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How to Get Paid Faster as a Freelancer?

Regardless of whether you are a freelancer or a small business owner, you are expected to put in time and efforts for achieving success. You make your clients satisfied by investing dedicated and focused efforts and hard work and by offering a phenomenal service or product. Now, when it comes to collecting the payment for your service or product, the key factor is invoicing.

Significance of Prompt and Attractive Free Invoice Software

Amid all the competition and efforts extended, there’s one thing that is incredibly important for solo entrepreneurs and freelancers – getting paid fully and on time. Delayed payments not just impact cash flow of your business, but result in spoilt client-freelancer relationships as well. Having to chase clients for payments is considerable waste of time. It also diverts your focus.

Although appearing to be the least exciting part in your business, invoicing is one vital element that facilitates payment for goods sold or services provided. To be able to run the business smoothly, prepare perfect invoices, and get paid on time, every small business owner or freelancer requires a system. It must be capable of financial tracking and convenient to manage tax. Here’s where the free invoice software plays a vital role in business.

Grow your business and increase your client base using the Free Invoice Software!

Grow Your Business with the Free Invoice Software

Entrepreneurs and freelancers aim at achieving flexibility and higher income while enjoying increased overall freedom and better work-life balance. Whatever may be the line of activity, one of your primary concerns is getting paid faster, for which you first need free online invoicing software that includes helpful features such as automatic payment reminders and customization. All you need is a mobile device with an Internet connection.

Benefits of Using Free Invoice Software

  • Payment is faster: Invoicing being performed in a faster way using the free invoice software, your payments become faster too. Online invoicing system enables entrepreneurs and freelancers to expedite things – invoices can be sent online, as soon as providing the service.
  • Accuracy of Data is Ensured: Human errors can be eliminated and reworking that consume time may be avoided when using the free invoice software that includes smart inherent calculation processes  – taxes, interest, discounts, and other such added items may be automated, making it possible to perform calculations in seconds.
  • Customized Invoices: It is often required by businesses to send out customized invoices to different clients – online invoicing software allows editing and amending every single invoice – offering complete customization.
  • Organized Invoicing and Accounting: Online invoicing software helps tracking sent invoices, invoices for which payment has been collected, and outstanding invoices.
  • Universal Access: Young entrepreneurs and freelancers expect to have more opportunity to work while being able to perform their functions remotely – free invoice software enables you to prepare invoices on the go.

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Best Ways to Flourish Your Business with Geofencing Apps

Determining of moving or stationary vehicles on the earth – their physical location – is one of the major concerns of the businesses related to the transportation industry. In fact, navigation and exploration have been in need of reliable ways of locating objects, since time unknown.

“GPS Plays a Major role in tracking motor vehicles, equipment, and personnel!”

The Innovative Technology of GPS Fleet Tracking Software

GPS technology has touched the lives of different industries in the modern world. Making use of the innovative technology of geofencing that can be defined as a virtual boundary surrounding a specific geographic area, fleet owners are enabled to send alerts and notifications to mobile phones. It is also possible to locate the position of a mobile phone. Geofencing App comes handy for tracking the movement of fleet and receiving alerts about their movement.

“Awesome ways of Flourishing Your Fleet Business Using Geofencing Apps”

Fleet Management Has Never Been This Easy

Regardless of which mobile device you prefer – Smartphone or tablet, and whatever operating system – Android or iOS, the state-of-the-art GPS Fleet Tracking Software offers mobile-friendly solutions that empower you to keep complete control over your fleet of vehicles and personnel.

Providing incredible features such as mobile management, dynamic reporting, and driver support, this software proves to be extensive and convenient to fleet owners.

“Real-Time Fleet Tracking – Say Goodbye to the Problem of Going Out of Reach!”

How Does the GPS Fleet Tracking Software Help Monitor Your Fleet and Improve Business?

Business owners having a mobile workforce and assets that are almost always on the move may make use of geofencing. This GPS Fleet Tracking Software helps create a virtual border and enables getting a response whenever your vehicle leaves or enters a particular location. Geofencing effectively provides real-time data about when your fleet of drivers and vehicles reach a site and how long they halt at each site. Unauthorized use of your equipment beyond operational hours may also be tracked using this software. You can stay in touch and control fleet management with the alerts and other information that notify you whenever fixed perimeters are crossed.

“Now You can Manage Your Fleet Business at Anytime, from Anywhere!”

The Best Ways to Progress in Your Fleet Business – GPS Fleet Tracking Software

The following are a few of the steps to improve your fleet business. These can be achieved by using the GPS Fleet Tracking Software:

  • Optimizing the routing process plays a vital role in making full use of your fleet and personnel
  • Fuel efficiency has to be increased and cost of maintenance needs to be reduced – this can be achieved by shortening the distance covered
  • Your vehicles, equipment, and driver must be monitored and managed efficiently so as to accomplish their maximum potential
  • Monitoring your fleet by using maintenance alerts and reminders facilitates effective asset management
  • Safety and security of your vehicles and people can be ensured
  • Customer experience is greatly improved


How A Live Tracking App Empowers Employees?

What should I do to empower my Field Force? The foremost thing is to engage and make it easier for them to get their tasks done. How to achieve this? I don’t find anyone who won’t be interested in using latest technology and apps to perform their best for the day. The Apps help in empowering Field Force by automating their process.

Here’s how they are empowered by Live Tracking App:

Instant Task Assignment would empower your team to find availability and assign tasks in an easier way:

 If you have a Sales Employee Tracking App with live maps and notification capabilities, it would be easier to assign tasks for the team on the go. If you receive an order, all you need to do is to find the nearest one and assign them based on their availability. He/She receives your notice and performs the task, no more wasting time waiting for the next assignment. Hence it empowers to keep up the good work.

Submitting their daily reports digitally from where they are will bring a smile to the Employee’s face:

Is still Manual Reporting creates a pain in your business?  no-one is interested to email their daily activities, record their trips from end-to-end in paper mileage logs and keep-in safe the receipts to submit for reimbursement. These tracking Apps make it easy for them to do all these tasks waiting at the customer’s place or having a cup of coffee at a restaurant. This empowers the businesses too in keep tracking of everything.

The digital expense tracking helps workers to document their expenses right away:

Do you cherish manual expense reporting?  Figuring out where you put that electricity bill and waiting till the last second to adjust expenses for reimbursement. One more thing to do! Tracking tools make it easy to insert a new expense, defining it, make notes, and even snap a picture of the bill.

Intimating defects on your mobile screen helps Employees to have rapid inspections:

Your employees inspect their vehicles two times a day, they’re used to carrying around a clipboard and pen, and keeping track of all of that paper so they can deliver it to you. Everyday. With digital tools—an app screen where they can note any vehicle problems—all he wants is the Mobile.

Speeding alerts help workers to be great drivers:

Telematics tools can be configured to send notifications to drivers. If you’re speeding or any others mistakes that raises a safety red flag. It’s an instant reminder to solve the problem.

Right utilities help the employees to cater on time:

On the whole, The workers have the productivity tools they need to complete the task and document what needs to be recorded, they’re more engaged—and probably doing a great job.

Is Live tracking right for your business? Talk to us to know more.

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W2S Solutions proudly announces the launch of mobile app for India International Science Festival 2017

India International Science Festival was conducted in 2015.  Third conclave is being held in Chennai from 13th to 16th October 2017.   The Union Ministry of Science and Technology is conducting the four day India International Science. Honourable Union Science Minister Harsh Vardhan said that the fest, to be held in multiple venues, including Anna University, Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLR) here, features a series of events.

Being a Science and Technology solutions provider, W2S Solutions announces its collaboration with National Institute of Ocean Technology in building IISF iPhone and Android Solutions. Madhu Kesavan, CEO of W2S Solutions said in a quote below.

“It’s our Social Responsibility to motivate Innovation, Startups and Technologists in India. We are very pride that W2S Solutions is chosen to build India International Science Festival Mobile solutions. Our iPhone and Android app helps attendees and visitors to know more about the offerings.  It’s built in a short span of time without a deviation in quality.  It stands Zero Defect and Zero Effect as quoted by our PM Modi

“This app offers salient features to audience. It lists events, schedule, press release, notifications, user profile, social sharing. Dynamic gallery allows anyone to upload events and news. It brings attendees, organizers together to fully utilize benefits of the program.  You would not miss to download if you are attending this event at present.” Pratap Murugan, Accounts and Client Relations Manager of W2S Solutions said. Also he added that “we have received a great feedback so far from NIOT and attendees; Its an outcome of hard work in producing efficient web and mobile apps by our developers”

About W2S Solutions: 

No wonder why we say loud that we are a leading web and mobile apps development company in India.   Our Full stack development team is expertise in building Web solutions including Python, Django, Php, Laravel, AngularJS, Microsoft .NET and native iPhone, Android and cross platform apps. We are good in converting a startup idea into reality and work closely with SME’s and Enterprises. Reach us if you are looking for any IT Solutions.

Ph : +91-73387 73388,  Email :

app development


Benefits of using online invoice software for your StartUp

The simple, free, and efficient invoice generator software is specially designed for small and medium sized businesses.  Offering to automate recurring invoices, this innovative software allows multiple users while enabling remote access.

Role of Invoice Generator Software in Startups

In addition to creating and sending beautiful and complete invoices, invoice generator software facilitates smoothly running your whole business. By using this modern software, businesses can achieve better results with fewer efforts. With exclusive features such as automatic payment reminder, recurring billing for repeat transactions, and automatic bookkeeping, this software makes the life of startups a lot easier.

Beautiful and Professionals Invoices that can be Sent to Unlimited Customers!!

Features of the invoice Generator Software

  • Easy creation of invoices, orders, and quotes
  • Send or save invoices in PDF format
  • Customization is possible
  • Scheduling recurring invoices is made possible
  • Secure and convenient mobile access through web interface
  • Multiple business invoicing is supported
  • Sending customer statements automatically is possible
  • Supports multiple tax rates
  • Sync between mobile devices or computers
  • Generating invoices is possible even when offline
  • Reporting includes accounting, unpaid invoices, and salesman performance

Benefits of Online Invoice Generator App

Online invoice generator app enables sending detailed statements and invoices to customers in a way that offers easy understanding of their goods consumption and your services.

The following are a few of the advantages of the online invoice generator app:

  • Multiple paydays: Businesses are needed to bill multiple clients simultaneously –online billing software makes the process quicker and facilitates responding to various business needs
  • Things can be kept light: Free online generator offers lightweight solution to businesses that enable them begin invoicing process right away
  • Easy Templates: Online invoicing templates are powerful to give clients their specific billing functions
  • Easy and anywhere access: With just an Internet connection, you can access the invoice template from anywhere in the world
  • Simple but beautiful Invoices: Online invoicing generator has simple and minimal interface but it includes all the effective features of smart invoicing
  • Go paperless: Web-based invoicing technology ensures a paperless environment
  • Payment history access: In addition to offering online invoicing solutions, the exclusive online invoicing app enables you to check customer data – payment history can be viewed

Why is Invoice Generator Software Considered Special for Startups?

The invoice generator software offers sleek design and a great user experience. It takes care of all the hard work starting with calculating to printing and delivering invoices to customers. While you can create beautiful and customized invoices according to your specific needs, you can also control your business with the smart reports that can be prepared using this software.

Incredible Options Offered by Invoice Generator Software

  • Invoicing in any currency
  • Follow up with statements regarding overdue accounts
  • Automation of billing
  • Customized invoicing using your own colors and logo
  • Automatic backup on the cloud
  • Automatic payment reminders can be set

Invoice on the go and ensure faster payment!!

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How to Validate your Mobile App Idea?

So, you have an amazing app idea and you believe that you have finally struck gold? Well, this is what every app developer initially feels, but many are those whose ideas have never seen the light of day. As of January 2107, there were over 2.2 million iOS apps on the App Store and Android apps on Google Play are now over 3 million. Amazon AppStore has over 600k mobile apps and these numbers should give a reality check on what to expect in the mobile app landscape.

How then do you know that your app idea is worth the time and money? How do you avoid building an app that no one will come looking for in the app stores? While most developers will just go ahead and start building an app in the hope that the idea will work, this is not the best idea. For your app idea to work, it needs to be planned and well executed for it to reflect your organization’s vision.

Initial Steps to Validate Your App 

Before jumping into the more complex validation processes for your app, why not start with the basics? Take a look:

  • Market research: Check for other similar apps in app stores by using target keywords on search engines. Check the popularity of such apps’ potential competitors, performance of similar apps, and their marketing approaches. Google Trends and Mobile Action are good tools for your app research.
  • Simple pitch strategy: Talk to family, friends and work colleagues and ask if they can use such an app. Confirm if they have a similar app already and the reasons they don’t like your app idea if any.
  • Landing page: This should be built even before the development of the app starts. Test how willing target customers are to buy your app. Email subscription form is a must at this stage as subscriptions, will give an idea of the interest your app can generate.
  • Ad campaign: Run a Google Adwords campaign and Facebook marketing campaign to send traffic to your landing page.
  • Track results: This will again give an idea of the potential popularity of your app.

Concrete Strategies to Validate Your App

To validate your app, consider the following strategies that are used in other business processes:

  1. Proof of concept (POC): This is an idea best used if you have a team of developers working on the app. It is an internal app validation technique where usability is not a major consideration, but instead sharing of internal knowledge, leveraging emerging technologies and provides proof that the app can work. This can be built with expert mobile app developers and Its recommended to find a full stack developer.
  2. Prototype: This is a validation step of the app where the team now shows practically what can be done. This is an end-to end working and interactive simple model app with process management, defined technology usage and data flow. There are many errors, but identification of such weaknesses is at the core of this validation process.
  3. Minimum Viable Product (MVP): An MVP works together with a prototype for a successful end product. This is a minimal form of your app and closely resembles what will be launched. The iterative process in the MVP validation stage helps identify user’s problems, product viability, usability and market demand for the app. Since MVP plays a major role in building your app, you should partner with an experienced app development company. They can able to plan, design, develop and deploy your app idea.

These validation processes are faster and provide invaluable information that goes into refining the final app to be tested and launched in the market.

Quick and Effective Tips to Be A Successful Appreneur

Numbers don’t lie and if you want to invest in any business, you should always make decisions based on numbers. The adoption of mobile apps today is simply incredible; the total number of mobile app downloads in 2017 was 197 billion. iOS app downloads in 2016 reached over 25 billion while Android app downloads during the same period came to 90 billion.

These numbers highlight the popularity of apps today as more businesses rush to leverage the increasing number of mobile users. A successful Appreneur can make millions in a few hours by selling their well-designed and relevant apps to big brands. Good examples include WhatsApp and Instagram, which are now among the top grossing apps.

Well, being a successful Appreneur is not easy otherwise anyone who can make an app would be ranking in millions. However good your skills are, there are things you need to do to join the crème de la crème in the industry:

  1. Get to Intensely know all App Stores

The largest percentage of mobile app development happens on app stores and you have to learn all about these platforms in order to develop apps that are in demand. Learn the guidelines provided for Amazon, iOS Store and Google Play Store, and the best practices for each.

  1. Understand And Practice App Store Optimization (ASO)

Even the best app can get lost in the thousands of apps that are being launched daily. To avoid this, make sure you take time to learn more about App Store Optimization (ASO). You might have the best app, but if it is not optimized for app stores, target users will never find it. Understand your target users, learn about your competition, choose the right app name, maximize keyword use, use a compelling description,  stand out with a unique icon, add screenshots and videos, localize your app listing, promote your app everywhere and keep updating it.

  1. Study Failures And Learn

Apps are not developed in a vacuum and you have to go out there and check what others have done and the reason many others are failing. Compare good-ranking apps with the poor ones and learn what you can do better. Main components to consider include design, concept, poor reviews and lack of marketing among other oversights.

  1. Choose the Best Mobile Development Plan

You have different options to build your app. Choose the mobile app technology that suits your needs (native/cross-platform/ hybrid). Depending on your skill range, decide between an agency or freelancer and make sure you validate the idea before starting (through Minimum viable product (MVP), Prototype or Proof of concept (POC).

  1. Draw a Monetization Strategy

Paid apps, in-app purchases and Freemium are all monetization strategies you can use, but you should be guided by your goals. However, your major focus should be boosting visibility and generating a user base before monetization.

Other tricks include focusing on data analysis (testing, measuring and analyzing your app), cross-promoting your apps and use right app development tools including ad networks, tracking and monetization tools, analytics SDKs and rating tools.

Invoice Templates or Online Invoicing Software: Which Is Better?

Better Choice Between Invoice Templates and Online Invoice Software

Entrepreneurs may wonder when they need to bill their clients: invoicing templates or online invoicing software – which one will best suit our purpose? On first impulse, you might think of your invoice as just a page of document that shows calculations and displays details. In reality, this page of document forms a crucial part of your business that helps getting properly paid!

Customized Invoices with your own icons, logos, and color scheme – make your brand stick out!

Invoice Templates Vs Online Invoice Software

Invoice templates in Word or Excel document are aplenty online. All you need to do is download the one you like, fill it with your own details, and mail it. You may also print it out and pass it over to your customer. On the flip side, you will have to go through the same process every time. At times, you end up accidentally deleting certain things or messing up the alignment. You face the situation of loading the document again and having to go through the same process once again.

Enter the online invoice software. Not only are online invoice software easier than traditional invoice templates, but they prove to be much simpler as well. Freelancers and small business owners who do not want to spend precious time on invoices opt for this modern billing solution that is much more efficient and convenient to work.

Beautiful, secure, and simple invoicing solutions for businesses!

Features of the Online Invoice Software

Offering additional features such as the ability to create and send invoices and estimates, time tracking, and accepting online payments, online invoice software operates entirely within the Internet browser. The following are a few of the exclusive features offered by online invoice software:

  • Fast payment: Professional design enables presenting all necessary information clearly to customers while facilitating faster payment
  • Automatic Features: The online invoice software offers automated features that help processing the invoice easily and efficiently – sending automatic payment reminders about unpaid bills is possible
  • Robust tools: Online invoice software stores regular data such as your products, customers, prices, and taxes – this way, you are enabled to prepare an invoice with just a few clicks. Moreover, your data is securely managed on the cloud
  • Mobility: Regardless of whether you are at your desk or on the go, online invoice software allows you to manage your invoices with convenience and ease – you may perform your transactions using mobile devices

Create Beautiful Invoices and Automate Your Work flow!

Exclusive Benefits of Online Invoice Software

  • As most of the processes are automated, only less number of data is required to be entered – mistakes are considerably reduced
  • As online invoicing software is constantly updated, you will always adhere to new legal requirements and changes – your invoice will always be up-to-date
  • With most of the elements of the invoice automated, it is possible to prepare invoices fast
  • Professional and beautiful design enable presenting the invoice that express your brand in clear manner
  • With online payment option, online invoice software facilitates faster payment by customers
  • With due date facility, you will be alerted when a payment is overdue
  • Not just invoices – creating and sending quotes, reminders, and delivery notes is also possible

Online invoice software provides all the facilities and convenience that make billing and collection processes a lot easier for businesses!

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Key Mobile App Performance Indicators (KPIs) That Really Matter

Mobile development has undergone rapid evolution over the last one decade. More brands and organizations are adopting mobile apps to boost their operations. Mobile apps enhance efficiency and increase the reach of your brand while at the same time cutting costs of operations. Today, there are over 2.2 million iOS apps on the App Store while Google Play boasts over 3 million apps.

However, many of these apps are obsolete and they are not adding any value to the owners. To ensure your app doesn’t meet a similar fate, you have to build an app that offers something inherently valuable to a user.

The problem with most mobile marketers is that much of their focus is on getting their app launched.  While this is important, it marks just the beginning of the journey to your app’s success. This is where Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) come into play. These are metrics that help in monitoring and measuring the mobile app and they can be divided into:

  • Engagement Metrics: These KPIs are interested with how engaged your target customers are with the app.
  • Revenue metrics: The focus of these KPIs is on revenue generation.
  • Interest / Intent Metrics: These KPIs matter mostly when it comes to media apps.

Overall, the key mobile app performance indicators (KPIs) that really matter include:

  1. App Usage

app usage

You have to continuously measure the times the mobile app is being accessed right from the moment is launched. If your app is providing any value to users, the usage levels should start rising gradually. This metric helps build a strategy to be used in upgrading the app. Session time is also a critical aspect in app usage because a longer length of time means your app is engaging.

The number of permissions granted for your app to access a user’s personal information is also a factor in app usage because it shows high levels of trust. One more factor that really matters in the engagement KPI is the number of screens/pages visited. More screen visits shows the user is captivated.

  1. App Retention Rate

While most app developers are obsessed with the launch and app installation, one performance indicator that should really matter is how engrossed users are with your app. Millions of apps are installed but they are never used. Strive for longevity and check out weak areas that could be leading to low usage and high uninstallation rates.


  1. Lifetime Value (LTV)

lifetime value

This Key Performance Indicator really matters for your app though it is rarely mentioned. Here, you need to compare the value of your app customer with a non-mobile user, both of whom are your customers. If the mobile app user spends more, is more loyal and promotes your brand, then your mobile app is performing.

  1. Active Users

active users

You have to measure the daily active users (DAU) and monthly active users (MAU). A high user rate is a sign of better performance of your app. The best users are always engrossed on your app and are an indicator of the value your app is adding to their lives.

Other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) include average revenue per user, app loading time, user acquisition (number of subscriptions/registrations) and user experience, items placed in a shopping cart, social shares and in-app purchases in a given time among others.