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How to Boost Your App’s User Retention Rates?

Millions of mobile apps are available across Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store and the number is about to go on increasing. But not many apps pass the acid test – it has been proven that as low as 4 or 5 apps are being used per smartphone today. This is proof for the fact that people use only those apps that they feel necessary while discarding others for good. Customer retention is no doubt the most vital factor for app-centered businesses.

The Importance of Mobile Apps in the Current Business Scenario

The mobile app revolution is not about to slow down in the near future. With more and more start-ups and SMEs making use of mobile app development in a vigorous way to promote their businesses, the demand for Application Development Company keeps increasing.

Interacting with users effectively and keeping ahead of competition are key in business success. These goals can be accomplished by availing the services of the best mobile Application Development Company.

Significance of Mobile App Retention

One of the crucial metrics providing genuine insight into the app’s success, mobile app retention is very important for achieving the business objectives of entrepreneurs. Retention is the percentage of users who return to the app. Along with app engagement, app retention determines the stickiness of an app. Keeping users engaged and ensuring repeated use are the two vital factors that result in the success of the app. This is where the need for a reliable Application Development Company is felt.

Proven Tactics to Improve Retention Rate

The following strategies help boost your customer retention rate:

  • Providing an easier onboarding experience helps avoid abandonment and fuel users’ interests.
    • Logins and account creation must be made easy
    • Information overloading just be avoided
    • Actions must be used to teach things
  • Triggers in the form of push notifications prove to be effective in encouraging the users to utilize your app – these are incredibly competent in bringing users back to the app
  • One of the vital aspects of a compelling application, Mobile Personalization helps providing a unique and relevant experience to users. When you accomplish providing a user experience that is more aligned with their preferences and needs, the likelihood of their continued use of the app is assured.
  • Incentivization through specialized access to content, mobile-specific rewards, and special promotions greatly help in driving conversions while encouraging app engagement.
  • Making users happy by offering great customer service helps improve brand credibility while increasing customer trust. These augur well for customer retention of your mobile app.
  •  Providing opportunities to socialize by involving more than one user at a time in the app offers chances of natural human interaction and this leads to users being engaged – making them addicted to come back to the app repeatedly
  • Making use of real-time updating technologies to provide regular content and product updates catches the interests of audience and improve retention

How to keep your App Idea safe? All you need to know about NDA? Factors to be considered before signing NDA

The buss word in the modern world is mobile app. Just as there are advantages, there are drawbacks too – an app idea, when it lands at the wrong hands, may thwart your fortune. With a large number of mobile apps hitting the cyber world on a regular basis and numerous app ideas being conceived every day, there’s little wonder about the concern: how to protect your app idea?

Significance of Protecting An App Idea

Unimaginable things are made possible through mobile apps in the modern world full of digital activities. This is clear from the fact that millions of apps throng the app stores and a mind-boggling number of downloads occur year over year. An App Development Company is one of the busiest entities in today’s business environment.

The prospects of developing new mobile apps for making profits in various ways haunt entrepreneurs and it is justified too. Unique apps having the best features and useful functionalities are expected to achieve phenomenal success. This makes it all the more important to keep your app idea safe from the clutches of the wrong people.

Here’s where the need arises for an efficient and reliable security mechanism that protects valuable, yet vulnerable intellectual properties. A Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), sometimes known as confidentiality agreement plays a vital role in restricting access by third parties to any information or confidential material that needs to be shared between two parties. Non-disclosure agreement is one of the most efficient ways of protecting trade secrets or proprietary information. It prevents the app development company as well as others from divulging information.

Protecting Your Mobile App Idea

The following ways are suggested for enabling entrepreneurs and App Development Companies to keep their app ideas safe:

  • Non-Disclosure Agreement helps prevent app ideas from being shared by anybody who is not authorized. Asking designers, developers, business development executives, and other personnel connected with your project to sign and NDA ensures that the idea is safe.
  • When you are sure you have a profitable app idea, apply for patent – this ensures that not only the functionalities of your app but also its possible variations and independent development are forbidden
  • Trademarking ensures that anyone else cannot make use of the symbols such as logos and icons or words that are associated with your app.
  • Entering into a non-compete agreement prevents people connected with your project from revealing any information about your app or its idea to anybody.
  • Hire the right App Development Company for giving life to your ideas. Doing business with reputed and ethical people is the most certain way of keeping your app idea to yourself.

Facts About NDA and Factors to Consider Before Signing an NDA

NDA is document that establishes confidential and legally binding relationship between two parties. It forbids disclosure of information to third parties. While signing an NDA, care must be taken to consider the following:

  • Scope of information covered by the NDA
  • Consequences of breaching the agreement
  • Use of information and the intended purposes
  • Terms of the NDA

How Automating Your Billing Will Help Your Business Thrive?

Not all business organizations have a dedicated accounts payable team. The innovative invoicing software helps entrepreneurs to streamline their billing and invoicing operations. The Best Invoice Software is a means to track sales, client details, and payment receipt details.

The Role of Best Invoice Software in Modern Businesses

Providing free, simple, and reliable invoicing solution to small businesses, the Best Invoice Software offers a combination of benefits. Apart from being able to prepare beautiful and customized invoices, you may obtain fully-featured summaries and business reports in customized manner. The Best Invoice Software enables entrepreneurs to understand the status of their business at any given point of time.

Raising invoices may not be all that exciting – but the process is one vital part in any business!

Salient Features in the Best Invoice Software

Providing the perfect package necessary to meet the billing, invoicing, and inventory functions of small and medium-sized businesses, the Best Invoice Software is designed to be easy-to-use and simple. The following are a few of the features available in the Best Invoice Software:

  • Invoicing
  • Inventory control
  • Recurring invoices
  • Vendor management
  • Quotation
  • Customer management
  • Custom designer
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Multiple user ready

Automated Billing System is Essential for the Modern Business Community!

Business Process Automation Enabled by the Best Invoice Software

The online invoicing and billing software helps automate all the invoicing-related operations in your business. Being user-administered, it offers easy customization according to your specific requirements. It makes the billing task easy and efficient by handling vast databases of clients effortlessly.

Recurring tasks are made easy, accuracy is achieved, and receiving payments online is enabled by using the Best Invoice Software. Enabling integration with accounting software, this innovative billing and invoicing software saves time and efforts considerably.

Business Process Automation is one of the Biggest Revolutions in the Modern BusinessWorld!

Evolution of the Best Invoice Software

The way of conducting business activities has been under constant change; factors such as globalization and progression of technology have ensured changes in the billing process. Customer expectations and demands keeping changing, it becomes essential to accommodate the dynamic changes. The best invoice software allows enterprises to keep abreast of competition in the ever-advancing world.

The best invoice software enables entrepreneurs to use their logo for branding and sending customized emails. Your customers are facilitated to make payment from anywhere at any time; they are offered a choice of several payment gateways.

The online invoice software can be used on any mobile device with ease and accuracy. It gives an updated status of all payments and invoices at any point of time.

Benefits of the Online Invoice Software

  • Easy and convenient access from any digital device
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Customized and optimized templates
  • Data security
  • Inventory tracking that enables accurate and quick invoicing

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Major Challenges that iOS Developers Encounter with Latest Development Trends

The iPhones first came into the market in June 2007 and they have caused a huge change in the mobile industry. With the iPhone, came the iOS, which is an operating system that has now been put on a variety of products including iPods and iPads. As an iPhone Apps development company, we summarize the challenges faced when It comes for iPhone Apps development. It can’t be conveyed as hard stop challenges as these are made to increase User experience design, security and niche presentation offered by iPhone apps which is a cool differentiator between iOS and Open source app development technologies.

1. User experience design.

Fashion and design will change frequently and this will affect your app. The apps have evolved significantly since their first release. From the material to the design, you will notice that your audience is interested in better and unique designs.

2. Compatibility with apps.

The app developer will find it easier to battle with compatibility, but the path is not as simple as it sounds. First, you have to find out the definite versions of the iOS the application will support. If you adopt newer versions, you will bring in more users. It is also important that the apps are compatible with gadgets, such as iPods and iPads.

3. Getting an approval from the iOS App Store.

This has to be among the top challenges that iOS developers encounter with the latest trends. Once you develop an app, you cannot release it instantly. You need the approval of the Apple’s App store, which has set some rules to prevent you from going over the line. The rules keep changing and it is important to remain up to date.

4. Limited storage and memory.

Some apps consume a lot of memory if the devices they are installed on have limited storage. These apps may discourage users from installing them. To avoid this, the developer has to take into consideration some of the demands of the app such as consumption of memory.

5. Security of the app.

The security of the mobile application is very important. You should never miss it at any point while developing the app. If the data is not encrypted, the data can be breeched. For you to prevent your app from being hacked, you need to build a very strong security layer.

6. App copycats.

This happens mostly in gaming apps. It happens where you develop an app but later on you come to realize that someone else is using the exact same ideas for their app. This will happen if your app becomes popular and it can be frustrating. To avoid these copycats, always ensure that your techniques and tactics keep changing.

7. Internet speed.

Though the speed of the internet is not a big issue, it can raise concerns when it comes to video download and other live stream services that may require the internet. If you have an app that requires the internet, you can adjust the quality of the video so as to reduce the consumption of data.

8. Beta Testing.

You must test whether your app is functioning properly. It helps you see if there are any problems and in the removal of bugs if there are any.

Are you Interested in knowing more about how these challenges can be resolved and how a great iOS app can be built. Apps development is our main offering and we are strong in building an app that solves these challenges. Reach out to us to discuss further. Also, if you have a different approach in app development, let us know and love to hear.

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Mobile App Development Trends 2018

Twenty seventeen just like the previous few years was a great year for mobile app development. Lots of companies have now realized that mobile apps are a great investment and are necessary. Mobile provides the best way to meet customer demands and increase sales. Mobile Apps provide you with enough data to know customer behavior and to understand which goods or services have the highest demand. This helps you meet demand and understand your customers better. The number of apps downloaded increases every New Year with mobile development being one of the fastest growing niches. So what does 2018 look like as far as app development is concerned?

Here are some of the mobile app development trends 2018

1. Internet of things:

The idea of a smart home or smart health is on the rise. Apps that help solve problems in health, education, wholesale services, home buying and selling and automotive industries are on the rise. People are now enjoying buying goods and services from home. Apps that help in online deliveries of these goods have quite grown in 2017. Analytics predict that internet of things will grow at a rate of 33% per 2018. The growth will directly impact the mobile app trends as internet of things devices are controlled by phones.

2. Increased mobile pages:

Since Google introduced the AMP project, loading of pages on mobile has improved. You can now see pages loading faster. Google has also declared to provide isolated search index for mobile web. With this, mobile app development has just begun. Accelerated or Increased mobile pages will help apps load faster and create a larger room for app downloads and increased visitors.

3. On-Demand Apps:

On demand apps are popular these days because they make our lives easier. They are convenient to use anywhere and help with the little things that take much of our time. Such apps include services such as cleaning services, laundry services taxi services and food delivery. These apps provide timely services, convenience and easy payments.

4. Mobile payments:

Online shopping creates customer engagement. Customers don’t need to carry credit cards thanks to these apps.

5. Increased Virtual reality apps and augmented reality:

Virtual reality apps have gone beyond gaming and entertainment. They help in the detailed presentation of products including 3D vision of products. They can also now be used to train employees in a high tech way thus increasing productivity.

6. Cloud-based apps:

Mobile App Developers are now designing apps with increased cloud technology. It is easier and quicker to use data without impacting on your phone internal memory. This is a trend that will continue to grow not only in 2018 but also in the future years to come.

7. App security:

Security of a phone is very important. It helps in making sure that personal data is not hacked into. Apps with in-built security features are making a big difference in the app development industry. The developers are and will be working to ensure that the safety of their apps is guaranteed.

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How to Market your iPhone and Android App

After months or years of development and putting your ideas together to create an app, you’ve finally launched it. You might be thinking that the hard part is over, but the truth is that it has just begun. There are lots of apps on the Appstore and every developer is trying to make sure that his or her app gets the biggest audience. If you are wondering what to do if your app idea is already launched and available in Appstore,here are a few steps to help you:

  1. Have an on boarding process. Getting users to download your app is only half the battle, the other half needs you to retain them. Having an on boarding process will create a huge difference on how your audience will engage with your app. To create a successful on boarding process, you need to allow users to get in and out of your app with ease. You also need to show them the benefits of your app. Show them the different features on the app and make it easy for them to navigate around. The sign-up should not be complicated and a call-to-action should excite them.
  2. Invest in app Analytics and Marketing software. If you don’t have the right marketing and analytics tool, you cannot set yourself for success. App analytics capture an entirely different set of metrics than web analytics. A marketing app will help you start communicating with your users and boost engagement.
  3. Track churn. If users are following to your app and then dying out, you need to find out where users start churning and why. You will also need to tailor the experience to be better and to track churn as soon as your app launches.
  4. Acquire the right users. If you have not launched user acquisition campaigns, you need to launch it so as to pay attention to data and to understand where most of your engaged users are coming from.
  5. Personalize the app experience. Once you understand where most of your users come from, it’s time to get personal. Users have become accustomed to being catered to. Any communication from the app should be treated as personal and when users use your app, they should feel like it belongs to them.
  6. Feedback. As soon as you launch your app, good or bad feedback will come your way. Closely monitor the feedback and address it. Try to understand where users get stuck and if they are using the app as you expected. Take comments and ratings seriously and address any update issues.
  7. Optimize your UI. App design and experience is important. Users are used to beautiful app interfaces and if your app is not well designed and attractive, it will not attract users. Continually think of new ways to optimize your user interface. Make your app first class so as to compete in the app market.

Having said these, It’s good to build an app with unique selling point, but if you have missed to be first in market, you still have lots of opportunities to validate your mobile app Idea really useful.  Reach us to know more about how to develop your web and mobile app that adds value to your customers.

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Benefits of Mobile Invoicing

Small businesses and freelancers have started understanding the need for using the modern technology for streamlining and improving their businesses. Mobile invoicing helps save time and costs that are the two vital factors involved in small and medium sized businesses. Online Invoice Software, with its capability to tie in directly to accounting software, enables entrepreneurs to always stay online and up-to-date.

Why is Online Invoice Software Sought After?

Not just creating invoices, you can manage sales, receive and keep tabs on client payments, and perform your accounting as well, when you make use of the innovative Online Invoice Software. Moreover, calculating taxes and comprehensive real-time reporting is also facilitated by this modern mobile invoicing application.

Facilitating business owners to view any business-related activity and easily follow up clients’ transactions, the Online Invoice Software offers them enormous support.

Increasingly More Number of Businesses are Switching to
Mobile Invoicing – Not Without Reasons

Features of the Online Invoice Software

The simple, yet efficient Online Invoice Software includes features that exclusively cater to the needs of accountants, freelancers, and small businesses. The following are a few of the features available in the Online Invoice Software:

  • Sales & invoice management
  • Inventory management
  • Online accounting
  • Customer management and follow-up
  • Multiple device compatibility
  • Modern security standards
  • Multi-user access

The Robust Online Billing & Accounting Software That Offers
Easy & Quick Solutions for Businesses

The Role of Mobile Technology in Contemporary Business Environment

There has been considerable activity in the mobile technology in the recent times. Mobile app development is particularly undergoing one of the greatest evolutions in the world of technology. Enabling users to perform processes that were once considered difficult and laborious with ease and speed, mobile devices have facilitated business owners to perform unprecedented activities using online software. Mobile invoicing is key among the various tasks that have been rendered easy, accurate, and secure.

One Powerful Mobile Invoicing System that Multiplies Your
Clients and Grows Your Business

Exclusive Benefits of Mobile Invoicing Software

Mobile invoicing apps assist entrepreneurs in several ways, namely, billing clients, tracking invoices, monitoring payments, and making payment to vendors from remote locations – all in an efficient yet economical manner. Catering to the needs of businesses of all sizes, the Online Invoice Software provides the following advantages to businesses:

  • It relieves you from having to be physically present on your computer – sending, checking, and receiving your invoice and payments is enabled on your mobile device, saving precious time.
  • The cost of printing and sharing invoices and payments is avoided by using the Online Invoice Software.
  • Transparency in transactions leads to improved client relationship.
  • Mobile invoicing solutions can be integrated with the existing accounting software, thus offering entrepreneurs accurate information with just a few button presses.
  • Faster payment is achieved.
  • Customer data can be stored in a central and secure location.
  • Billing and accounting functions can be performed on the go.
  • Customers are enabled to pay in their preferred mode and convenient ways.

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Grow your business to next level – Meet W2S Solutions at TiECON 2017

Leverage the Power of Mobile Apps to Achieve Business Success!

Quickly adapting with latest developments and improvising on current situations is the need of the hour in the modern business environment. Digital applications are making giant leaps – leading the list is the mobile app.

Our Specialty is Building Unique Mobile Apps

The need for App Development Company in Chennai has been realized like never before. Businesses are looking for domestic mobile app development service providers with international standards. We are an exclusive mobile app development company located in the IT Hub, Chennai, and we have pride in being able to go the extra mile with regard to quality, standards, and client satisfaction.

With expertise and experience in building web and mobile apps, we have reached the niche of being the best app development company in Chennai through relentless and dedicated service to customers. For sharing thoughts and partnering with us, you are welcome to visit us at Stall # 4 at the TieCON 2017!

A unique opportunity to project and promote your business!

The Tie Sandhai Event Convened by Tie Chennai

The need for a tech-driven and informative promotional strategy is being increasingly felt by businesses in the recent times. Tiecon Chennai, the global community enables entrepreneurs across the world to grow their businesses. This entrepreneurial organization is organizing a massive conference of global talents in Chennai, with the view of fostering the entrepreneurs of the next generation.

Giving every entrepreneur the opportunity to exhibit and flaunt their products and services, TieCON 2017 is a mega event planned to enable aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, and veterans to congregate and excel. Chennai being one of the biggest entrepreneurial conclaves in the nation, you not only get to measure the demand for your product but also to project it to the maximum number of potential clients.

Our Innovative Products and Services

We at W2S Solutions aim at being the most sought after Science and Technology solutions providers. We have been chosen to collaborate with the National Institute of Ocean Technology for building IISF Android and iPhone solutions.

We have the privilege of having been involved with the renowned GetSpini team in creating the web application that proves very useful in the Indian market. Developers from W2S joined hands with their core team in building their vision.

A unique web application as well as mobile app that provides assistance to Fleets, Tours, Travels, and Delivery-related businesses in effectively managing their operations has been designed by us. Our product offers easy-to-use IT Solutions to transport, logistics, and delivery companies in India.

We have developed a reliable invoice management and payment processing application focusing primarily on entrepreneurs and SMEs in the Indian sub-continent. Helping businesses in tracking their cash flow and expenses efficiently, our invoicing software ensures not only hassle-free invoicing but also effective payment collection.

Another Rainy Day in Chennai

Another rainy day in Chennai.  As everyone does, we love rain when we sit inside a closed glass door office along with the cup of tea.  We can’t really complain the nature as it was not a tremendous hit like 2015, but still It impacts normal life cycle for many.  No point in talking about preventive or precautionary steps could have been taken.  Because the issue is not to take the step, but who will take it. Public? Private? Or Government? Everyone is trying to solve his or her own problem and there is zero time to think of a solution for something is going to happen in future.  We are just talking what a common man can do in this season and here are a few. We are sure this will grow and change based on individuals, and would like to hear your contributions too.

What a common man can do in this Rain:

  • Make sure you are fit and healthy. Your family needs you.
  • Show to your kids and let them understand Oct to Dec is a rainy monsoon in Chennai and have to be prepared to survive.
  • If you do a daily commute to office, try to get someone onboard from nearby bus stops and drop them on your way.
  • If your team has any deliverables to be met and getting late for the day, help them to accomplish, so they shall go home before its too late.
  • Ask any labor or sales man you meet that how they are doing and how their family is.
  • If it’s affordable, you can supply health drinks, food to others who cant afford it.
  • If you know grocery stores, which is not faking that there are no supply and didn’t increase the price, share the grocery store information to your known and give him a great referral business.
  • Carry cash always as card transactions may fail.
  • If you cross OMR toll and they ask for a toll fee, fight with them that why we should pay toll for the water logged streets? Raise your concern that No better roads and no toll payment.
  • Try not to skip work. As our business is to serve International and local customers, we cant delay our work and put our customers in trouble. Also, We shall be genuine in sharing what’s going on locally and let them understand the ground reality.

Social Responsibility is in our breed and that’s how we have grown ourselves. W2S Solutions is a team of social responsible individuals and we participate as a team or as Individuals in various social Improvement activities. We are good in Apps development and also in offering Technology solutions.  Reach us if you are looking for any apps development and don’t forget to contribute here.

Why should you Choose W2S Solutions for your App Development Needs?

Service business is highly competitive. Though there are other vendors who engage in Price war and deliver low quality product, we never engage in offering a solution, which is not upto the mark. This is already proven many times and here is our client feedback of our Web and Mobile apps development services.

We have recently built a web, iPhone and Android solution for National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT), A Government of India Ministry. Our development team collaborated with client to delivery high quality product that attracts many visitors and audience. Here is the snippet of and Interview that we had with our customers.

1. Why we chose W2S Solutions to be our Technology Partner in building our Web and Mobile Apps:

“We searched Mobile App Developing companies through Google and found W2S Solutions. There was a quick response and continuous follow-up done at start-up level itself right from requirement level interaction, quotation sending and till implementation of App in both platforms (Android and iOS).”

2. How was the experience working with W2S Solutions when you were engaging with us?

“It was very good experience with your team to work and meeting the deadline even the given delivery due date is very short. Very good team!”

3. Please comment about the final product, maintenance support and your Interest in recommending us to others.

“The product were delivered better than what we expected and we received more appreciation’s as it was very helpful to know the information timely. Kudos to W2S Solutions team for the timely deliver and extended support in both Technical and Functional aspects of Mobile App. All these come when both the stakeholders are in complete understanding about requirement and dedication; we saw this in your team. We will surely recommend you, if any new requirements come up.

All the best to Mr.Pratap Murugan for delivering the bug free application in both platforms and to the entire team.”

About us :

W2S Solutions is a leading apps development company located in Chennai, India and serving customer globally. If you are looking for

  • Web Development
  • IPhone Development
  • Android apps development
  • AngularJS, PhoneGap, NodeJS developers
  • Microsoft certified professionals

Contact Us and we are happy to execute your app idea!