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How to identify and harness the potential of your employees

Talented employees are assets for any organization. Every employee is chosen after an evaluation / elimination process to fuel the growth of an organization. Although employees tend to be highly efficient during the beginning of their careers, every one of them, irrespective of their roles, is susceptible to career blues. Employees start withholding their full potential in course of time. According to researchers, performance depends upon the level of motivation they receive. Often the conventional method of review and reward or provide feedback works, when it comes to keep up the momentum of employees in an organization. Organizations can do the following in order to elevate the spirit of their employees include promotions, monetary benefits, tours, team dinners, and stress reduction programs among others.

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Identifying the two types of employees:

The review-reward-feedback strategy is certainly required to elevate the spirit of team members and keep up the momentum. While these efforts are capable of escalating attributes like communication, coordination, energy, and effort, they have little impact on attitude and aspiration of the employees. In spite of various efforts of organizations, many of the talented employees lie low. The solution lies in identifying the characteristics of the employees. The growth of any organization in the fast changing business environment depends on innovation. The conservative type and the entrepreneurial type are the two types of employees you can find in any organization.

Harnessing the potentials of the conservative employee

A conservative employee’s contribution to the growth of the organization should not be underestimated. It is true that these employees are reluctant to adapt themselves to the fast changing business environment. However, they are most efficient when they face serious challenges. Hence, the right way to tap their potential is to provide them with serious challenges. They will quickly respond to solve problems and stabilize the situation. They should have their freedom in building solutions but needs to be managed to keep track.

Harnessing the potentials of the entrepreneurial employee

An entrepreneurial employee is generally viewed as the powerhouse of an organization. These type of employees, pursue innovation aggressively. Often they are lauded and rewarded for their successful ventures. It is true that encouraging their efforts would certainly fuel the growth of the organization in multi-folds. By unleashing their thought process, businesses can prosper immensely. However, the word of caution is that entrepreneurial employees are also the Achilles’ heel of the organization. As it is their character to innovate and venture in to new arenas, they could also become a serious threat to the business if left unchecked.

In order to achieve a steady business growth, it is important to identify and harness the potential of each and every one in an organization. A successful organization not only focuses on its products and business strategies, but also effectively identifies and harnesses its workforce for the best outcome.

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Why SSL certificate is important for an enterprise Web app?

“on the internet, nobody knows you are a dog”  It’s a cartoon captioned by Peter Steiner and published on 1993. But the fact is, Its still true in 2016.  We can not trust anyone on the Internet. We need to ensure that everything is secured. We need to see that our information, data and assets are well protected while doing any transaction in internet. Cyber-crime has become a common thing. If anyone knows how to bend the technology to their will, they can make anything happen. Its IT Delivery head our responsibility to block them and protect ourselves from the risks.

Here comes the SSL certificate, a boon to modern technology. SSL stands for Secure Sockets layer is a computer networking protocol essential for providing encryption and authentication services in web applications. It ensures the protection we seek in Internet. SSL works like an encrypted key of details between two parties. SSL is used to secure credit card transactions, legitimate documents transactions and log-ins. SSL certificate gives web application a personalized online environment in which business can be done with minimizing threats from a third party. SSL certificate prevents risks of large data loses and intercepting communications. SSL certificate offers protection from direct attacks for any particular data sets in our organization and helps to spot data abuse if any. SSL certificate has multi-tier architecture which renders layers of protection that no one can receive or process confidential information. It will determine which applications and servers need more protection and prioritize accordingly.

There are several types of SSL certificates which helps securing sites based on their usage. It scans for any vulnerabilities and provides automatic remedies for such attacks. SSL certificate hardens the defense of web application by improving auditing and monitoring procedures of on-going business. These SSL certificates can be created quickly and at a low cost. They can be customized for specific needs, user-friendly and low maintenance. Using SSL certificate in your web application not only prevents application from threats but also increases trust of the customers and paves to a better relationship.

Configuring SSL certificate in a cloud environment based on your business need requires knowledge and skill set. It can be configured in IIS If its Windows or on a Linux machine.  We are happy to help if you are looking for SSL configuration in your SaaS based solution .  Please check out website ( ) to know more about our service offerings.