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Global Addiction = Emerging Market

Do you live without your smartphone for a week? So this is one of a major question I come across on social media now-a-days. Also they will show a pic of a Lakeside Condo and ask will you give up your smartphone to stay here for a week. For me its hilarious why would people add such a post in Social media. We know we are dependant to our smartphone by one way or another.

I like to begin with some numbers so we can get some better understanding. There are 2.1 Billion smartphone users in 2016 and users are forecast to grow around 2.5 Billion in 2019. So the number is still growing stronger, that’s why we have to think twice what’s in that smartphone? Is that really a Global Addiction? Is it really making things possible? This is a part we need to be clear. By following the famous statement, Smartphones also has a Positive and Negative sides. This gives you a chance to take a stand on which side you should be. I prefer to stay on a positive side and believe it’s a device that make you to do things right.

Why this is an Emerging Market?

Smart + Phone= Smartphone, In the origin of phones they are just used to send and receive calls and messages then comes an operating system which helps you to run some smart functionalities or features that is similar to our regular computer. Few may think is that a big deal? Yes, for many it slowly turned their way of working and also sorted some daily errands for them through the utility features so, they are good to use it frequently and to carry a device for their day.

Here we go all set but then there arises a new age of Apps which made a revolution and made many to use and rest is history. In 2017 App market was expected to generate a $77 Billion worth of revenue. And it totally nailed the sales of smartphone and even doubled the number of PCs estimated to sell. I recently wondered that my phone has 6GB of RAM but my laptop got only 4GB.

Later on people started to realise the value of the apps in smartphone and started to think, why not? Then everything falls into a position and smarter brains pushed hard and opened the portal to Mobile Application Development. Since now the major platforms are Android and iOS people started to crave how to make their business or daily needs better by having a Mobile App for them. So this is where I think you might get some idea why this is an emerging market.

Do you need a Mobile Application?

There are 7 Billion people in earth most of them will have knowledge about apps and at least few have heard about its purpose. There are apps for everything. Need Food? Done. Need to open a bank account? Done. Need to monitor your business? Done. Need Health/ Personal Assistant? Done. But still it’s growing that’s the only reason it’s an emerging market. People started to use apps regularly for their needs based on what they need. On the other end Entrepreneurs and Startups are making their way with killer ideas and creating a great impact among users. Thank you to all the App Development Companies which makes this real and handy.

Based on the convenience in the Mobile Apps even the Government and other private sectors have rolled out their mobile apps to make users comfortable and to rely on services. There are always pros and cons so, I think we are just dependant to Smartphones and using the Tech in a better way. Looking for the next big revolution.

Best Practices for WordPress Website Security

Started as blogging software in 2003, WordPress has emerged as most powerful and popular Content Management System. Based on a recent survey, 27.5% of total website is powered by WordPress.

Though it’s widely used open source platform, hackers are taking interest in breaking the security. While WordPress core software is so secured itself, but there is never too much ascertainable. Google blacklists around 20,000 websites for malware and around 50,000 for phishing each week. Due to security lack any website can be hacked and a statistics explains about how it’s been hacked,

  • 41% due to security vulnerability on their hosting platform
  • 29% due to security breach in WordPress theme
  • 22% were hacked because of the security issues in WordPress plugins
  • 8% due to poor login credentials

Website owners should take responsibility of taking care of website security, because hacked website may impact a big damage to the business reputation and revenue. There are chances of Information stealing, injection of Malware, Unwanted contents and images posting and installing malicious software.

Just take a few minutes to go through the below points to make sure your website is secured.

Keep the Theme and Plugin Up to date:

WordPress started with version 0.7 in 2003 and its been updated to version 4.8 three months back. Please make sure you have a latest WordPress version. It is also better to hide the version number in the site’s source view.

More number of vulnerabilities happening through themes. We need to make sure all the plugin also up to date. Choose the right plugin that are regularly updated and actively maintained. Delete the themes and plugins if it is not used. You can also restrict others from accessing your plugins and disable theme editor if are not using regularly.

Use Secure Login Credentials:

Most of them is using default username as “Administrator”. Avoid using default user name and have a strong username. Keep a complex password with series of numbers, letters and symbols and make it so difficult to guess.

It advisable to change your credentials regularly. Also there are some security plugins, which ban IP address for few attempts of wrong credentials.

Limited Access:

Have limited user access to the WordPress admin panel, give permission for those you really needs it. Giving permissions to too many users will always makes it complex. Give only the minimum required permissions for the users.

We can limit the user login by the number of times a user from a specific IP can try to login with the given specific time period. Also we can restrict the user from attempting again for the specific given time period.

Backup your website Regularly:

Even though your website is if secured, its always better to plan for scheduled backups for files. It’s easy to restore a website up and running anytime if we have the files backup. There are some useful plugins which takes an automatic backup of the files, Even you can able to take a back up once in a 30 minutes with one of the paid plugin called as VaultPress.

File Protection:

Protect wp-admin directory – Use password protect wp-admin directory, this is the best way for security measure. Website admin need to enter two-authentication password for accessing dashboard and it is possible to assign a particular required features of wp-admin to specific users.

Protect wp-config file – It’s highly important file in website’s root directory, also it has the important information of WordPress installation. It will be very tough for the hackers if this file is not accessible to them. You need to move wp-admin.php file to a higher level than the root directory.

If you are working in a shared hosting environment it is important to set your directory permissions properly. Setting the directory permissions to “755” and files to “644” protects the whole filesystem – directories, subdirectories, and individual files.

.htaccess protection:

.htaccess file has a huge impact on ensuring your website security. If something went wrong it will affect your site structure permalinks. You can insert many different code snippets into the .htaccess file in WordPress tags to modify what files are visible within your site’s directory.

You can also restrict admin access by creating a new .htaccess file and uploading it to the wp-admin directory.There are many other ways to modify .htaccess to tighten your website’s security.

There are so many other ways to protect your website from security hacks and the top six has been listed above. And most importantly choosing a right wordpress development company is the key factor in handling these kind of website security vulnerability activities.

We at W2S Solutions provide end to end website development services that includes design, development, deploy and maintenance

How to become a Billionaire by building a great Mobile app?

Is it possible to make millions by building an app? Game of War – Fire Age, Boom Beach, Madden NFL Mobile, Candy Crush Saga, Clash of Clans (iOS), Spotify and Tinder, Pokemon Go; what do all these apps have in common? Well, other than the fact that they started small, they are also among the top grossing mobile apps bringing in millions per day.

If you have been thinking about becoming an Appreneur, this is the right time to make your move as more brands position themselves to leverage the grossing number of app users. Research shows that mobile users spend more time on apps than mobile websites. In 2022, the total number of mobile app downloads is expected to reach 258.2 billion. This highlights the opportunities that abound for anyone who has a good idea that can be turned into a successful app.

Now, back to your question, how can one make millions by building an app? For you to appreciate the task you are setting yourself up for, remember that for every million making it on app marketplace, there are thousands that simply don’t make it. With millions of apps already available, you need to take your time to strategize. Here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Market Research

market research

Everyone has an idea and if you think yours is the best, you will be surprised to find out that many other people already outdid you here. Go out and research to identify if there is really a gap that needs filling with your app. In summary, a money making app must be unique, entertaining, and useful for day to day life. Through market research, you not only evaluate your idea but you also learn about the market trends.

  1. Don’t Struggle to Reinvent the Wheel

reinvent the wheel

A close look at the most successful apps in the app stores today reveals that the developers weren’t after being revolutionary. Instead, they sought out to improve on existing apps. With millions of apps already available on app stores, you might find it hard to come up with a new idea, but luckily, no one said you can’t improve on what is already there; look at WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Instagram and you will get the idea.

  1. Talk to an Expert


Most likely, you have already read how easy it is to build your own app and make millions in the process. There are so many mobile app development tools available but none can replace the invaluable expertise offered by an experienced mobile app developer. A good app developer will analyze your idea and advise how viable this can be. Even before the app development phase the input of an app developer is crucial.

  1. Think Funding


If you are interested in building an app that can make you millions, take time to strategize on how to fund the development. The quality of app must be excellent and this means working with the best team. You can go for a crowdfunding campaign if you already have a good idea and proof of concept.

      5. User Traction :

user traction

Investors and Users look for how the App is behaving in the market. Its highly recommended to go through costly mistakes that you should avoid before launching your app

      6. Get Featured and PR:

get featured

Once your App is getting the momentum, you should maintain it by adding more features and get in touch with proper Press Release Agencies. It will help you to get listed in App stores and gain visibility in medias. Once you are on the growth track, you will be considered for Strategic partnership from companies and Investors. If the partnership is well analyzed and works well, your App Idea will be the next Billion Dollar Business!

Other factors to consider if you want to make millions by building an app include pre-launch marketing and choosing an appropriate monetization model. It is a tough one, but through commitment and research, you can make millions from your app idea.

Stay Away from These Mistakes before Launching Your App

If you are nearing the final phase of your mobile app development, it is critical to pause before the launch. For a start, remember yours is just one among millions of apps hitting app stores every day. The total number of iOS apps downloads in 2016 alone was 25 billion plus while Android app downloads during the same period reached 90 billion.

With the crowding in the mobile app ecosystem, you need to prepare yourself for a tough time ahead. The market resistance you will face is just one of the issues you have to deal with, but there is still more. Any rush to launch might ruin an otherwise brilliant app and it is imperative to learn from what others have gone through.

With this in mind, try as much as possible to avoid the following common blunders before launching your app:

  1. Failure to Capitalize on Pre-launch

If you have no idea what a pre-launch is all about, then you can’t capitalize on it. If you are planning to start promoting your app when it is already live, you are in for a lot of disappointment. Creating a general buzz about your app on social media and other online platforms generates curiosity and you can in fact use this chance to build a mailing list. Give updates to your followers on social media and upload teasers to try and influence target users. At this stage, try to contact influencers, journalists and your niche bloggers to prepare for the actual launch.

  1. Ignoring Beta Testing

After so much work developing your app, it is understandable that you want it out there soonest possible. Well, this is a blunder most app developers make as they forego beta testing by an expert who will resolve any hidden bugs and ensure yours is a user-friendly app. A public beta launch is also an opportunity to get objective feedback that can help with UI improvement.

  1. Poor Market Research

This should be a crucial step before any serious development begins. In fact, sound market research should be done continuously throughout the development phase to ensure the app is coming in to fill a gap. Through intense market research, you are able to get closer to the intended user. The app you launch is highly effective and relevant to market needs.

  1. Ignoring App Store Optimization (ASO)

Apps are popular and any app will make money, right? Wrong; in fact, if this is your thinking, you are in for a huge disappointment after launch. You need a budget for App Store Optimization (ASO) and time must be allocated for the same. Make sure you optimize keywords and leverage competitive insights to learn what the competition is doing. The app ranking in the store will depend on your ASO efforts. If your app is to be found easily in the app store, make sure you invest resources for ASO.

Other mistakes to avoid include undervaluing the reviews, ratings and feedback, failure to invest in creativity of your app, failure to fund paid advertisement/acquisition, failure to perform Offline Promotion and PR, ignoring Discovery Platforms and going AWOL on the web.

If your App is built by the best App Development Agency, they should be able to guide and take care of promotional activities.   As an expert mobile app developers, above steps are our usual process for our customers and startups.  Reach us to discuss further about your App idea or if you have already built an app, lets help with Digital Marketing.

We Do What We Do – W2S Solutions, Apps Development In Chennai, India

“Young generation and Aspirants should work for Modern India”. This was the message passed yesterday by our Prime Minister while addressing students.  It’s good to hear that we should build to revolutionize and I would like to highlight what we are facing in reality.

As W2S Solutions is an app development company, Local market is very receptive now and I could see Non-resident Indians are returning and initiating a business.  It could be Food Industry, Healthcare, Operational engineering or FinTech. I am able to sense the pattern of app development or new venture request that we get is huge comparing with a decade before.  Single Window System may help to start a business easily, however the pain point is to run a business with this Infrastructure, Taxation, executional delays and new policy implementation.

Government’s Idea towards digital India, Startup India, Swatch Bharath, Demonetization are all-great in theory, but It’s not practically implemented or thought through.  When young aspirants come up with a solution for UPI or Payment Gateway solution for mobile money transfer, financial Institutions for months keep paper work in hold.

With no clarity of why Payment Gateways are so hard in getting clearance, Entrepreneurs who invest in ecommerce and FinTech are stuck and their time and money investment is not producing any valuable outputs.  If this is introduced only to promote BHIM App and private sector App, then It should not be a public API saying it will change the way Money being exchanged here rather has to be a closed launch only for Government and Financial Institutions.  This raises the question or if you are clever enough, it proves that Government is for the Corporate and not for emerging businesses.

Demonization really hits the cash flow from Nov till March this year and it was hard for businesses that started just before that. Heavy usage of social media does not mean that the country is 100% Digital, but how digital the public sector is and how it helps Small, Medium Enterprises and Entrepreneurs to build their business really matters.  It is simple to open a current account for business nowadays and yes, there is a scheme that eliminates taxation for startups in first few years and Tax % is reduced to 25% from 30%.  But there should be revenue to pay taxes and business only comes with cash flow or loan offerings.  Emerging companies are ready to repay loans, but the government should come up with policies to let them access funds.

India is growing. Young talent is ready to build the future. Both statements are true. But what’s the percentage of India’s growth rate? Is this sufficient to compete against the global giants?   We know patience matters and that’s what we were taught.  Perseverance is our driving force and we’re expecting things will grow rapidly.  Till then, we say as Mr. Raghuram Rajan  “I DO WHAT I DO”.

Why Small Businesses Should Use Live Tracking Software?

The Internet –based real time vehicle tracking system enables easy and anytime tracking from anywhere, using any digital device. Making use of GPS Satellites along with mobile technology for locating your vehicles, the innovative live tracking app helps ensuring that their route, position, and logs are being updated constantly.

Obtaining complete control over vehicular movement and optimizing resources enabled by Live GPS Vehicle tracking!

Role of Live GPS Vehicle Tracking App

For any type of business organizations in the modern world, time and safe delivery are of paramount importance. With growing demand for faster and smarter delivery schedules, it is imperative that you know where your assets and vehicles are at all times. This helps you to gain control of fleet operations. Using live tracking app, it is possible to perfectly understand facts such as when and where your vehicles stopped, what was the speed of the vehicles, and duration of their travel and stop.

Tracking your vehicles on the go is made possible round the clock by using any of your preferred mobile devices. Real-time meaningful data facilitates addressing problems in real-time, while helping enhance your operations over the long term. The live tracking app provides real-time GPS tracking web-based interface.

Significance of GPS Tracking for Small Businesses

It is essential for small businesses to ensure maximum productivity for realizing the optimum value for their investment. By enabling you to control your vehicles and employees, the live tracking app helps optimizing efforts and amount spent. It provides real-time information that ensures you arrive at the perfect decisions so that loss at any stage is avoided and productivity is boosted.

Employees working away from office location such as delivery personnel, installation specialists, and construction workers can be monitored and their adherence to time and rules can be ensured using this software.

Features of the Live Tracking App

  • Accessibility with any mobile device from anywhere at anytime
  • Current GPS positioning possible in real-time
  • Tracking vehicles and ensuring their usage for authorized tasks
  • Logging employee activity and vehicle movement
  • Time and travel distance logs
  • Providing directions to facilitate selection of effective routes
  • Real-time traffic updates to avoid congestion
  • Live tracking using mobile devices
  • Tracking history for the required period
  • Sharing vehicle movement with customers
  • Monitoring vehicle fuel use

Exclusive Benefits of the Live Tracking App for Small Businesses

Live tracking app helps small businesses to optimize their workforce and vehicle usage, thus enhancing their operational efficiency. Billing and payment processes can be made more efficient and delivery processes can be streamlined. Route optimization, smooth scheduling and dispatching of orders, and control over delivery management are the exclusive advantages offered by the live tracking app.

Live Tracking App enables small businesses to lower their operating costs while increasing profitability. By providing useful real-time information about your vehicles and employees, it improves the overall performance of your business.

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How Can Your Company Benefit From Delivery Management Software?

Tips to overcome financial problems and difficulties for business

Regardless of whether you run a small business, aspire to own a startup, or operate as a freelancer, getting started with a free online invoice generator is one of the powerful ways of building your business successfully online.

Significance of Online Invoice Management Tool

Online invoice lets businesses to make invoices quickly with attractive invoice templates. These invoices can be prepared, sent and paid online.  The online invoice tool may be downloaded without the need for any additional software. Freely available, the online invoice management tool enables businesses to make beautiful and customized invoices according to specific needs.

By switching to electronic invoices, you can save time for processing as well as payments, bring down costs, increase productivity, and avoid disputes. By making the process easy and accurate —that otherwise may prove difficult— the online invoice management tool gets invoicing done efficiently and quickly.

Crucial Role Played by Online Invoice Generation App in Business

Proving to be advantageous to customers as well as businesses, the online invoicing app enables enhancing productivity of the invoicing process. It helps reduce considerable man hours and unnecessary processes.

The major challenge of invoice disputes and customized billing that is facilitated by online invoice management app can significantly reduce invoice exceptions. The overall efficiency of the system is improved too. The billing challenges that reduce efficiency and add unwanted costs may be eliminated by using this.

Challenges in Invoicing

The following common challenges can be tackled effectively by prudently using an online invoice generator:

  • Long time taken for approvals and payments
  • Traditional ERP systems may prove time – consuming and have only limited functionality
  • Spreadsheets may be inadequate; they may prevent one from clearly understanding things in detail
  • Presenting financial reports may sometimes become complicated
  • Inaccurate billing may lead to customer wrath
  • Lack of visibility into payment and invoice data

A Stepping Stone for Every Business –Online Invoice Generator App!

What Makes the Online Invoice Generator Software Special?

The online invoice generator software helps businesses to overcome problems and issues by offering the following key factors:

  • It is possible to build simple invoices: Involving nothing flashy, this software is not at all complex. Invoices are expected to be thorough but simple – which is achieved by using this software.
  • Perfect layout for the invoice: providing the specific structure that users need, this software strikes a balance between completeness and simplicity.
  • Online invoicing is possible: Sending your invoice in PDF format to clients directly is possible. After completing your invoice, all you need to do is email it to clients.
  • You can have your hard copy as well: You can save the invoice to your computer and print it.

Offering robust invoicing management solutions to businesses, the online invoice generator is an affordable and great tool suitable for small businesses.

Offering to prepare a complete invoice on the spot with need for easy information filling, online invoice generator makes the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses easier.

How Can Your Company Benefit From Delivery Management Software?

Delivery is not just transfer of possession – it is the process through which a business fulfills its promise to a customer. Gaining increasing importance and attention, delivery management is inclusive of effective capturing and allotting orders, organizing, managing, and supervising your product or service.

Delivery Operation Made Easier Through Real-time tracking and dispatching orders efficiently!

Significance of Effective Delivery Management Process

There is an ever-increasing demand for delivery performance, necessitating businesses to ensure an efficient and smooth delivery process. This is where the innovative Delivery Management Software plays a crucial role by providing reliable and quick delivery and achieving customer satisfaction.

With prompt as well as scheduled deliveries forming the essence of business, there’s little wonder that delivery management software plays a vital role in modern business. Scheduled and instant deliveries are the core essentials of business; having a comprehensive delivery management system in place is the need of the hour for companies.

Role of Delivery Management Software in Modern Business

With on-demand delivery culture being the order of the day, companies have to adopt various strategies for improving their operations. The fast-paced lifestyle demands smarter, faster, and increasingly efficient work from the end of customers. There’s no better way to redesign operations and eliminate redundant processes than going in for effective and reliable delivery management software.delivery management softwareDelivery Management Software facilitates enhanced operational management, faster delivery, and increased customer satisfaction. The last mile delivery success is the hardest part of any business that has the need to track fleets, employees, and delivery agents. The state-of-the-art delivery management software helps increasing the delivery efficiency by enabling determination of the most optimal route and live tracking of delivery. Overall delivery process is expedited and your productivity is increased by using delivery management software.

Benefits of the Delivery Management Software

The delivery management software helps streamline your delivery process. The following are a few of the exclusive advantages of adopting effective delivery management software:

  • Fleet tracking on real-time: Real-time movement as well as location of your drivers is possible –automatic recording of their travel time, pick up and drop locations, and distance travelled is enabled
  • Smooth allotment and managing orders is possible: Registering customers’ orders and assigning each to appropriate drivers can be done automatically – automatic analytics as well as report generation helps monitoring the performance
  • Remote management of delivery: Web-based panel allows quick and easy access to information – enabling you to manage deliveries from anywhere
  • Better communication and improved relationship with customers: It is possible to keep the customers constantly in the loop with notifications throughout the process of delivery – the link in notification redirects to the map view where the customer can LIVE TRACK the location of their order.
  • Convenient digital mode replaces manual processes: more visibility and obtaining proof of delivery provide complete control over the regular tasks – accurate algorithms available in the software helps achieve route optimization

A diligently designed and business-specifically implemented Delivery Management Software System provides several advantages such as operational efficiency, keeping customers well-informed, keeping drivers updated, and improving the overall delivery process of your company.

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