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How we take care of your technology needs and help you to focus on your business growth

We offer comprehensive and custom application services that are highly scalable, user friendly, and expedite your business objectives. Utilizing the latest Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework and Microsoft technologies, we provide the best solutions that are built to adapt rather than react. Our Dot Net developers are experts in providing innovative Web solutions that have the ability to maximize growth.

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Growth – it is the top priority for most businesses. We feel business can grow properly by focusing on the following areas:

  • Innovation
  • Information Technology
  • Product Development
  • Sales and Social Media activities

Many Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) do not have the time and resources to focus on technology. Sometimes this means important aspects of digital media marketing, customer engagement, web analytics, and moving to a Cloud aren’t fully examined and utilized.

Our team addresses these challenges by providing solutions that are easy to integrate and are scalable over time. We want to help your business meet its innovation needs sooner so you can start to realize new revenue opportunities and increase overall performance as effectively as possible.

We stand up to the challenge and are accountable for providing customized solutions for all our customers. Our hybrid team structure combines the best of business consulting and technology solutions under one roof to allow for speed, accuracy, and agility on any project.

Web and Mobile Enterprise Apps fuel operational efficiency and increase engagement with your customers!

Way2smile Solutions develop Innovative, engaging and effective mobile apps and supportive web admin panel. It provides our enterprise customers the following benefits:

web admin pannel



  • Increase product reviews by more effectively reaching and engaging with users.
  • Mobile app must be dynamic and highly engaging anchor or ‘hub’ for users.
  • Capitalizes on interactive, customer-centric Web 3.0 tools and mobile technologies.
  • Dramatically increases usage of an App by allowing clients to list milestones and let users access and achieve milestones in an exchange of a reward.
  • Fuels significant operational efficiency via robust and easy?to?use web platforms that lets admin / client to access better reporting, communicate easily with users and facilitate reward programs.

Way2Smile Solutions Card2Contact App brings back business card in a big new way!


Card2Contact is a patent pending mobile app that shows everything about your contacts right inside your smartphone. Whenever you receive a business card or meet a new contact, all you have to do is to take a picture of the business card. Card2Contact app converts business card into address book contact, integrates your contact with your calendar to remember when and where you met the contact, lets you add notes, view rich contact profiles and follow-up with contacts to convert into Sales.

The Powerful Features:

1. Camera Capture :

Take a picture of a new business card and our human transcription team will convert into a contact and send back to your device.

2. Rich contact profiles :

Card2Contact app shows rich contact profiles of your contact including their personal details, business informations, previous meetings you had with them along with your personalized notes.It easily integrates your favourite social media accounts and share what makes you unique.

3. Complete Calendar Integration :

Card2Contact app automatically integrates with your current calendar event whenever you take a picture of any business card and upload it. This helps to keep track and remember when the contact was made.

4. Followup:

Card2Contact allows you to setup a followup reminder easily. Once the business card is converted into a contact, you can just click the followup reminder and setup a following meeting / call / discussion. It makes sure that you will never lose a sales opportunity.

5. Cloud Backup:

All your datas are stored securely in cloud server. It ensures your contacts and calendar are always safe. This enables easy data transfer to new Android devices and make sure that you will never lose a contact in your old smartphone.

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Mobile Innovations have accelerated the change in relationship between IT and users.

app for users

At Way2Smile Solutions, our Android app development team is able to help you decide how to take best advantage of android platform. With the help of our developers’ extensive experience and our ability to create innovative, dynamic solutions for your business, we make sure that you are completely satisfied.
Enterprise customers have their technical expertise to know which Web technologies are useful and feasible for their users. They have the tools and time to establish the necessary development team and infrastructure to support these technologies. However the innovation rate in mobile devices, mobile applications, social media, cloud computing and mobile payments are accelerating faster than ever and Enterprise customers’ needs an extended arm to meet the demand. Way2Smile Solutions design, plan and deploy end to end Enterprise Mobility Solutions. Our Enterprise App developers satisfy your mobility needs.
The process of creating mobile solutions for Enterprise depends on various decisive factors.
  • Secured Data Storage
  • Network Dependency
  • User Experience Design
  • Development Cost
Secured Data Storage:
Secured Data Storage is a serious factor for an enterprise. Companies care about storing their data in a third party centralized server. At Way2Smile Solutions, our Enterprise software development team would expect to store data in cloud server and provide restricted access to its mobile customers. We build Enterprise solutions that provide tools to monitor, control and secure its data efficiently. Though mobile users need access to corporate content, Way2smile solutions helps companies to identify core features that allow managing this access and controlling data flow.
Network dependency:
Enterprise often concerns about network dependency. Our Enterprise Apps developers centrally secure any mobile data by applying security policies and provide limited offline data access. This offline access will help to use smartphone app when there is a network connectivity loss and synchronize the data when the connection is re- established. Our years of experience in synchronizing mobile data and setting up cloud servers with security policies is a definite value added service for our enterprise customers.
While many organizations choose to solve their mobile challenges by building a complete real time App which keeps data in a centralized server and the user will be able to access its features with proper data connection. However if the network is lost, users won’t be able to serve its customers and not able to do any basic operations. Way2Smile Solutions Mobile application team analyses the business requirement with Mobility Architecture and finds out the core features and builds an offline app to meet the core requirements. Though there is a network outage or any connectivity lost, Offline app functions well and stores the encrypted data in the mobile database. Once the connection is established, data will be synched with secured data servers. Way2smile enterprise mobility team provides a best approach to enterprise’ security, by making the right trade-offs between offline and online data handling.
User Experience Design:
Way2Smile Solutions UX design team understands the business environment and researches existing apps to find a unique differentiator concept. A verbal flow diagram explaining features covered in the specific page will be created and Way2Smile team makes sure that the flow is easy to navigate, triggers users to download the app and meets the customer’s requirement. Once it is approved, flow diagram will be passed to UX design team to create visual mocks. We make sure that the app follows Enterprise branding policy. Design will be passed to customers for quick iteration of changes. Our core agenda is to drive more customers to their businesses.
Development Cost:
Our global business knowledge, latest technology capabilities, Innovative training and development in Mobile technology space and offshore modelling helps us to deliver the product on time with 65% cost reduction of any other solution providers.
As a good vendor partner, we can contribute ideas, upgrade technology, design mobile strategy and apply effective management practices. We also help you to shape a digitized mobile platform and take care of your mobile technology. Contact us today to discuss further at Info@Way2Smile.com