, 200% expansion in 2014 and 5 offices around the globe. We will be attending the upcoming two-day TieCON seminar on entrepreneurship themed ‘I can do it’, starting on October 31 in Chennai. It promises to be bigger and better! With two days of networking and idea exchange, the event has a lot to offer to the delegates. It is an opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones.

We are proud to showcase our skill sets and apps through our Exhibition Stall at TieCON and we cordially invite you to visit our booth and chat with us. We are  an enterprise mobile and web Development Company that provides customized solutions for clients’ need. By designing and deploying enterprise systems in a customized way, we turn IT from a constraint into an opportunity for growth. We build enterprise app that scale with growth and adapt new opportunities that your business would create. For more information, Contact us at sales@w2ssolutions.com

Meet us at TiECON 2014 31st OCT and Nov 1st 2014

Way2Smile Solutions – a web and mobile apps development company, will be participating in TiECON Chennai 2014 which will be held at The Grand Chola on October 31st and November 1st 2014.

business meet

The theme for TiECON 2014 is “I CAN DO IT”. This year conference will focus on showcasing companies which potential to be become “MILLION DOLLAR BABIES”.

Special emphasis will be made in discussions on the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, on taking their enterprises to the next level on believing and building previous successes and would resonate with the audience and provide inspiration to entrepreneurs in their continuous quest for growth and achievement.

As an expert in adding value to our customers by providing professional IT services, our representatives at the event will be sharing insights on the topic of providing a platform for all stakeholders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem to network and work together in creating a healthy business environment.

Way2Smile Solutions design, plan and deploy end to end Enterprise Mobility and Web Solutions. Specialized in helping organizations, business owners and entrepreneurs to integrate their business with the technologies of today and tomorrow. We provide complete system integration solutions, application development, management services and testing solutions. Assist with comprehensive, efficient and robust solutions that meet unique requirements. Deliver innovative web and mobile solutions that provide values. W2S Solutions is a Premier IT Consulting Company located in Canada and India.

The entrepreneurship summit, convened with the theme, ‘I Can Do it’, will host over 1,500 delegates comprising business leaders, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and this programme will serve as a platform for encouragement and recognition, and instill the ‘I Can Do It’ culture and mindset among all aspiring entrepreneurs.