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Android App Development Trends in 2018

Android App Development Trends in 2018

Mobile operating systems are advancing fast. This enables them to deliver improved functional potentials. As they keep advancing with time, their communicative value gets better too. Growing bigger and becoming community-driven, they are required to keep up with the changing trends. Contrary to general belief, several mobile apps that are not known to many, but have out-of-box features and offer outstanding user experience, are found to appear on the list of the most downloaded apps! Changing trends plays a significant role in mobile app development.

Mobile apps are the buzz word in the contemporary business world

Mobile App Development – the Present Scenario

Mobile apps are found to be one of the most effective and successful ways for promoting business brands and performing business transactions. The mobile app market happens to be a fast growing and capable business platform that helps entrepreneurs to reach out to customers quickly and efficiently.

Android platform holds the major market share in mobile apps

Role of Android Development Companies

Android applications, as they are a lot more functional, are preferred the world over for business promotion. Attractive features and ease of development are the key factors that make Android App Development so popular.

Along with business competition, there’s been a steep rise in android app development

Trends in Android App Development in Future

Android is the first choice of Smartphone manufacturers as well as mobile app developers. With exponentially growing number of android apps, business competition is seen to witness a steep rise too. This necessitates that developers and business owners move in line with the latest trends in this area, to achieve the intended success.

The following are a few of the trends expected to shape Android development in future:

  • Short time delivery: High competition necessitates developers to follow agile development process to be able to deliver and deploy the apps within the stipulated timelines
  • Apps must be simple, yet engaging: Aligning with user preference of being able to achieve their purpose on the go in quick manner, apps must be rendered less complex and offer intuitive and convenient interface to users
  • ROI influences the popularity of the app: The increasing number of Android users clearly depicts the trend of free app download approach
  • Security is a major concern: With rising number of violations and breaches, Android Development Companies are expected to keep updated with all security-related features and create highly secure and robust apps
  • Apps must fulfill specific needs: Several thousand of mobile apps being built, only those that help users achieve a purpose will succeed – there will be a considerable increase in on-demand apps
  • Android instant apps will find increased use
  • Cloud-based development will rule the roost
  • Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality will find extensive use
  • Enterprise mobile apps will be developed using blockchain
  • Wearable devices and Internet of Things will influence the way of developing mobile apps

By keeping in line with the future trends in Android App Development and watching out for unexpected changes, entrepreneurs and Android Development Companies can keep abreast of the challenges.


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