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iOS App Development Checklist for Enthusiasts

In a world where even, the world map (when converted into musical notes) makes up a tune, creating iOS applications has to be specific and systematized. The flexibility and pervasiveness of all Apple devices allows designers to blow life into their vivid thoughts and showcase them for a huge base of customers. Within a development landscape so happening, innovative engineers are attempting all kinds of applications and business ideas-all out of the box. Thus, it becomes imperative to span through an iOS app development checklist from iOS development space.

Due to the fiercer competition on the App Store and the underlying captivation by the gadgets, lucrative iOS advancements from enormous organizations have been a common sight in the recent past. This has certainly rolled out promising opportunities for engineers with iOS development skills. It accompanies its own advantages – an enduring paycheck and a profile rocketing exposure. So, it is an important step for any iOS enthusiast to follow an iOS developer roadmap.

It is an undebatable fact that iOS development is a vast field for anyone to first explore and then pick his sweet spots to conquer. Since an iPhone multi-tech utility and a lot goes within, it is often difficult to know which of those to sharpen first.

Would it be a good idea for me to learn Core Audio before Core Data?

There would be so many such questions that bounce up in your mind every now and then. On the off chance. No tiny mortal can handle everything, so where to confine your focus beamingly?

W2S Solutions brings you a simple iOS app development checklist.

The Must Haves: First on your iOS developer roadmap

These are development tools and subjects which strictly require you to have a hands-on experience. You might not be paid for the aforementioned task but you would have to rely upon your course guides, otherwise. The industry trends show that you should be well versed with:

Appropriating an App (ideally for an application on the App Store)

  • Auto Layout
  • Center Data
  • Cocoa Touch
  • CollectionViews
  • Comprehension of Clean Coding Principles
  • Comprehension of MVC
  • Comprehension of SOLID
  • Familiarity with Swift OR Objective-C
  • Git, Subversion or other form control
  • Have worked for both iPhone and iPad, preferably in an all-inclusive application
  • Instruments
  • Notices, Delegation, Key-Value Observation
  • Parsing JSON
  • REST as well as SOAP
  • TableViews
  • Threading and Concurrency
  • Troubleshooting in Xcode
  • UIKit
  • Unit Testing, XCTest (not a specialist, but rather some experience)
  • Working to Devices
  • Xcode and Interface Builder
  • Xib’s, Storyboards, Segues and related introduction/change

How to strengthen it further?

These themes and development systems won’t be appropriate for each task, however probably, a couple will. Understanding their purpose and where they live in the iOS scene through a hands-on involvement will raise the possibility of your success exponentially.

  • In the event that Swift is your essential dialect, in any event, some information of Objective-C
  • In the event that Obj-C is your essential dialect, in any event, some information of Swift bend, Familiarity of the non-circular segment rehearses
  • In-App Purchase

At least a few of:

Amusement Center

  • Center Animation
  • Center Audio
  • Center Location
  • Center Motion
  • Cloud Kit and iCloud
  • MapKit
  • MessageUI
  • Neighborhood Notifications
  • Pop-up messages
  • Quartz Core
  • StackViews

Well Beyond   

These things are unquestionably not a part of iOS 101; however, they can help distinguish you from others and perform well in meetings and job postings. Here we suggest you some of the major game changing skills that are placed higher on the priority list. It can surely be a little investment get your hands done with:

  • CorePlot
  • Creating for Android
  • Developing for MAC
  • GameKit
  • HTML
  • PhoneGap
  • SpriteKit
  • SQL
  • WatchKit
  • Xamarin

It is important to have sharp debugging skills that can set you in the best position to be able to do away with bugs. In fact, no designer can; particularly not a relative freshman. A good debugger is generally attributed with above average basic reasoning abilities to work through issues and is cognizant of his breaking points. You will possibly be an overseer of an extremely costly codebase or brand and they should have the capacity to assume that you will treat it with care and alert.

Perks of being an iOS expert

With the interest in this trending skill comes a fancy paycheck. As indicated by Indeed, the normal payout for iOS experts is 68% higher than the normal pay for other employment postings. To be sure of reports, they state that an iOS expert draws around $98,000 per annum.

You can expect yourself to be paid on the similar lines with the iOS app development checklist all ticked. This isn’t a short stretch as the pay scale further motivates you to hit the iOS developer roadmap persistently.

Also, Mondo, an organization that enlisted people and places innovation specialists, reports that iOS Developers’ pay ranges from 105,000 to 155,000 USD per annum.

There is a great deal of interest for iOS Developers today which makes us bring you the right iOS app development checklist. It’s a reality that the best trending skillset requires a finer aptitude with a specific end goal. It takes things beyond basics, to figure out where one can contribute as a developer or a designer. What’s more, putting your opportunity and assets in learning iOS advancement is the best advance forward for a lucrative vocation.

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) Related to Mobile Application Development

Research has clearly shown that in the coming years, an unimaginable number of mobile apps will be created and downloaded. With the numbers stated in billions, mobile app development has to be treated really very seriously. One of the major factors in the modern business environment that could make or break your brand or product is your mobile app. This necessitates entrepreneurs and mobile app developers to clearly understand what is in store for them, when it comes to developing the right app that reflects the business and attracts potential customers.

Projected figures show that over 103 billion mobile apps will be downloaded in the next two years!

Crucial Things You Must Understand Before Building Your Mobile App

Prior to beginning production work on the mobile app idea that you have, you need to go through a discovery phase that proves to be the crucial first step. It is by collecting relevant information and ensuring your objectives that you will get a clear picture about the problems that you wish to resolve by your app. One of the first things is deciding which approach you are going to adopt for developing your app: Android or iPhone App Development?

Be clear with the basics before you invest time, efforts, and money on app development

Need for Learning About Current Trends in Mobile App Development

It is not just the number of mobile apps that are being created and downloaded; business owners must have a clear knowledge about the market, customer preference, and the vital factors that impact the process of app development. It is better not to let the facts and figures alone steer the decision about your app development. There are certain specific and important questions that must be put forth before investing time and money in mobile app development. By partnering with efficient and reliable third-party App Development Company, business owners can discern the essential details and get the mobile app that drives their business ahead smoothly.

Ideas you have, services you provide, tools and techniques you want to use – all these have a bearing on your mobile app development approach

Most Common Questions That Must be Asked While Developing a Mobile App

☆ Is the app really going to solve a problem?

solve a problem

It is essential to identify customers’ pain points even before charting out the mobile app development plan. Your app must be in someplace where you are not able to reach with your present plans for customer acquisition. Businesses that want to stay connected with their customers while being able to meet their requirements at anytime are the ones who need a mobile app.

☆ How can the mobile app idea be protected?


Signing a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with your app developer even before discussing the app idea is one effective way of protecting your app idea.

☆ Is it possible to fit your specific business offerings into your mobile app design?

app design

Mobile apps have proved to be successful for several B2C businesses – more so in the e-commerce domain. Now the trend is catching up in all industry verticals. But still, it is essential that you evaluate and assess the mobile experience. It is a challenging task to develop apps with the best design for enterprises that operate in niche areas.

☆ How long will it take to develop your app?hourglass

One factor you need to know while getting started with app development is the time required for development – normally, it takes around 3 months for apps that are less complex, while complex apps might take over 6 months to develop. Your App Development Company will be able to guide you about this properly.

☆ Should I go in for Android or iOS?

android vs ios

This depends on the devices being used by users in your target market. For this, you need to figure out your customers’ device usage pattern, and then make your app for the platform that most of them prefer.

☆ What is your customer acquisition strategy?


Getting your customers to download the app is one critical part. Factoring in the different user acquisition channels that suit to the area of your operation helps in this.

☆ Are you having the right team to develop your mobile app that turns your dream into reality?


Building a mobile app involves several individuals with expertise and experience. If you are unsure of having the complete set up required for coming up with the app of your dream, you had better outsource your app development.

With constant changes in the business environment and customer preferences, business owners had better be aware of their customers’ tastes and trends and adopt themselves according to the contemporary mobile app development practices. One way of ensuring this is delegating your app development to an efficient App Development Company!

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Conquer the Future of Web Apps for Skyrocketing Business Growth

The Math Underneath

Among many things that have caught the eyes of fertile business minds, web apps have turned out victorious in skyrocketing growth and business outreach. Today’s end users have evolving needs in every aspect of web apps like for UI/UX features, scalability, cross-platform accessibility, performance, and security.

The job of any web application development firm today is not just to develop websites.They must follow the future trends of web app development to strive for excellence.

 W2S Solutions brings an informative blog post to keep you future ready

 What the ‘Future’ Calls For…

Today’s businesses are looking for micro apps and micro-services to survive in the highly competing market. Hence, they face a legitimate requirement of robust web apps. With the outbound growth of digital marketing, the demand for mobile apps is rapidly growing in this mobile-centric world. Hence, this is an area where a web application development firm can stand out in the market.

There is a paradigm shift towards cloud-based development and visual development tools rather than a conventional framework approach. So, virtual tools are the best means to serve the clients.

Today, every web app has its mobile, browser versions. Previously, a web application development firm typically followed separate approaches to build up each of them as per clients needs and expectations. But with Web Assembly technology, now programming language is not a concern for any company being taken up in this regard.

Nowadays IoT is penetrating our lives with wearables being the most trending fashion among youth. Hence, every tech-biz company must concentrate on developing reliable and performance driven web apps. With ‘smart’ technology (IOT) implementation in bigger appliances like Smart TV or refrigerator, most of the vendors look for a web application development firm which can develop ubiquitous web apps .

Today’s organizations are readily adopting DevOps and agile methodologies. Rapid application development (RAD) is a subject of focus for any web application development firm today.

Future Pillars of Your Web Apps

Here are some of the most promising trends in web development world which a web application development firm must focus on.

 Artificial Intelligence

FYI, Artificial Intelligence is a combination of theory and application of multiple areas of computer science like problem-solving, machine learning, natural language processing, reasoning, motion, perception, manipulation, social intelligence, creativity and general intelligence to create intelligent machines.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning enables web apps to interact with users without pre-programmed capabilities. Using this branch of AI, web apps can adapt itself to user preferences. This in turn is helping in better user experience (UX). Besides that, AI has helped automate many web development tasks.

Moreover, the technology is easy to use without much investment and from a usability point of view, it can help you get really. Hence, developers can easily use it to develop a better performing and beautiful website.

 Responsive web design

Responsive web design (RWD) is one of the key factors today to ensure a higher rank in Google searching. The reason behind is unless the website is mobile friendly Google will rank it lower.

Responsive Design

Apart from that, a responsive web design makes a website view medium independent by providing dynamic serving.

Progressive web application (PWA)

Progressive web apps are the future for web development. Though responsive web design is a preferred choice, native apps are still in use, and both of these apps have their own pitfalls.

Progressive Web Apps

Fortunately, progressive web design fills this gap, thus, it is the face of future web apps. PWAs provide users the flexibility to load and use apps without installing it and even in offline mode through push notifications. Collectively, it provides a seamless browsing experience to the users.

Focus on online customer support


With giant strides of artificial intelligence and machine learning into the tech world, organizations are tending to cut off human assistance in every possible sphere. Online customer support is mainly dealt by chatbots nowadays. The web application development firms can make the most of this module to empower their clients.

Static site generation

static website

2018 web development trends show a clear inclination towards static web site generation. A major reason found behind it is the complexity of dynamic web development and its performance issues like longer loading time, lack of security feature, etc. With the static website generator like JKyll, a web application development firm can overcome the issues by developing static sites.

One-page website

single page website

Nowadays users prefer one-page website rather than the multipage website. Multiple pages websites bring up the unnecessary complexity of traversing through multiple tabs and pages to scroll for information. Undoubtedly, simplicity is the ultimate demand that every web application development firm realizes today.

Motion UI

Motion UI

A user interface is a prime factor for any website which every web application development firm acknowledges. Features like animation, videos are part of Motion UI technology which works brilliant for grabbing user’s attention. Interestingly, Motion UI is being more enhanced to provide best-looking design solutions for animated charts, background animation, parallax, cloning, etc.

Laravel 5.x – Future of PHP framework


Laravel 5.x is no doubt the choice for any PHP web application development firm in 2018.It comes with Object Oriented Programming libraries along with other existing packages. Besides that, it has inbuilt support for MVC architecture. It brings ready solutions for many complex tasks and overall a faster and secure way of web development.

The dominance of JavaScript


When you are working as a web application development firm JavaScript is an essential part of development. More interestingly, it’s being used for both frontend and backend. For long it’s being used as server-side language only. However, now with its front-end libraries like Angular, React, or Node one can practice front-end development.

The Final Word

For a web application development firm their website or web app is the interface between the organization and its potential clients. So, to survive and flourish in the market, they should follow the latest technologies and trends. If not all at least few of the above roadmaps must be followed to win the game.

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Success Formula behind ranking higher on Google Play Store

(You could have started with the establishment of the fact that Google Play Store is important due its popularity and reach among the common man. It can also one of the key platforms to showcase your business, idea, concept.)

The first step you can pursue towards building an app is doing an in-depth, intensive research to the core. Next you can latch on to planning and taking action towards creating an app which helps in making human activities more efficient in any manner. Finally, you list your app on one of the major app stores within the mobile centric web, Google Play Store, with a mindset that this app will make some contribution towards society. But what app analytics tell you that your work has gone into vain because no one really knows about your app. Your most probable users are not able to see your app in their search. There are several reasons behind the whole scenario which everyone does not know, due to lack of proficiency in digital marketing.

W2S Solutions brings you an informative blog post on “HOW TO RANK AN APP IN GOOGLE PLAY STORE?”

Here are some of the most effective and time-tested Play Store Optimization Tips

 There are about 3.5 million apps on play store and creating some unique marketing strategy is the key to get your app recognition in this vast pool.



First and foremost is the reason that we have talked about in the above content that nobody is even able to see your app while they search for something which your app offers.


Every person, firm or entity in this world puts their hard work to create something which adds value. Similarly, if you want your revenue generation model matches with planning then you have to work towards app recognition which in turn will help you generate financial benefits from the app.


Once your app is visible and people have started using your app they’ll rate it based on their experience.

Higher ratings help in overall growth of an app and its users.


Value Addition

From the first day, you list that app on play store be sure that it creates some value in the life of people using it.

User Interface

The First impression lasts. There is no denying fact that everyone forms their first perception towards anything by just looking at it and if your app does not possess a user-friendly interface then you instantly lose your ratings and make user less comfortable while using the app.

App Store Optimization (ASO) helps you to improve your rankings while someone searches for an app in a specified category. ASO is the process of influencing growth of your app from at the app ‘s end. There are 2 ways do that:

  1. ASO on-metadata is the factors or elements that are 100% under control of developer:
  • Title
  • Developer name
  • Short and long description
  • Icon
  • Screenshots
  • Feature graphic (image or video)

    2. ASO off-metadata factors are not controlled completely by a developer, but can be influenced, for example: installs volume, ratings, and user reviews.

 ASO is also known as App Store SEO (Search Engine Optimization).


This is what your app is going to be known by once it enters the market and believe us you cannot mess here.

You are suggested to use a unique title and logo for your app which people can easily identify and be magnetized. This will help you get those apps eliminated from the competition which possesses a cliché image as their logo.


There are basically two types of description that you have to provide to the users who are looking for an app in the category:

  1. Short Description – This should contain basic information about your app consisting of clear keywords which also help recognition.
  2. Long Description – This is the area where you put all the content relevant to the app containing keywords matching your app. Warning: Highly Critical…!

App Performance

Consistency is the key if you want your app to have a long-term existence. Regular installs will help rankings of the app shoot higher, which in turn will lead to more downloads. One should also take into consideration the amount of uninstalls it has and look into matter to improvise results.

Customer Satisfaction

No one can beat the power of “Word of Mouth”. One should always try to resolve problems that users are facing. Whether it’s a minor bug fix or a major hindrance in the app’s growth. More and more installs can be induced by providing timely solution and updates to the users.

Ratings and Reviews

Ultimately everything boils down to improving app ratings. One will only give you a higher rating if they had a good time using your app. A higher number of favorable comments/reviews also help in achieving higher ratings. In today’s day and age, it’s very easy to buy reviews, but one should always stay away from these tactics due to Google’s strong monitoring of the reviews. The number of backlinks also plays a vital role here as they provide credibility. So, if you put some in the description it’ll help you in long run.

So. These were some easy-but-effective tips to rank higher in Google Play Store.


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Web App Vs Native App – Which is better for your business? – Infographics

Great narrative of Web Apps and Mobile Apps. If you ever try to understand the difference, benefits, Industry usage of Web and Mobile Apps, this is your must read Infographic that showcase the difference between these two. It also walks through the technology stack to be followed in building these solutions. No wonder why W2S Solutions is the Top Web and Mobile Apps development Company. As this Infographic shows our in depth knowledge in developing apps and we also recommend to our customers based on their requirements, cost and timeline.

This Infographic tells what’s best for your business and then differentiates which Industry is focusing more on Web or Mobile. It helps you to classify your Industry and you shall see where you fit. At W2S Solutions, Our technology experts recommends you the Technology stack to be chosen for building your product. If It’s a web app, we usually go with Open Source technologies or MicroSoft .NET framework. For Mobile app development, we shall build with Native iOS or Native Android development tools. However If Web app is built with Angular JS, HTML 5 and CSS 3, we shall be able to reuse some of web components for Mobile. It’s great way of reusing components and saving effort and cost.

Native App Vs Web App

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