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Things to Take Care of While Building Food Delivery Apps

Amid several thousand mobile apps that floods the cyber space on a regular basis, Food Delivery Apps are the in thing today. With the considerable rise in on-demand and doorstep delivery culture, food business owners have been making a beeline for finding the right Mobile App Development Companies that would take their business to the intended users.

While there are umpteen opportunities and myriad avenues in food delivery-related business, it is a challenging task to create a successful mobile app for food delivery business. Here’s where the top mobile app developers play a vital role.

The knack is in striking a balance between, satisfying, both food business owners as well as consumers. This can be accomplished by building a high-performing app that satiates all the needs while being efficient and economical.

What must be the Primary Considerations of Entrepreneurs Who Wish to Venture into Food Delivery Business?

Total global revenue in Online Food Delivery segment amounts to USD 95,413m in 2019 .

Those who want to partner with a good food delivery business app development services first needs to understand the essential aspects of the delivery app. Food ordering & delivery tracking app includes two major aspects, namely, ordering and delivery elements.

  1. Careful Consideration must be given to the Following:

What is your intended budget? 


There are unlimited opportunities and several frameworks as well as immense expertise that’s widely available in the market. However, there is always a price tag. Having a clear idea about your budget is always essential before approaching your mobile app developer. It is imperative that your app developers are able to match your specific budget with the most optimal services.


Have you identified and understood your potential / existing customers?

understand customer

Whatever may be your line of business, it is crucial to know your customers. You must become very clear about who your target audience are, even before beginning the app development process. Market research helps in deciding how your app must look and feel. This is essential to satisfy the intended customers. Parameters such as users’ age and geographical locations play a key role in this regard.

Do you have the practical ability to achieve quick delivery?

productive delivery

On-demand order and delivery of food is greatly different from other commodities since, that customers always look for lightning-fast delivery, practically. You need to ensure that your app is capable of facilitating both order and delivery under the minimum possible time. It must enable real-time updates of orders as well.


Have you chosen the right framework?

choose the right one

It is of primary importance to choose the specific operating system for which you are going to get your app developed. Having zeroed in on the potential platforms that you find largely available, you need to pick the one that suits your needs perfectly. Having preliminary knowledge will help; otherwise, getting resourceful persons to guide you is suggested.

Are you having an USP in the cluttered market?

unique selling point

With several of the contemporary business organizations pitching for mobile apps related to restaurant order and delivery activity, it is essential that you first fix up your unique selling points. Projecting this as the highlight and focusing on improving it through prudent app development will definitely distinguish your services from that offered by your peers and competitors.


  1. Look for the Most Essential Features required in Your App

As with any business, food order and delivery transactions, demands for a set of unique requirements that have to be fulfilled. This of course reflects on developing the app for your specific restaurant business.

User friendliness is among the top most needs that have to be considered while developing an app. The following are the salient features commonly expected in online food delivery apps:

  • Live order tracking: It is imperative that your mobile application development company takes sufficient care to facilitate users to exactly know their order status at any given time.
  • Convenient user interface: Custom mobile app developments that empowers users in easily finding what they look for is crucial. Customers, upon logging in to the app, must be able to smoothly navigate and understand all the available options. Menu, availability, and delivery time – everything must be in a presentable, discernible manner.
  • Secure payment options: It is the age of information where everyone is concerned about the security of their data. It is the responsibility of the mobile application development agency to ensure this thoroughly. Warranting data security is the major building block upon which trust and relationships can be built.
  • Push notifications: Your app needs to have the facility to circulate the essential information using push notifications. This helps attract more no of customers.
  • Ordering using multiple methods: Be it Android app development or iOS app development, it is important that your customers are offered with multiple options for placing their orders.
  • Offers & rewards: It is the general tendency of modern customers to expect offers – seasonal as well as ongoing. Running promotions to woo customers is a common strategy adopted by many of the food business owners.

app development company

What are the Salient Cost Factors That Need to be considered in Smartphone application development?

  1. Design & development cost

The total cost of business mobile app development comprises from the cost of development, resources, and application configurations. This as well as cost of hiring app developers and licenses must be taken into due considerations.

  1. Expenses on app developer’s side
    Depending on the basis of remuneration, say, hourly or monthly basis, and specialization needs of your specific food delivery app, this cost varies.
  2. Meetings & gatherings cost

Building effective Food Delivery Apps involves a number of frequent meetings and conferences for discussing strategies. This will involve expenditure that needs to be estimated.

  1. Testing and launching expenses

Having created the app, the next step is proper testing for fixing the bugs. This will incur expenses towards tools and technologies.

  1. Marketing & promotion

Making the app known to as many people as possible through an effective marketing process is however inevitable. This in turn involves cost of advertising, promotion, and the likes.

Contingencies to be Considered While Developing Online Ordering & Delivery Apps

  • Investing in a customized website is a good way to start the project
  • Creating a detailed database comprising of all targeted stakeholders is essential
  • Website needs to be social media-friendly and search engine-optimized
  • It is good business sense to target a small location and later customize according to local requirements and preferences


Food-delivery business has been revolutionized by the on-demand ordering and door-step delivery model, during the last decade. Thanks to attractive and target-specifically designed food delivery apps, entrepreneurs are now enabled to provide the best possible service to customers, while enhancing their revenues.

By making prudent use of online food delivery app, you can reach out to a great number of customers and monetize your business much better that ever. But then all these will be made only possible, if you sift through the bulk of data related to your business, considering the pros and cons, and succeed in coming up with the best app that fulfills every need of users.

app development

Why entrepreneurs need on-demand delivery apps?

The hassle of entrepreneurship & convenience of on-demand delivery

Entrepreneurship is not a 9-to-5 job or your own business, and it is a mindset that involuntarily makes you agree for pursuing hustle, in more innovative, lead teams, fight credibility crisis, build brands and above all; be a problem solver in all conditions. It takes courage to pursue full-time entrepreneurship, and on-demand delivery apps especially for various domains have made their lives more accessible than ever before. It is believed that entrepreneurship is one of the primary catalysts that have transformed the on-demand delivery business in India. Entrepreneurs are taking up new projects and aggressively indulging in the inception of innovation-driven products and services. It makes lives easier for many peoples. In a nutshell, on-demand delivery apps are serving the people who are looking to help potential markets and extensive customer bases.

Analysis of a hidden relation

It is quite amazing to analyze the inter-relation between the gig economy, the idea of entrepreneurship and the rising trend of on-demand delivery apps. Whether, it is simple food delivery or a personalized service like Dunzo to carry out your tasks, everything is available on a micro-retail basis, fully personalized, just the way you need. In a situation correctly set up like this, freelancers, standalone businesses act as the source of products and services, provided by on-demand delivery apps. The ever-increasing base of entrepreneurs with perpetually strengthening the idea of entrepreneurship in a potential market, and so it is one of the best examples of demand and supply rule. The changing mindset of people that motivates them to set a freelance business is giving rise to a more prominent gig economy that is helping them build a cohesive, self-reliance system that works in the B2B arena and empowers entrepreneurs for greater endeavors.

Here are the most persuasive reasons why entrepreneurs need on-demand delivery apps

The need for being more productiveproductive delivery

On-demand doorstep delivery is one of the most convincing synonyms of convenience in the digital world. Entrepreneurs have to be extremely competitive, and they are being challenged by time for being more productive and so takes up a faster route against the trial of time. This helps them achieve more significant results and be more like an innovative leader who not just think smart but also works excellently with sheer smartness. Need for delivery, products or the on-demand e-commerce deliveries; they are all making substantial contributions towards the leading entrepreneurs, waste less time be more productive and achieve higher results.

The growing trend of the gig economy

economic growth

Anything that surfaces in the B2B arena is sure to impact entrepreneurs on a large scale. Ultimately, the idea of entrepreneurship induces design thinking based on the guidance from B2B market. On-demand delivery is contributing in leaps and bounds for entrepreneurs as people are looking to take up numerous personalized gigs which help them showcase their complete skill sets instead of a job where they might feel being less productive or completely wasted at times. As people are looking to offer their personalized skill sets with utmost expertise, entrepreneurs are looking to be more cost-effective with the help of on-demand delivery apps that are rocking the cradle of food delivery, e-commerce, and everyday goods and services.

B2B is turning towards micro retail services

micro retail business

As expressed earlier, trends and notions that prevail in the B2B significantly influence entrepreneurs and their mindset. The increasing trend of micro-retail services and payments for only what you require is empowering the entrepreneurs to be much more cost-effective than ever before. The budgets are shrinking, and the overall feasibility of a business idea is increasing manifold. Micro-retail services are empowering entrepreneurs to travel an extra mile and manage operations with optimized turnaround time and time material cost.

Drastically reduced time material costreduced cost

The convenience of on-demand delivery is one of the primary reasons why entrepreneurs are showing the courage of directly going for an exceptional viable product instead of a basic MVP or a minimum viable product. The reduced time material cost in building a product and the related operations are helping entrepreneurs spend more on budget heads like:

  • Quality assurance
  • Testing
  • Large-scale dynamic teams
  • Mobile app marketing
  • Online presence
  • Overall customer experience

Greatly lowered Human Resource requirements

less employee

Theoretically, the lesser number of heads applying mind on a specific task, coordination, and communication becomes faster and much more comfortable. Entrepreneurs are extensively availing third-party services for on-demand delivery through mobile apps that are allowing them to reduce their essential skilled employees to a minimum number. For instance, if there are third-party delivery services for logistics, logistics managers and transport supervisors are eliminated out of a particular business channel. The progress is fast-tracked for larger avenues of growth and economy.

Increased convenience


Entrepreneurship is a combination of art and science and increases convince due to on-demand delivery through mobile apps is fostering it in a high fashion. As entrepreneurs can lead useful lives with multiple tasks carrying on simultaneously for increasing productivity, they feel in total control of the situation, and believe there is a scope for them to be more productive and work out smart appliance and greater businesses. It might look like one of the promoters of on-demand delivery apps act in the background, but it plays out a critical role on the overall impact as entrepreneurs, looking for a bigger picture in all perspectives.


The combination of entrepreneurs and on-demand delivery services through mobile apps may look fancy. But, there are certain aspects which need to be worked out before considering it established. The quality of service (QoS) and reliability are difficult but critical factors that needed to be accounted for before any element of decision-making at an entrepreneur’s end. There are chances that complex start-up ideas and niche business requirements may rule out the possibility of on-demand delivery of services and products. Because it may hamper their exclusivity and also increases a factor of reliability on a third-party entity which is beyond the control of any company or entrepreneur in real time.

app development companyAccording to law and the concept of branding, a service which may look like wholly owned by an entrepreneur or his start-up might have a complex configuration of in-house and on-demand delivery services. They might be assembled or sandwiched before they are presented to the most probable customers. Entrepreneurship and ideas born out of notions are often unexpected, and the turn is of on-demand delivery apps to prove itself on the lines of sustainability, reliability, and outbound scalability.

Why Are Android Launchers Becoming Less Popular?

Android Launcher is the software shell that controls the appearance and feel of the app drawer and home screen of Android OS. Working on an Android-powered Smartphone without using a Launcher is close to impossible. Provided by the device manufacturer by default, Android Launchers come in a range.

One of the reasons for the extensive popularity of the Android operating system is the endless customization it offers to the user. Android Launchers form a part of such customizability. Moreover, it is possible to use third-party launchers for Android phones. This in fact is the primary factor that enables Android devices to be more customizable than any other mobile OS.

Despite all the customization possibilities and ease-of-use, Android Launchers are not so much popular as They Once Were

What are the Reasons for the Decreasing popularity of Android Launchers?

The popularity of third-party launchers appears to be declining among Android App Development Companies of late. The below-mentioned factors are the major reasons that cause this:

Third-party launchers are ridden with performance issues

If the third-party software has not been optimized properly, it will lead to performance issues when installed. Any additional software which has to run on the system will need operative memory in the RAM and also storage memory in the device’s internal memory.

Moreover, to run additional UI layer, processor cycles will be required that might result in loss of performance when needed, such as in gaming. While certain launchers might appears to be great, they may not have been created by skilled and experienced developers.

nova launcher

Most of the free third-party launchers have been written by independent developers and testing them on individual Android devices will not become ever possible.

These reasons leads us to issues such as memory loss, system lags, and battery drain in certain type of Android devices when third-party launchers are installed, especially when proper care is not taken to configure properly for the specific device.

These factors make people using budget phones to avoid installation of third-party launchers within their devices, as their phones have weaker processors and less memory. The problem of software bugs that causes performance issues is very much possible when launchers are used on even high-end devices.

Custom ROMs

Custom ROM in Android parlance is software firmware that an Android device often runs on. It is based on Android platform that is from Google. ROM in Android devices is a customization of Google’s default Android firmware.

Android being an open source, the firmware can be customized by people. It can be redistributed as custom ROM. It is possible to get custom ROMs created for the specific devices installed by making use of firmware flashing tools.

custom ROM android

Custom ROMs are preferred over the third-party launchers because they offer greater level of customization which is not possible by Android Launchers.

It is possible to customize every single element in the Android system using custom ROM. This includes device performance along with unlimited customization. The rise in custom ROMs such as Lineage OS and others that have led to the decline in Android Launcher usage.

Quality of Default Launchers is Improving

The quality of default launchers provided by manufacturers has been increasing over the years. This is another reason why people move away from the third-party launchers. Samsung and other brands have provided a lot of customizations launchers in addition to default UI of Android. They offer the customized UIs that users find it attractive and useful.

With each of the contemporary Android device manufacturers providing significant upgrades on default UI in their respective devices, users are offered a bouquet of benefits.


Regular updates to user interface enable new features to be added and solve bugs issues. Hence, users find default launchers better to use than third-party launchers. A default launcher renders Android experience glitch-free and uniform.

Conforming to the increasing demand for stock Android UI, manufacturers have teamed with Google to make Smartphones with stock Android interface that are free right from the bloatware. Furthermore, these devices do not require proper installation of third-party launchers.

The Rise and Fall of Third-Party Android Launchers has been Quite Rapid – Why?

Factors That Drove the Rise of the Launchers

Android Launchers, the apps exclusively created for acting as Android device users’ personal assistants, help spice up the Smartphone’s home screen. The ability of designing a phone’s interface is one of the best features of Android. While other phone manufacturers dictate their phones’ look and feel, Android offers its users with the choice of personalizing the app drawer or home screen.

It is essential to have a launcher that is nothing but an app that helps modify the UI features and design of the software, of the operating system of the phone, without having to make any permanent changes.

Factors That Cause Third-Party Android Launchers to Fare Poorly

Quality of default launchers from Android device manufacturers that keeps increasing is one of the major reasons that have led to the declining attraction towards third-party Android launchers. Moreover, the following are few of the factors that resulted in the decreasing popularity of launchers:

  1. Third-party launchers might cause slowing down of your Smartphone

Custom launchers, even a few of the best ones, tend to slow your phone down. It is advisable to go in for launchers only in the event when the stock launcher proved to be slow or no good at all.

  1. Burden on System resources

Any new software would bring in its own set of demands such as need for storage memory and operational memory, processor cycles, battery, and security requirements. This is one of the primary reasons that cause users to shun using third-party launchers.

Sometimes, the software used by manufacturers, may not be optimized well. This calls for using third-party launchers. Barring such occasions, it is advisable to make use of the default Android Launchers provided undeniably by the manufacturers themselves.


Android operating system is highly customizable and Android Launchers are the efficient way to customize Android device’s appearance. The formerly popular Android Launchers are finding fewer takers today, mainly because of the reasons mentioned above.

Performance issues, improvement in default launchers’ quality, and availability of custom ROMs are the major factors that have led to the downfall of third-party launchers among Android App Development Companies.

android development company

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How to patent your mobile app- an ultimate guide

Innovation & competition in mobile apps

Ever since smartphones have risen to popularity, mobile apps have become much more prominent than one could have ever imagine. Broadly categorizing, there are two types of mobile apps which have prevailed on the premium app stores. Firstly, there is a colosseum of apps which have mainstream users and have a few bunch of potential competitors fighting for customer engagement and retention. The other is the niche requirement looking for fulfillment. The technology enthusiasts and businesses are both looking to solve those problems with greater skills, more substantial impact, and higher efficiency. Amidst all of this, there is one thing that subtly rises to immense importance, patented mobile apps.

The culture of patenting mobile apps might not be so primitive in India, but the requirement for curbing unethical practices, unlawful intentions and outplaying competition is apparent present in all fields; at all levels.

What if you ignore patent filing?

Mobile app developers and young start-ups (in India) out-rightly ignore them. But, underestimating the importance of filing patents may lead you to situations like:

Unethical process variation by imitators

unethicalThe most widely understood risk cover of patent filing is that other prominent players of your business industry and most probable competitors will not be able to create minor variations in your app idea and launch it as a mobile app product in the open market. It saves you from a lot of consequences and safeguards your supremacy under all conditions. It is basically like a large cover for your idea or the intellectual property through the mobile app.

Undue competition

undue competititonIt is quite apparent that if your competitors are hitting an overlapping market with a very similar product with only a few improvements and variations, you are sure to face an undue amount of competition. Your market share, as well as profits, will be significantly compromised. Filing a patent saves you quite comprehensively.

Reaping of undue benefits by contemporaries

duplicate or original

Suppose there is a company ABC that has built a great app with location-enabled services and it is solving a significant problem for the customers. Now, company XYZ understands their product pitch, gauges their USPs and builds a very similar product with a few changes. Your contemporaries might have improper benefits as people will get confused between the original product and the copied one. They will be choosing unknowingly, but it certainly deteriorates the value of your innovation and incurs a direct loss to your customer base.

Direct loss of capital & profits

profit lossWith an immediate loss of intellectual property, innovation, and technological lead, there comes a noticeable loss of, and a lot of your money which could have been generated through the newly created revenue stream will now find the hurdles of competition hand which would rely on penetrating customer engagement.

How patent filing helps businesses?

The convenience of secured product innovation

secureThe level of calm confidence in the company employs, and enthusiasm of product managers remains intact if they are working on a patented project. It has a precious direct impact on productivity and the quality of work produced. Filing patents gives the company, and it employs a much-required dose of security before putting in the hard work for a particular project.

Opportunities for open source licenses

open source

Once the owner of the intellectual property has patented the mobile app, he as a method or a process for a particular problem-solving initiative. Then they can also go for open source license distribution. It is a convenient way of letting other entities use your product and innovation under a set of specific terms and conditions. It protects the product from unethical uses and unforeseen modifications and enables you to scale the customer base simultaneously.

Paving ways for revenue through royalties


Once you are the holder of title ownership, the world doesn’t have an option other than paying the proper fee for your product. It is an excellent way of fostering your brand and making a business sustain with a distinct revenue stream through royalty.

What should be the first step for filing a patent?

Filing patents can be as complicated as perceiving new inventions. The first step before actually filing a patent is to register for provisional patent filing. It is a process involving furnishing of all the critical information like:

  • Core idea
  • Abstract
  • Implementation
  • Details of operations
  • Methodologies with reasoning
  • Concept note and business provision

Kindly note that it is one of the initial steps before the filing of patents and registration that help to register your product to a sufficient extent. Further, it helps you take the appointment of the first filing date. It is a landmark date in the process of filing a particular patent because it is considered to be your date of the first approach while filing the patent. In case the matter goes to a court of law or is solved through mediation, this date is considered to be your date of filing and any other entity claiming to have a similar patent and will be judged upon by the state. If they have filed on time before this, they will have an upper hand; otherwise the latter remains the undisputed owner of the mobile app idea.

What is the eligibility criteria for filing a patent?

Exclusivity of idea

It is the most explicit and essential requirement for fulfilling the eligibility criteria before filing patents for the mobile app. The quantum of innovation in your mobile app idea should be supreme, and it should be undebatable for the mature minds of the respective industry. Any idea that is considered to be an inspiration or variation of a particular existing patent is most likely to face rejection, and it will require substantial modifications before it can hit the existence of a patent.

Non-obvious in nature

It is an extremely tricky eligibility criterion for the filing of patents. Most of the intellectual property in the form of mobile apps are rejected under this clause. It is simple to understand it with an example.

For instance, there is a mobile app that helps you report prominent sites of ocean pollution in the Indian Ocean; it uses location services and is built on JavaScript libraries. Now, if another mobile app development company produces a similar app with an extra functionality or two and claims that they have used different searching methodologies, then the existing one along with load Node, Angular ReactJS, it will not be considered as eligible candidature for patent filing. It is merely because it is quite ‘obvious’ that a particular mobile app development tool alongside third-party services will be used. If not one, then it might be other. But there is no peeking degree of innovation that leads directly to successful procurement of a patent.

Impact on users/Problem-solving abilities

Another point of assessment for patent approval committee is the quantum of an influence of the respective innovation it is speculated to have on the users. The problem-solving ability of your change is undoubtedly regarded as one of the most significant plus points for gaining yourself a patented mobile app idea.

Detailed requirements for filing a patent

After the filing of provisional pretend registration, the USPTO or the United States patent and trademark office lend you a time of about a year before your landmark date of filing was issued. It is a time duration given to technology enthusiasts or conceptualizer for ensuring that the end product is worthy of a patent and if the person is still willing to go for outright procurement of license on the same lines. Once it is correctly done, the approval process is initiated, and that includes:

  • Scrutiny of product
  • Complete documentation
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Working model
  • Impact analysis
  • Flowcharts
  • Simulations and supporting documents
  • Appendix

It is a long process that happens in various phases and takes its due course of time before the final patent is registered to a mobile app developer or a mobile app development company’s name. It is convincingly accompanied by product presentations, explanation and more in-depth ground research at the approving committee’s end.

app development

Reasons that affirm mobile apps need video integration

Mobile apps, social media, and videos

Videos posted over social media and the social media’s accessed through mobile apps are building a serious, perpetually growing, harmonious relationships that encompasses content marketing, video marketing, and ORM techniques. It is an undebatable fact that mobile apps are one of the best ways to reach your customers in this digital world. Moreover, according to Google, 6 out of 10 people are more likely to watch a video online than watching television. It adds sheer gravity and immense potential in the school of thoughts that advocates videos, video marketing, and the fact that mobile apps need video integration.

Here are the reasons why video integration is a must for all mobile apps in 2019

Visual over textual

video visual

According to Invisia, mobi’le video consumption is consistently rising by over 100% every year. It is a great figure that is opening up gateways of multidimensional insights for customer engagement, brand building and to the world of mobile apps. In simple words, a layman is more likely to share videos online than to read a piece of text to understand, attain the knowledge or build awareness. It is one of the main reasons why video marketing is showing bright prospects that might outweigh general content marketing strategies very sooner than.

The best way to enhance the brand of address

mobile video

FYI, videos can be played upfront while opening the mobile app or during an impactful user journey. It is imperative from the mobile app owner’s perspective. These days the core objective of building mobile business apps is to let your business reach its potential customers, through the available channel of smartphones. There can be no better way to reach those customers and make your brand persist with the most natural possible opportunity. The best way to practice video marketing is through mobile apps. It can be efficiently done through:

  • Presentations
  • Explainers
  • DIY videos
  • How to’s
  • Tips & tricks
  • User demonstrations
  • Customer queries & doubts

A potential method of building up a substantial brand identity

brand building

The content strategists and mobile app owners can embrace mobile-based video marketing for creating a stable brand identity over a long-term approach. When refurbishing or flooding new content into the app, you can take an immense opportunity of passing on some company presentation and product pitch videos, in a highly organic and customer-centric manner. Videos are short and very effective ways of persisting on your consumers’ mind, for a more extended period. While we make videos and customers watch them, the chances of spreading your brand through word of mouth increases exponentially. It is mainly because videos are more impactful and your brand engages in better, compelling communication with the targeted customers. It can be efficiently done by:

  • Creating relatable content that overlaps, Use your interest and the brand of men
  • Gauging the pulse of customers and continuously taking their feedback and creative ways through promotions or even direct comments
  • Create videos to give your customers an opportunity to influence your near future business strategy like:
    • Polls
    • Teasers
    • Asking them what they want next

Videos help you build Omni-channel strategy for content

video content

You should look to incorporate 360° video integration because they have the potential to become the spine of your online content strategy. One can maintain the much-needed consistency and a persistent familiarity in content creation, with posting videos across social media, using the same, similar short videos in the mobile apps. When similar types of content gain different responses, brands tend to look more prominent in the landscape of online marketing. For instance, if a particular brand uses the same set of teachers and animations on their mobile app, Facebook shares its link to Twitter, there are bound to leave an impact as the three channels are most likely to be accessed by a single potential mobile customer in this millennial generations. When the same content persists on the eye, it tends to build an opinionated impression on the mind, of the use of improving your chances of converting it into sales.

Immense customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction

It is not rocket science to understand that videos are more likely to impart a sense of satisfaction among customers compared to some of the cliché mobile apps that are flooded within blogs. It also includes monotonously explained business processes and products or services, you’re trying to sell. Sales conversion rates are much higher with video marketing compared to text. Although, it is true that humane palpable and relatable content marketing can do a world of good.

Embracing Technology

embracing technology

Hybrid mobile apps come with a high capacity of hosting lightweight content and healthy functioning. Technologies stacks like Node, React, Angular or typical J2EE gives immense opportunities of posting videos and making your mobile apps impart a more impactful UX. It is a potential way to reach out better customers, and many videos in your mobile apps increases your chances of converting them into executed sales, as people spend an average of over 1.7 seconds looking at the given piece of content. This might seem like a diminished approach but the material has excellent persistence power, and according to studies, people have the capability of recalling content just by seeing it for about 0.25 seconds.


Integrating videos in your mobile apps is a beautiful idea, and it’s pretty much essential for your mobile app to cope with the changing trends and the newly polarizing gravity around video marketing. You might feel that content creation is a standard process and almost all mobile apps have video integrations. The quality and capability of video integration are best assessed through scalability, the robustness of mobile application, flexible approach, and more natural opportunities to increase the amount of video content on a mobile app. In case you wish to engage the younger generation customers, you should plan to have large volumes of video content because younger people are known for scrolling two times faster than the older generation. The overall takeaway from the video integration of mobile app says that all mobile apps should focus on highly scalable and robust video integration that have the capability of catering to numerous requests per unit time and also increasing the amount of video content dynamically.

app development company


How are mobile application design and development services going in Dubai, UAE?

Dubai: A nascent market

UAE and Dubai are two major commercial hubs in the Middle East that gain attraction due to substantial, convincing reasons. The wave of commerce (comprehensively backed by technology) is impacting the east with a pilot from the West. The two places have evolved commercially and have hit a Golden Era of development with the new millennium. Technology and the quantum of commercial activities in Dubai have caught everyone’s eye. That makes it a great place of business opportunities with a potential, large market available at hand. One of the significant reasons behind a thriving Middle East market for business and technology is that people believe it to be far from saturation; unlike the Indian markets.

Bright prospects that make Dubai a potential market

Abundant commercial activity due to tourism

dubai tourism

Every economy has a master driver which induces activity and business prospects for different sides of the economy; including the niche markets and very dedicated businesses to particular industries. In the case of the Middle East, tourism and opportunities of oil exploration have been a significant reason why UAE and Dubai become a potential place for business with the blessing of an unsaturated market. Because there is money generated with these two, companies are looking to invest, and there is a decent trajectory of development witnessed in the lives of a common man as well.

Substantial local investments

The average level of income and a paradigm shift of the millennial generation is approaching. , and a zeal run a personal business. It can be seen as a part of the chain reaction due to great commercial prospects in tourism and crude oil business for the country. It is a substantial section of the business fraternity as 72% of business comprise of small scale local firms.

dubai local investments

There are concrete reasons why technology business industry is expected to flourish in Dubai & UAE. People are looking to explore businesses and find new dimensions of competition in the local domain. It can only be done with the help of good quality websites, web applications and personalize mobile apps which can help small businesses look like a bigger brand. Working in favor of young companies is sure. It is a win-win situation for mobile app development companies and the smaller companies of Dubai and UAE; at least for next 5 to 7 years.

Credibility for foreign investments

Fortunately, the Middle East has won the trust of western countries because of its potential collateral in terms of the crude oil business. Every leading business player from Europe and the west is compelled to feel safe while investing aggressively in UAE. It is one of the primary reasons for new trends that are growing in Dubai and UAE. Corporates and large scale businesses who have replicated, scaled great success stories in different parts of the world are now choosing Dubai and UAE to be there next place for business expectation.

business partner

Larger businesses have greater horizons and the ability to scale in terms of commerce. Web and mobile application development companies are finding great business opportunities. It is an excellent opportunity as larger companies are looking to solve more significant problems on a very efficient level with the help of technology and their past experiences in business and technology. More and more businesses are, today, looking to incorporate technology is as the trends have been set by bigger companies who have turned towards Dubai and UAE.

The growing culture of personalized services

personalized services

The concept personalization in personal services is generally led by larger companies who  can transform the facelift and provide high-quality services on a large scale. It is significantly replicated by cash-rich smaller businesses who are following the tech giants and more well-known companies. It is allowing them to scoop out a new dimension of competition and make more substantial profits by adding reasonable value.

Gradual evolution from Shopping Mall culture

shopping mall dubai

The technology area is pushing the millennial generation to explore new horizons and get on with modern trends. The earlier flourishing culture of a shopping mall is diminishing at a fast pace. Now, it is the turn of last mile deliveries and the convenience of doorstep services. It opens up opportunities for every leading mobile app development company as they need a significant facelift in the form of websites and quality web and mobile apps to impart an effective UX with a good UI. It is an excellent reason for businesses to turn towards Dubai and UAE as small companies are aggressively looking for more and more companies who can build mobile application development projects professionally.


Mobile application development is the iconic face of the business and technology industry in the 21st-century. With the viral use of mobile phones and high potential of business through the smartphone channel, there is an ultimate team up of a great business opportunity and a potential market with digitally empowered businesses. It is making business organizations travel an extra mile for making this opportunity count. If a cause-and-effect diagram is built to model the present situation of Dubai and UAE, it will be like a circular loop which looks self-sustainable for at least next one decade. It promises excellent futuristic business opportunities that have investable ideas and high scalability of business.